Upgrade – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Upgrade, starring Logan Marshall-Green, Richard Anastasios, Rosco Campbell, Betty Gabriel, Benedict Hardie. Directed by Leigh Whannell.


Shione Cooper says:

*Low key reminds me of Hardcore Henry*

Trev 8 says:

Can’t wait for the sequel “Go Back”

King Plunger says:

I was hyped for this since a couple of months

Ashley says:

From the first trailer I saw for this movie I thought “Venom”? Also…did they clone Tom Hardy or something?

Sean Engelgau says:

Wierd i thought he was Tom Hardy.

Dane Schmitt says:

Chris I love you man, but on the last couple of your videos you seem bland. I can tell you love Star Wars from your other videos but in the last Jedi vid and solo you seem bland and don’t have that energy as well as this one. I miss the old Chris who seemed more passionate please come back.

Virjunior says:

gotta say: i fucking hate most of what you do as far as things i care about, but you did a fantastic job here…. and yeah, i think i’m gonna drag a friend to go see this again. kudos

john birru says:

Do a review for Shot caller

Trinidad The Island Man says:

Yeah, this movie turned out really good! Very much a story that could have been from Philip K. Dick. I gave it “A Shaka Thumbs Up!”

Solvian Ranzuline says:

Please please also review any of these films:
Black Mirror: The National Anthem and Fifteen Million Merits
Mulholland Drive
The Lobster
Scream 1 and 2

Jun Moreno says:

The more options you have the harder it is to create.

Eric Smith says:

Better third chapter in horror genre? Lol that’s pretty easy to do.

gustavo oviedo says:

discount tom hardy?

Hyperstellar says:

It reminded me of some Corridor Digital film mixed with Hardcore Henry. I loved it!

Brogi Naric says:

This film is definitely a new cult classic. It reminds me of The Guest in terms of a sleeper hit.

Sarcastic Duck says:

“i’ve heard a lot of buzz about this movie but didn’t watched a single trailer because i wanted to go in blind!” while showing trailer scenes lmao

Marshal Arnold says:

Whenever I hear the word upgrade it makes me think of that girl’s pimp in Idiocracy….. brought to you by Carl’s jr.

Juan Nation says:

why do you hide your patreon monthly earnings? and your tier prices?

Michael Chavez says:

Hey chris are u gonna review showdogs

brandon redding says:

This movie is literally Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes). When is DC ever going too wake up and make a “GOOD” movie

Honeyydo says:

Saw this last night completely blind too & w/ semi-low expectations b/c I don’t like action movies generally anyway. This was a pleasant surprise, the beginning was ‘meh’ but it sure picked up & the audience laugh a good amt of times. I find action scenes boring but the unique way they played it out & even shot it had me glued to the screen (except for the gory parts which I looked away). Towards the end it gets dark but there’s a bunch of twists that make it a wild ride.

psinno says:

Was looking forward to seeing Upgrade this weekend but unfortunately it isn’t out here for 3 months.

James Johnson says:

Is it just me or is this Discount Tom Hardy with a Discount Venom situation? lol jk, I’m def gonna see this though

Delightful Addition says:

It looks like Hardcore Henry mixed with Venom done right.

Itz Jolly says:

Please do Adrift so I know whether i should let my girlfriend drag me to see it

Amoré Johnson says:

Will you be watching the Freddie Mercury biopic coming out in theaters soon

Gregory House says:

Can’t wait for this movie, but I have a question: do they shoot him and his wife at the beginning? And if they do, does ‘Hide And Seek’ by Imogen Heap play in the background?

ElRadioDJ913 says:

If you wanna know more about Logan Marshall-Green, check out Quarry and trust me his performance in that show is insane!

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