Trick ‘r Treat – Movie Review


Chris and Sam review Trick ‘r Treat, starring Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, Leslie Bibb. Directed by Michael Dougherty.


Blue77ewolf says:

Stuckman. I insist you watch the show Creeped Out. It’s on netflix.

Don Draper says:

Glad you finally reviewed this movie. One of my favorites.

StradaDCarlos says:

I’m sure that there has to be a better way to frame you two. There’s just this negative space in between you guys that it makes the setting and the discussions feel awkward

Virtual Discussion says:

Chris you have the shirt version of the hoodie I bought at Halloween Horror Nights. If you thought this year was cool, you should have seen year 25. Really does make this year look like baby time. Wait until year 30 when Jack is Back! I know in a previous review you said you got express, and it’s definitely worth it (my first year I didn’t get it and regretted it). Now I always get Rush of Fear + Express. Hope to see ya there next year!

Volksfest Checker says:

Your girlfriends look is creepy!

Tanner Leach says:

Trick R’ Treat has been one of my favorite horror/Halloween movies ever since it came out shortly after I graduated. I tried to get people to watch it and only a couple would…such a shame. Great film! And great video about the film!

Santana Soza says:

Review Scream next!!!

redsealh says:

Right after watching the review. I looked the movie up and watched. I loved it it reminded me of tales from the crypt alot. Thanks for the review this will now be a yearly watch for me. Love the channel big fan for many years and still going.

Arghya Sen says:

Chris please do watch a new horror film ‘Tumbadd’ . Its a hindi film, and its amazing.

Jedidiah Elias says:

Review Halloween (2018) please.

Kenny Wu says:

the writer and director of this film also made Krampus, next he is writing and directing the Godzilla: King of the Monsters movie

Andre Rivers says:

Chris please please please check out and review The Haunting of Hill House from Netflix!!! Guys get me some likes so he can see it? :c

Chandasouk says:

I wasn’t a huge fan of Halloween but these specials are amazing

Alex Headley says:

One time I went to a haunted house and started hugging all the actors

Josh willis says:

HEY let your wife talk more, it feels like you are cutting her off. She is really insightful!

white trash says:

Thank you for 6 years, always enjoy watching.

Stephen Scott says:

Chris, if you haven’t, check out Wes Craven’s New Nightmare. Very well done and frightening

Stephen miller says:

I feel like I’m being talked down to, how much did Chris get paid to wear that shirt?

Abram Ren says:

Love this movie

Steve Stevenson says:

But you forget, he killed the younglings

TheSwalbrick says:

The only problem i have with the movie is when we see a Vampire guy bite a girl and kill her by the parade going on the street, but that Vampire is later shown to be the principle that kills his student. So why did he kill that girl by sucking her blood if he’s not a Vampire after all?!

Renan Phillips says:

Sam is pretty, but she needs to get the fuck off my man!

Charles Garrafa says:

We love you Chris!

William Smith says:

Can’t believe Michael Dougherty directed Godzilla:King of the Monsters

Dunkage says:

OK… about the bus…
I realize that you have grown up under the shadow of political correctness and may be blind to the darkest element of this but it at the core of the horror. First, some logic… I love this movie too but haven’t had my viewing so far this year so I’ll accept your number of children who were on the bus. Let us also deduce that if there was a deal with the driver he wouldn’t go through with it until all of the children were on board. That leaves us with one more factor…
There is only one reason that a school bus would be reserved for such a small number of students and that is the reason it exists at all. The tip off is in the design of their costumes. These were “special ed” students who are bussed in seperately to avoid being teased on the way to school. Kids today are much too savvy to allow their parents to send them out in cheesy costumes without making a fuss or refusing to wear one at all. These children are oblivious to that vanity and in a way may not even be aware of what their parents are trying to helo them fit with in the first place.
Many parents of “normal” children go through a phase of feeling the burdon of bringing a child into the world and it usually hits when they get the hospital bill. It also represents a sacrifice of freedom to the birth of a life long responsability.
For parents of children with special needs the stress is magnified. Aside from all of the extra cost and obligations there is a feeling they try to repress… one of shame and embarrasment. They find themselves questioning who’s family had the weaker genes and feel that every look from an outsider is tinged with judgement or pity.
These parents have never known the untainted joy that is expected with the arrival of a newborn child. It’s like getting a broken toy at christmas… sure a little glue may make it functional but the recipient will always be aware of its initial flaw.
With this framework for the story becomes quite understandable and one can imagine how the parents might buckle under the pain of it all. You may then ask why so many afflicted children could have been produced in such a concentrated area. This is even more readily explained.
Think of what’s happening with the drinking water in Flint, Michigan or try googling “Thalydomide babies.”
Now factor in how many drug epidemics are going on in the world today and children born into addiction. This is not a rant. I am building on the foundation you layed out for what makes a successful horror movie. The fear needs to be rooted in truth.
The reaction you had to the references of death to children is also a phenomenon fairly new to cinematic culture. The world used to have a thicker skin but the film maker who was recognized as the saviour to your generation was publicly responsible for the pavlovian pablum that has sugar coated and sanitized the movies you grew up with. Parents who had read Jurrassic Park were alarmed at the possibility that the “Wizard of Ahhhs” might traumatize their kids so Steven Spielberg calmed their fears by announcing his “formula.” He stated that after Jaws he made a decision that “While my films may show children in perile I will not let them suffer any harm.”
This reduced kids in his movies to nothing more than running and screaming (after making every possible attempt to break into Darwin’s law of natural selection.) This statement is right up there with the rule of the “print marker” awareness. Once you have heard about it you will always see it and for Spielberg movies this extinguised every element of suspense he tries to generate.
I know that you have aspirations of making movies. Do yourself a favor. Don’t be affraid to explore the taboos because that is what will make your vision one to be reckoned with and will set your films apart. Truths are uncomfortable but when presented in the right way will resonate with your audience. Always aspire to be better. Three great examples of indie fantasies breaking the mold are “Ink”, “Patchtown” and “Rare Exports.” As for Michael Dougherty, he knocked the ball out of the park again with “Krampus.”

Jack Lame says:

Review bad times at the el Royale

Ian Schroeder says:

I’m just waiting for John to show up and third wheel it.

ImDannyIGuess says:


Djentleman says:

You’ve gotta do a hilariocity for Spy Kids 3 some time

Jason Banuelos says:

Chris as a long time viewer (every since Drive analysis) I really truly enjoy every time your wife and you do a video especially the Halloween reviews I really enjoyed the skits like “afraid of the dark”. Just want to say keep up the great work Chris. m/

Carson's Collectibles says:

Yay! Ya’ll talked about HHN!

DamnMyMeatSmall says:

Love your channel Chris, been here for awhile, but just thought I’d tell you again. Rock on.

SB SnorkelgriD says:

You should review the scream franchise

Mauricio Tejedor says:

love the film but ure so boring….

Eric The Viking says:

I hated this movie with a passion. Garbage

Carson's Collectibles says:


Adam Ashford says:

LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Was in release limbo for a long while. Took a long while to come out.

RECTO Recto says:

I got a McDonald’s advert before this

TristanAnonymous 7 says:

The time has come!

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