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Jordan Peele brings us his next thriller, about a family being terrorized by another family which bears a stiking resembalance to themselves. Here’s my review us US!

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Luffy Dragon says:

I got 5 on it

reid ob says:

I wish I can grow up and review movies I had nothing to do with on YouTube and become a instant hack …… go suck collider balls JJ


I give us a 1.8/5

Aeroify HD says:

This wasn’t even a review. You went completely off topic and didn’t even explain or give good points about the movie

Olivia G says:

If you have not experienced what happened in this movie you won’t appreciate it and think its a bad movie.

Phamous Hip Hop says:

This is an F movie smh, total let down. No type of plot, explains nothin, not scary or creepy, doesn’t make sense, some drags a lot and you will leave with nothin but questions. Had decent comedy, thats the only positive about this film. “Get Out’ was a great movie but Jordan Peele has to take the L on this one.

MrDagr8rylz says:

speaking of gargoyles who remembers tales from the darkside the last story

LXKEEM says:

Youtube film critics with over a million subscribers have to remain politically correct, I get it. As for the movie – boring, non-scary, boring and overhyped.

Justin Creatinjustin says:

I thought US was a very, very, very good movie. Hands down one of the best horrifying, thriller movies I seen a long time. You’re right when you said, “a Jordan Peele brings a new idea to horror” he 100% does. And this movie shows. I saw it last night (3-22-19) and will be seeing it again for sure.

AlphaQup1597 says:

This movie sucked hereditary fucked me up so I went into this wanted to get spooked like I fucken went into it high as fuck but once the first scene happened that the little girl saw her doppelganger I told my friends ” its gonna be like the Olsen twins movie” and BA DAM TSS I hit the jackpot it’s not scary at all it would’ve been better if it was a different dimension or something but really sewer people??? Like hereditary had a motherfucken demon summoning but this shit was like pulling ideas out of a hat acting was great tho but I dont go for the acting I go because I was promised a good scary movie

Steffen Sowieja says:

why did you flip your image?

Lewys Tapscott-Nott says:

I would say he’s not the new Shaymalan, I would say he’s the new John Carpenter.

Rachel Gou says:

YO I keep wondering ever since I left the theatre:
Has the Adelaide’s copy been duplicating real Adelaide’s life in the underground or vice versa? Or no duplicating at all? Each has strong willpower?

Why making a duplicate was government’s way to control population and then decided to just abandon it? Like, how do I make sense of that concept?

The fact that real Adelaide and her copy switched place is really cool tho and explains why the doppelgängers learned to communicate and gained knowledge of existence.

Overall , I love the movie! Because it keeps me wondering.

Vault of the Future says:

This movie is phenomenal. Actually chilling, creepy, funny, exciting, emotional and just amazingly well done. So refreshing in every way and I am sooo happy to have seen it opening night.

Keinan Rayat says:

Am I the only one thinking this film was kinda….bad?

Aaron Rudd says:

Horror genre is basically defined as being pursued by someone or something with pure evil intent.

Ryan Oseguera says:

After watching Us and Get Out, wouldn’t Jordan Peele be good on a universal monster movie like the Wolf Man?

alva boy says:

What if this is what Jeremy actually looks like and this whole time we’ve just been seeing a mirrored image? Hmmmmm…

Daniel says:

I didn’t enjoy it. I can’t turn off my brain so the confusion and the unexplained things that make no sense bother me too much to enjoy the movie. At least with Mama I figured a metaphor was going on when shit was getting real. Here, nothing just confused all the way.

Mitsie JC says:

Movie was a beautiful metaphor for socioeconomic/class divide.

Luis Dej says:

Nah Famm this ain’t it

Daakist says:

What’s wrong with you? Go watch Black Mirror.

Kellykellyk Kellykelly says:

I rlly want this movie

The Burger King says:

It’s weird that people talk about the director of the movie more when they’ve previously done acting: Jordan Peele, John Krasinski, Stephen Merchant.

King K. Rool says:

This most movie unbelievably epic. I loved it. Jordan Peels is a god director. I swear when I finished watching this film I wanted to put a crown on jordan peele.

Fr B says:

Peele needs to be directing these shitty Conjuring spinoffs. God, I’m so tired of cliche ghost movies. Someone give this man a script.

Johnathan Chavez says:

This movie is basically a horror version of that 2005 movie The island but tweaked. It had like 500 plot holes. The twist made no sense, like I understand it but it was dumb. Overhyped for sure. Overall an okay movie with jump scares. It’s definitely not redefined horror movies. Just an average movie. No hate I loved get out and am hyped for the new twilight zone but disappointed in US.

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

You’re like the only person I’ve heard that like it lol . I’m gonna check it out for myself but almost everyone I know that has saw it says it sucks

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