Truth Or Dare – Movie Review

A game of truth or dare that will kill you if you refuse. Here’s my review of TRUTH OR DARE!

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Oh No says:

Just got back from watching it. Couldn’t stop laughing at how bad it was. Everything it tries to do just falls flat on its face.

Trumpet Player says:

Definitely needed an R rating

Faizah Mohammed Aruwa says:

That face tho

john hoskins says:

I dare you to give this film an awesometacular rating

MrIn Urhead says:

I think everyone is gonna say final destination

Fernando Sandoval says:

The fucking trailer were so fucking cringing

Libanesa maria says:

Favorite movie night at ellen street. And not, I haven’t seem this movie, I don’t want to see it. I kneew it was shit from the start.

TheOnlyGuermo says:

Jeremy, is you’re hair alive and growing? Is your hair actually the Venom symbiote? Do you need to go to a churches clock tower?

Amritpalh H says:

“Lucy Hale is a babe”- {said like Dean Winchester}

AyeItsMe says:

happy death day was great

nib71286 says:

I will help by ringing the bell, maybe you’ll get some wings…it could happen!

Alex Lee says:


TheMickeym says:

Didn’t these reviews used to be like REALLY good? Was that just me?

The Croatian Leprechaun says:

My favorite death movies was the whole final destination series

jdzencelowcz says:

Loved it, downright Hitchcockian.

iReece4498 says:

Is that Jesse Quick?

J says:

I feel bad for Lucy Hale20% on Rotten Tomatoeswhere is IGN’s review?

darkspd31 says:


Alex ernst Is a dad says:

It was a great movie just seen it, but there was only white teenage boys that think they where edgy sneezing carrots into the movies and only teen/preteen girls squealing

The Simpleton of The Third Reich says:

The thing with me is that I thought the movie was gonna be shit – and it was shit. I didn’t even think the premise was good. It’s the stupidest movie I’ve seen since The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars. But at least that movie was enjoyable in its own stupid way and was still an enjoyable movie. This was just awful.

userunknown203 says:

Is it odd that the fact that movies like this keep getting made makes me irate

Koraima Sanchez says:

I Tonya review?

A.Y Christian says:

My favourite movie about people avoiding death is A Quiet Place. It’s new but it’s the best horror/thriller I’ve seen since Shutter Island.

Vengeance Gaming says:

Too many PG-13 horror movies that should be Rated R. Cut the crap Hollywood. A Quiet Place worked as PG-13 worked fine. But this not so much.

Movies Now says:

So it’s basically nerve just with truth instead of only dare

JL member says:

Well no wonder it’s not scary (haven’t seen it BTW) it’s PG13.

2Kool 4Skool says:

The evil face looks like a fucking Snapchat filter

CultEscapee87 says:

Coming soon to a theatre near you…Cards Against Humanity: The Movie

Player 20 says:

Review all eyes on me Jeremy it’s on Netflix

LittleZbot says:

“You know the rule: People who talk in the movie theater…they’re going to hell.” Best quote of the year. I will repeat this at least 100 times this year.

Freddymega x says:

Welcome to Jahnsfilms

Mr Frankly says:

The death face looks like the Soundgarden “Black Hole Sun” video.

sivad parks says:

This movie totally ripped off the concept of the British film Truth or Die

UltimateNinja 1984 says:

Yes! i knew Jeremy didn’t like it. Btw, My name is Jeremy.

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