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Today’s video is giving my thoughts on the movie Us by Jordan Peele. Yes, I reviewed it on the Frames Per Second Podcast, but I felt like I wanted to make a full video on my own to give my full feelings and theories.

If you haven’t yet, check out the review I did with my crew on the Frames Per Second Podcast here:

If you haven’t yet, check out my review of Get Out here:


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Lg says:

I think your opinion on how the guy acted like stereotypical horror women is misguided, because I don’t even think thats how women act in horror movies. They usually act frail, ditsy and helpless.

The obvious FUCK YOU to stereotypes that Peele used was how fast the white people were killed off, which is the opposite to a lot of horror movies that spend a few seconds killing off the black people.

Nick Gervasi says:

They stab them in the throats because they’re not used to hearing voices and where they come from. Since they can’t speak, they attack the throat.

TheRealestBeaner says:

Myke the Kid C Town back again!!

miles johnson says:

I was looking at why the tethered use the scissors as weapons on a very surface level. Because you can make those stick figures connect together using scissors on paper and they wore red just like Hands Across America.

Wyattxhim says:

was planning on watching this flick so will watch this later cause of the spoilers

a. lathan says:

Myself as a lifetime horror fan I loved it it stuck with me after leaving and I loved how he threw the chud nod in there did u catch the lost boys nod too santa Cruz beach and her mom told her do she wanna go over there and watch them film a movie I thought that was soo dope I’m gonna watch it again can’t wait to pick the blu ray and add it to the collection awesome review man

C Beckwith says:

I liked this film, not as much as I loved Get Out. But I’m very glad that this was the film Peele followed up Get Out with. It would’ve been really easy for Jordan Peele to make another movie along the same lines as Get Out that spoke to the same issues, used the same genre mixtures and cues, etc. and it probably would’ve still been praised. Us was different – it took way more inspiration from horror, it was more mystical, and it left you with more questions, whereas by the end of Get Out they pretty much told you everything. Because of that mysticism it probably won’t be as universally loved as Get Out, but it’s really impressive that he was able to make something different that’s still of similar quality. If Get Out didn’t prove Peele as an important and needed voice in horror (both from a writing/creative perspective and a representation perspective), then Us certainly does

Sam M says:

Scissors also are symmetrical objects

Micah Adams says:

I don’t think they got stabbed in the neck for a specific reason because the old man that was being put in the ambulance when they got to the beach appeared to have a chest wound. I think he was the first victim. The scarecrow looking figure that Jason walked towards on the beach could’ve been his tethered.

TJ Hastie says:

Definitely check out Keye and Peele. Some of the best sketch comedy of the last several years. Most of the skits are on YouTube.

xHartliss Hates MTXs says:

It was just good. Was like Get Out part 2. The cinematography was great though.
I hated the exposition dumps and the symbolism wasn’t all that great imho.
The main actress held this shit together. I totally agree with the inappropriate joke timing and a few other story beats were w.e
Was worth seeing on the 5 dollar day. Lol

thatguyandehh says:

Don’t forget Jason couldn’t recall “the bat” that Gabe wanted him to grab that Zora ends up grabbin!! Another great reason to believe he’s the tethered!!

Sam Sorenson says:

Couple of dope things I picked up on thinking about it later on:

1. In the intro below the vhs tapes there’s a basket with a batchi ball that Chris used to kill the brother in Get Out. Dope Easter egg

2. The fire motif. The son playing with fire, dying by fire. The flare and fire extinguisher on the boat. Fire often being considered red, a color often used in the film.

3. The ambulance was numbered 1111 at the very end.

4. Gabe swims away from the boat well, subverting the idea that “black people can’t swim” a stereotype in many horror films.

V Mart says:

The Thriller shirt she gets at the board walk. Both the movie and Thriller video end with a final reveal of who our protagonist has been all along

Intelligence Cycle says:

Great Review, I agree that there was great Concepts and action-packed moments with the tethered being the science experiment why there was rabbits from reproducing. Especially foreshadowing of the Adelaide’s daughter going into another room & seeing another reflection of herself as ghostly figure, truly believe there was too much showing with Adelaide being switched out & cloned cause it wasn’t properly explained very well.
Gabe was definitely a miss on his character especially his reactions when Adelaide was hearing mysterious noises & voices didn’t understand when he tried to comes off miscast.
Ending monolog wasn’t absolutely sharp and should’ve been more clarity but by going off on speculation leaving up to viewer wasn’t a super big deal, mostly character moments in 3rd act came into being bit complicated.

Yeliwevets97 says:

They were goin for the throat cause they couldnt talk

Cordell Davis says:

So if Adelaide and her son Jason were switched by their evil doubles was evil Zora born from the real Adelaide aka “Red?”

