Tomb Raider – Movie Review

A video game to movie adaptation that seems to be taking its self seriously. Does it break the mold? Here’s my review of TOMB RAIDER!

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Yautja Prime says:

Are you still with Collider?

SpinKing69 says:

I hope the Uncharted movie with Tom Holland breaks the curse. The guy who is involved with Stranger Things is making it so hopefully it turns out decent

Ashley Eric Peschel says:

Hi Jeremy…. what was the plot point that you mentioned that was stupid as to be honest i really enjoyed the film and didn’t see anything bad… but i might have had rose tinted glasses on as i really wanted a decent video game movie.

Anthony Young says:

Loved the movie and felt Alicia did a really great job. You see her develop enough through the movie to make her physicality fairly believable. Also every time she was hurt she sold it really well with some really emotional performances that surprised me. It was fun, the final tomb reveal was cool and unexpected, as were the puzzles, and the scenes lifted from the games made me feel like I was replaying them real time. Loved the grimy, gritty translation, and loved the nostalgic feel that harkened to some of my favorite adventure movies like the Indiana Jones series. Definitely one for the theatre and will definitely see it again. I give the film a B+ overall, but Alicia was a A. I feel like she more than did the role justice. Notice I didn’t say anything about boobs, either 😉

CoryT9783 says:

It was kind of meh. Some good actions scenes but was also boring for a lot of it.

mike fury says:

I so it!! I was surprised how pretty accurate it was to the video game I say it was a good action film!! A lot action films get a bad rap and dumb down this days were the hero seem superhuman!! It was a bit like that but not that bad but still a good film, but still feel daisy Ridley would of been better for the part.

hosam elden says:

Her boobs was not big enough

FPS FAN says:

When they’re gonna make a Wolfenstein film!?

Ethan Childers says:

the trailer popped up before the video and i skipped it as soon as the song started so i forgot when the trailer ended

Randal Rand says:

I would have enjoyed the movie more if they didn’t use the handheld camera technique. Why is Hollywood hell-bent on the handheld shaky camera shots?! It makes movies unwatchable. Also, I agree with you that it really felt a lot like The Last Crusade.

Star Joes says:

I really enjoyed it a lot. I would give it an “good time, no alcohol required.” Loved some of the nods to video game play without it being a straight up “look this is a video game moment.” I’m so curious what the moment was that took you out.

Isabel Araiza says:


Anthony Reddick says:

I loved it, CLASSIC!!!!!

15steelcity says:

i walked out.

Acciunt XYZ says:

Yup saw it thursday night, I think I was expecting this to be REALLY good so I was more critical of it then I would usually be. A lot of flaws in it that took me out of the movie but overall it’s wasn’t THAT bad. Good thing is, I’m now going to tapper my expectations for battle angel aelita and just enjoy the movie like I did with ghost in the shell

Jacob Rodriguez says:

Ah geez Jeremy you just saved me 20 bucks lol I guess I’m buying that battle pass on fortnite

Landon McMinn says:

If I do go see this film, it would only be because I heard rumors that the “The Meg” trailer is attached to the film. Is there any truth to this?

Austin Culver says:

The 2013 game that its based off of is my 2nd favorite video game ever, 2nd only to its 2015 sequel. The new games are freaking amazing, so its nice to see a well done movie adaptation. And Alicia Vikander is freaking terrific in this movie, she deserves some real props for that.

Reto Berna - Sawyer says:

Man I also thought there was more than one Angeline Jolie – Tom Raider film…

HAZARDGrunt4500 says:

Jeremy: An improvement on video game movies, some issues but a lot of enjoyment as well

Also Jeremy: You’ll probably like it if you’re drunk

Lol so funny

crazycubedude says:

Jeremy, please do a video for the infinity war trailer that just hit. I’m sure you are as we speak, but I really want to see what you have to say about it.

Imperfect Channel says:

Gunna give this a good time no alcohol required.

Ralius says:

I knew it… barely watchable.

magnuskno says:

I actually have no idea what Jeremy was talking about in his criticisms of the movie. At no point I felt that the movie was introducing a plot point which was breaking my suspension of disbelief. In fact, the movie kept pretty much all of it very grounded in traditional adventure movie territory and avoided breaking suspension of disbelief a bit too much for a Tomb Raider movie.

As far as “we all collectively agree that some things are not real”, apparently Jeremy has never had contact with people who believe in UFO’s, aliens and all sorts of other fictional shit. Given that the vast majority of characters actively deny the supernatural in this movie, having one weirdo who thinks it’s all real is not strange at all.

narrow says:

I used to like your work until you called God’s Not Dead propaganda

badinfluence1985 says:

“Yeahhh , now it’s a party” ahahahaha

Rexfellis says:

Jeremy Jahns
As an adaptation of the video game, this was pretty faithful. I don’t hate it, just like I enjoyed the flicks with Angelina Jolie. My thing is…I want to see an action flick that has real-world physics for a change. Most people on this planet can’t jump 20′ chasms and survive the damage that Lara took in this film.
I just wish film-makers would bring some realism back into cinema. I guess I’m just nostalgic for some old-school action movies.

That1guyfromco says:

Reviews are 50/50 go see it and speak for yourself instead of watching 50/50 reviews. Because you won’t get a better understanding unless you go see

Michael Bay says:

Yea yea Infinity war trailer!

TiagoWazzup says:

My opinion on the movie, but do not read if you haven´t seen the movie, spoiler. I liked the movie but the ending sucked. This movie has lots of references to the game, so the people who played the game like me are gonna see it, so why save the Ana is actually bad twist for the end of the movie when that twist was at the beginning of rise of the tomb raider when lara is captured? Doesn’t make any sense, only for the people who never played the games but then they wouldn’t even know who trinity is since they leave the ending open :/

The rest was actually cool, I liked the references and scenes from the game

Parker Pshebnisky says:

Let’s face it,we’re never going to get a good video movie!

Mishary Al-Faris says:

Loved the past 2 games, as for the movie, liked it until the gummy bears, and couldn’t stomach it. Left the theatre.

Gaming With Balance says:

I might be a bit biased or blind, but people keep talking about the CGI in Tomb Raider. I didn’t see much apparent CGI other than the “in your face” ones. Anyone wanna chime in?

Reality Truth says:

What was the pt of doing yet another stupid tomb raider movie. Smh good god Hollywood I know there has 2 be good ppl with FRESH NEW ideas. Ugh plz quit the remakes

Murlikrishna Chippa says:

hope there will be a sequel to this movie…i liked it

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