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Chris Stuckmann reviews Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon. Directed by Jordan Peele.

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Luc Vaillancourt says:

If you love horror, check out Under the Shadow on Netflix. Great Iranian horror.

Candy and Violence says:

woooooo #14 on trending

Boss Man says:

Black folks not gonna learn these pussy ass crackers a sending a message

Latanya Tyson says:

I’ve loved Toni Collette way back to the Sixth Sense. If Lupita is as good she won’t receive an Oscar either.

AK S says:

Love the shirt Chris

Kenirdo Grant says:

Why A-

lschroter2020 says:

If you love horror so much then why did you give the exorcist a nightmare on elm street and Halloween not the best score

BAN IT says:

you give the house that jack built a b- but this shit an A-? I got news chris, in a few months nobody will remember this fucking movie. This is not The Thing or dawn of the dead, it’s a trash-fire from one half of a even worse comedy duo. But yeah they are all black so you better worship it. Get fucked

JTK 14 says:

I see how you movin ur arms..tryin to show off that sleeve

yomek Piecemaker says:

Why the 3 stripes on the Batman Beyond tee’s ?

CrazyMaxerre says:

awesome fucking shirt chris!

Jessica Rivera says:

So right! I’m glad he wants to stick around. Jordan Peele said he’s a huge horror fan so he’s probably here to stay.

Jane Doe says:

What’s a 100 yr old white man doing reviewing a diverse movie? Move aside and make room for someone of color.

Geo Rutherford says:

Yey for the movie! Yey for horror! Yey for TRENDING!!!!!!

GuruLivesOn says:

Are you just going to ignore “Vice”?

A Winter says:

You’re comparing because your mind is simple

Jack DiBitetto says:

Great review and great shirt

Miles Trombley says:

Jordan Peela is awesome!

Aiden Sherman says:

I KNEW IT I knew I wasn’t the only one that felt the oscars ignored hereditary cause it was too good

david mattiacci says:

Chris grew up with Us

Poetic Nation says:

Great review and dialogue. The previews, and behind the scenes videos for “US” have been providing a very intriguing, and interesting look at the film. I love your review, and how you explained how it has that “Jordan Peele touch” but is more different, than a-like, than “Get Out.” Definitely looking forward to seeing this in theaters.

A Swaney says:

It’s seems like most people in the comment section has no idea how the Oscars choose nominees. Nominees are chosen by AMPAS members voting, which means they have to have watched movies to know what is the best of that year. The problem is Academy members are only human and are also generally still busy with their jobs. So it’s kind of hard to expect them to watch every single movie every year. Which is why a lot of the nominations were the result of campaigning done by the moviemakers and/or their agents to promote their stuff to the Academy, ie. the Academy members will most likely watch something that has been promoted to them. Nominations are also subjective of each member’s taste in movies, which is probably why you don’t see a lot of genre movies getting nominated.
Who are Academy members you ask? They are film workers and artists in different branches of the industry whose membership is sponsored by existing members. Oscars nominees also automatically become members.

So the next time you think a specific performance deserves a nomination, don’t just gripe about how they’re going to be snubbed. Rather, try to do your own promotion campaign by tweeting at as many Academy members as possible to ask them to watch that performance. This was never possible before, but now with social media, we can pretty much communicate with them directly.

Roman Alexander says:

Let me guess, white people are evil, cops are bad, black people are good. That’s what I expect from this movie

Chase Boschetti says:

Please make a video on what you think are the most horrifying movies of all-time!! PLEASE

the movie says:

Hey Chris , please leave a review for “Andhadhun” movie . I loved it and I’m pretty sure you’ll too.

CPC_RedDawn says:

Get Out, was a travesty! A total mess of a movie, boring from start to finish, not scary, terrible writing, horrendous acting and the score was next to none existent.

It was the most over hyped piece of crap I have ever seen.

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