Unfriended: Dark Web – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Unfriended: Dark Web, starring Betty Gabriel, Colin Woodell, Andrew Lees, Connor Del Rio. Directed by


mariomania says:

sorry, watching millennials for 2 hrs,,,, fuck that

barbi6976x says:

Waiting till this goes in torrents

pedro santiago says:

Yo fam ,where’s your review for sorry to bother you?

fresh freshh says:

Just finished watching. Supppper good! Very very surprised. Was expecting something mediocre or just a little above mediocre, but it was very good. Also made me realize about security, privacy and protection

Effervvescent says:

The most unbelievable part of this movie is that these people are using Skype…. Is it still 2010?

Matt Hasakis says:

@Chris Stuckmann

1st I’d like to say thank you for being an amazing reviewer. I really enjoy your insightful comments about films both from a viewer and filmmaker perspective!

2nd I was wondering/hoping if you would be doing a Predator review series like you did for the Alien series. I think the timing would be great with the release The Predator right around the corner! I really enjoyed both of your reviews of the original Predator and think a modern review would be really popular and might show how well the movie has withstood the test of time.

3rd I’d really like to see a Predator 2 and Predators review!!!!

Feel free to reply if you are at all interested or maybe allow your subscribers to vote and see if

Hot Falls says:

Dude when are you gonna review Sorry To Bother You? That’s way more worth your time than that Unfriended crap.

Justin Petty says:

Is it me, or does the host sound a little dead inside?

Dustin Martin says:

Review Eighth Grade, it’s directed by Bo Burnham.

Sam says:

He gave it a “C”

Jack KissMyAspergers says:

Is that black lady the chick from the “viral video” from The15Experience?

jaxtw9 says:

Chris I know it would take a long time for you to make videos about each subject so I was wondering if you could make a video about all the trailers we got from comic con. I was hoping it could just be one video and you’d have like a 2-3 minute section about the Glass, Aquaman, Shazam, and Godzilla trailers that came out recently and just explain what you liked what you didn’t like and your opinion of each trailer overall. Maybe you could even give each one a letter grade.

Doughboy says:

Hey Chris really enjoy your videos man! I would love to hear what you have to say about the film “Sorry to bother you”


A group of friends went to see this.

They were unfriended

MrCornCakez says:

it’s a fun time. Not something you can rewatch, but a fun time

Cooper Davis says:

Hey Chris you should do a Meryl Streep series!

I Lift Things Up And Put Them Down says:

It’s disappointing that Chris is afraid to tear apart shit movies because he’s going to film school. The only movies he will make fun of or call blatantly bad are those which it is socially acceptable to trash.

Brandon Ortiz Reviews says:

Hey Chris Stuckmann, do you have skype? I would love to talk with you

James Taylor says:

Bro, where’s The Equalizer 2 review?

kaiju box says:

or he can just message her and he dosnt need to do sign

Brian Plyer says:

Please do the Halloween reviews

tatiana kalatzi says:

Hey chris stuckman review teen titans go to the movies pls

Rod Robinson says:

You merely adopted the dark web. I was born in, molded it by it, I didn’t discover the incognito tab until I was already a man and by that time it was blinding!

L Jj says:

I’m interested so I’ll give it a watch

Eat This says:

Was the *Doll Maker* in this movie? How about the *Breather* , *Lucas* , or the *Noir* ?

MoonSpirit says:

Honestly, I miss the supernatural feel of the first. I think that was better than what the second was going for.

Scary's Reviews says:

so the 1st one that had ghost possession was more believable than Dark web which has events happen that ACTUALLY happen in real life as there are sites like dark web and videos, on youtube, which at times a very well done to the point they may be real? Yes, the story of what happened to the girl in the first Unfriended is terrible as, such a thing happens has happened, but the haunting aspect and ending, is, CLICHED OVER DONE, yet with darkweb, the thought of being spied on and a whole clan of people tracking you down and killing friends and family to get a laptop back, is seen as, not believable? the supernatural element was dropped as it’s BEEN DONE TOO OFTEN, and the crime suspense for this genre makes it, thrilling.

jordan says:

This movie was so good!! It really felt real. Trafficking people on the black market is such a real thing

TheCreepypro says:

wasn’t expecting much from this since I don’t like horror

the Wildyarp says:

This has nothing to do with this, but where’s the new hellboy no sign at comic con or am I mistaken?

mackenzie pfeifer says:

You should do Mama Mia 2!

Rob Buchan says:

You’re on a laptop trying to sign, just use a fucking messenger lol

Jesse Lapham says:

I didn’t really care for the supernatural elements of the first film. I honestly think it would make for a decent film if they did something like this where they were caught doing shady stuff on the deep web and they found themselves going in too deep (pun intended) and then creepy, but realistic shit starts to happen as it builds up to a climactic ending. Without any supernatural shit.

Pierce McHugh says:

Different endings at different theaters… that’s freaking weird. I would feel like there is no real ending.

Joseph Perez says:

This is why I always use incognito mode

asilva5021 says:

Lmao they really expect people to buy multiple tickets to get the different endings.
What a shit gimmick that doesnt work in theatres.
Also? The MC cant talk to his girlfriend via text? How does he even get with her then lmao

Varun Sharma says:

Y haven’t you reviewed mission impossible fallout yet??

HSSlasher78 says:

It has two endings

Samuel Valle says:

Make a review on Shutter Island plzzzz

psc10gaming says:

Where’s luke cage season 2 review?

Jack KissMyAspergers says:

that tshirt is bitchin

Jonathan Fitzharris says:

Just waiting on Mamma Mia……

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