Upgrade – Movie Review

A new twist to the classic revenge tale where a paralyzed man gets a computer chip in his brain that enables his to walk, and….oh yeah…kick a lot of ass! Here’s my review for UPGRADE!


egagnard says:

Isn’t this The Crow?

wontonzilla says:

It’s kinda has a blue beetle vibe

Dont Talk To Me says:

79 people hated the fact that their Alexa played the macarena.

Usman Hafeez says:

Currently listening to La Macarena, thanks Jeremy lol

Derek Ross says:

Have you any awesometacular reviews this year?


Expecting more from Jeremy about the main actor. Why nobody know him, he did good stuff before.
Nice review on the other hand, but the big plot holes you ignored !!!!!!
Next review, please do more thinking .

Jeremy Jahns says:

Hey…Jimmy Neutron hair is cool!

Luc Collin says:

So basically this is like “Chuck” (tv show) but without Zachery Levy and not funny… ? lol ^^

Taylor Morris says:

It’s called Stem and helps him walk… a metaphor for Stem Cell research?

Layza Sierra says:

Lol I swear that was Tom Hardy.

MrPleers says:

First time I hear about this movie. I’m surprised.

Sparks UHD says:

Lulz, my echo was activated when he said that. She said thank you…..and then she played the macarena.

Sam Zheng says:

I think Jeremy has yet to give an awesometacular in 2018.

Rectus Rectumius says:

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this got some similarities with Venom. lol

Tazmanian Devil says:

I haven’t seen the film yet, but based on the trailer I was calling it – Iron Man meets Limitless

Stoneciano Mars says:

Ben 10 Upgrade

Jesse Palmateer says:

If he looks familiar, other than the fact that he looks like tom hardy, is that he was the short-lived Shocker In Spider-Man Homecoming

Jon Sprague says:

Only saw one add for this movie and watched it the night it came out. The trailer drew me in with the camera work, and the movie itself went beyond amazing with it. The main lead, camera work, and ending were all CRAZY phenomenal. I wasn’t even close to getting bored once the movie picked up and it’s definitely gonna be a movie in gonna remember for a while.

Jimmy Wonder Boy Headrick says:

Logan Marshall-Green’s performance (which was brilliant) was the only thing that made The Invitation worth watching.

Kevin D. says:

Ha! I don’t have Amazon Music Unlimited.

You could only hurt me with a sample.

Jake Schiaffino says:

I love how you thanked your fans for a positive review to your previous video… It dish matter if I always agree with you or not Jeremy, you are fun to watch and nice to your fans. Which is why I stay.

Sephiclo Czo says:

Thank you Jeremy!

bmaster461603 says:

Loved this movie. Surprisingly

Assassinsarms says:

I thought it was Tom Hardy the whole time. Even from the trailer… Damn now I feel dumb.

DrowningJoy says:

I had my tablet set up next to my speaker so thanks for making Alexa play the Macarena and startle the crap out of me…

Yo, Listen Up! says:

I’d love it if when the last fight scene starts he screams “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL”

WIZARD Z says:


harlemdeni says:

What does ‘Blumhouse movie’ mean? Is it a production studio for b films?

Timothy Smith says:

It sounds like bmc

QE ornotQE says:

“One maca, two maca, three macarena….”

Martin Maldonado says:

I loved it. I loved HAL 10000. I loved a black woman cop. I loved the discount but somehow more sophisticated Hardcore Henry vibe. 9/10

myslead says:

When I saw the trailer for this I for sure thought it was a Tom Hardy flick and thought how odd it was for him to play in that movie… now it all make sense ahah

Mister Lewiz says:

Oh shit that’s wasn’t Tom Hardy lol that trailer was fillled with so many people lies

Bharat Samra says:

Kip is like 32-years old.

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