Mark and Kristian review Truth or Dare.

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Enrique Arellano says:

Not surprised but it has Violett Beane so I’ll be there Thursday night.

Rich Davidson says:

Thank you!

Shane StLaurent says:

I’m just glad Tyler Posey is getting work. Great actor!

brandon heaton says:

Harloff I got news for u & mark I hate ur puns and they are not fartboxs

Kev Low says:

One of the worst posters ever too.

Brendan Little says:

Last weekend was a really solid weekend with Blockers and A Quiet Place, guess Rampage will have to be the last one to hold me over before IW.

Hunter Perrien says:

Kristian needs to zip his zipper

xMelAngelx says:

Lucy Hale is the only one who acts real yk

Cyle J says:

Don’t wear your hat like that

P374Wilma says:

The trailer said it all to me, i dont even need to see it. I knew instantly what type of movie this was.

New Jerusalem says:

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Al's Variety says:

Confirmation that Truth or Dare will end up on the Worst Movies of 2018 list!

Kevin Ramirez says:

This movie loooks so bad

JohnnyLiftIt says:

They put the last flush to that turd.

dave grimes says:

Ellis DON’T watch the Kevin James movie, it SUCKS SO BAD

ChuckVid1 says:

Yeah this movie wasn’t good at all. I should have saved my money. Thank goodness I had the Free 4 All to come home to. Thank you Kristian and Mark

Roy Saringo says:

I imagine producers were like, “How do we make another ‘It Follows’ type of movie… but different?”

BM says:

I’d enjoy fucking those girls in this movie

Sullivan Richard says:

FYI Asshole in French is ‘trou du cul’. Voila

vikijurek says:

damn, thought this one was gonna be good


eon001 says:

Trailer looked like ass cheeks.

JJ The Ravingirl says:

Why do all terrible horror movies premiere on Friday the 13th?!

Julian Crowhurst says:

Kristian’s intro was the best.

Athena Jaxon says:

Have they ever said how they met? I’m genuinely curious

Aaron Jones says:

I actually loved kick ass 2 but this just looks like trash to me.

Xavier Williams says:

The truth is that this movie sucks! Gave away to mich in previews and too predictable, also not scary!

Ian Levinson says:

Listen to Kristian not Mark. This movie is terrible and it is not worth seeing just to see how terrible it is. One of the worst endings I’ve ever seen to a horror film. Also I don’t know what Mark is talking about, there are tons of jump scares and only one of them was scary

Paul T says:

Might have been slightly more entertained if the first 45 minutes wasn’t in the trailer.


This movie reminds me of the first Quija (which is also from Blumhouse). Random teens, nobody cares about, going straight to the killings with lazy writing and effort.

Max 117 says:

Just watched it yesterday. Never had I been more happy when people died. They all sucked as human beings. Also who follows some random to an abandoned church at the top of a dark hill in the middle of nowhere?

I mean, it’s one thing if he’d taken them there for an adventure, but he took them there because they wanted beer.

Nintendoguy Smash says:

Should have dare him to say the truth.

TomNewYorker says:

It looks better then the Poo Poo Man.

Earl Chatterton says:

Play Truth Or Dare and Madonna follows you home? Scary!

Nguyen Binh Tuyen says:

Very good! You can watch this news on my channel.

Dean Wilkins says:

From the first 30 seconds, I feel like I really need to see this movie now.

ahelmmusic says:

“There’s a demon. -_-” Best summary ever.

Shane StLaurent says:

The real test though is if it’s better than The Gallows because that flicks a shit fest.

adrian bon the gamer says:

87th comment looks great that my opinion

sinosleep007 says:

You guys gave A Quiet Place a good review. HALF OF THAT MOVIE IS JUMP SCARES. Shut up about jump scares already, they aren’t the problem. If they were you’d complain about them in The Conjuring, and It, and A Quiet Place but you don’t cause if the rest of the movie is good you don’t care that it has tons of jump scares. This ridiculous obsession with jump scares is precisely why critics are so out of touch when it comes to horror films. Seriously, go to rotten tomatoes, sort by genre, sort by score, and then start comparing the critic scores to the audience scores. No other genre has such a big discrepancy between audience and critic score where you regularly see certified fresh critic scored movies with sub 50% audience scores. People like jump scares. Critics like them too, if the rest of the movie doesn’t suck. If they don’t ruin good movies, then they aren’t the issue.

Marvelmania360 says:

They played this trailer before ready player one

Fred Labosch says:

Is it just me or is Christian seriously drunk??!

Desaraye Johnson says:

You can always tell when they’re really trying to get people to see a movie when you have to see 7 different versions of a trailer for one movie EVERY FREAKIN COMMERCIAL BREAK!!!

Doug Moore says:

should have showed some stills of when their mouths smiles are crazy joker smiles

Jessica Beardsley says:

I love watching reviews for bad movies. It’s so fun.

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