Oprah Winfrey says:

Great review!

Luke James says:

Great review! I really liked the movie too, but I wish it left more of an impression on me. I like when my horror flicks leave me feeling shocked or uncomfortable in some way as the credits roll and I didn’t really get that here. Still, the movie has a great concept & plenty of fun references (the C.H.U.D. VHS, the Micro Machines & Home Alone references, etc.)! I also really liked the scene where their friends got murdered so quickly with that distant shot that showed it all happening at once. The toy ambulance -> real ambulance at the ending was some cool symbolism, too.

I agree about Gabe. He was hit & miss for me because of his goofiness, but he’s the daddest dad of dads so I can also see how it worked for his character & the plot. Lupita absolutely stole the show with both of her roles though. You can really tell she put a lot of work in & it was refreshing to see such a bad ass black woman tearing shit up!

I also agree about how they over-explained the twist & story a little bit. I generally prefer an explanation over a wide open ending where all we get is speculation, but I wish they found a bit more middle-ground there because the monologue at the end was a liiiiiiiiittle bit heavy-handed IMO.

Satanica Scriba says:

Stabbing in the neck might have something to do with cutting off a major airway or one’s ability to speak? I’m unsure as well, but I also think it’s cool that the motion of scissors reflects the disposition of the dopplegängers: as one blade moves up, the other blade equally moves down. When closing the distance between the two blades of scissors, the cutting happens, so that’s where the untethering occurs: when the distance is closed between the dopplegängers and their above-world counterparts.

Nicholas Favata says:

The cutting of the neck represents the fact that Red broke Adelaide’s larynx, causing her to have trouble speaking. By stabbing the people above ground on the neck, it’s also a sign of payback.

Ogbonna Beamon says:

I need the ending explained yet it was a good movie

Ethan C says:

Enjoyed the review. Thought you were going to give this film a low rating. Always intrigued by your opinion. Keep the honesty coming.

ThomasLadder says:

Myke, my Enderman, where

Josh Freerks says:

A couple of other symbols/references that did not occur to me in the moment until going home:

1) Adelaide during child therapy is lining up the animals in the sandbox as the Tethered lined up at the end of the film

2) Adelaide’s white shirt progressively turns redder as the film progresses. Sure this is a result of literally her bleeding, but in the context of the film and the symbolism it uses, it could be interpreted as her partly demonstrating her true identity.

ManiacMadness11 says:

Anyone notice the long hands Across America tethered line at the end of the movie could visually be symbolic representation of a border wall given the fact that they mentioned they were going to Mexico it could be a subtlety that builds on the idea of the them vs US idealogy

Hersh_12 says:

Did you notice all the people who died that weren’t underground were white
Nice flip how their is a stereotype that “black guy never makes it alive” but in this all the whites never make it alive
Changing horror film narratives

sikk fukken kunt says:

havent seen this movie but from what you describe the tethered sounds like a metaphor for native americans. i mean it could be about any number of marginalized groups and movie has a mainly black cast but that’s the feeling i particularly get from this

Mondo Sleazo says:

20 secs in and I love the shirt and all the vinyl!!


I want to be sold on the jason switch but i can’t make the reach of understanding why he would’ve needed to have been switched the year previous to the present day of the film, who would’ve done the switching since adelaide wouldn’t have been the one to do it and how come the burnt faced jason mimicked what the ‘real’ jason did when it’s supposed to only be the tethered that do the mimicking, not the humans

Michael Dunn says:

Shortly after I got out of the theater, I felt it was solid, but the more I thought about it, the more things about it I really dug, so now I officially love it and am very curious to see what Peele does next.

paisa1990 says:

They should have told us the main character was the evil twin from the start. That way you would be rooting for the “evil” raspy voice twin all along and hope the family would catch

ogg future says:

Love your take, especially the thing about Jason, haven’t heard that one yet. Makes sense, now that I think of it.

ThisMachineKillsMusic says:

Excellent review! I really enjoy all the discussion of things that were reincorporated and their meaning. I think Peele has some horror masterpiece in him, time will tell. Also doppelganger is a very underrated horror story. Also that Black flag thing blew my mind ty! Also random thought but another really kickass black female lead I think people forget in horror is selena in 28 days later played by the gorgeous Naomie Harris

Beau Robinson says:

He wrote Keanu,he was filming Get Out during that time. I agree US has some issues but just like the conclusion you came to,I did myself. Everything doesn’t have to make sense in a horror film but the parts that do are effective. I have to disagree with Jason he not one of them,he knows his mother is. He was just a weird kid,some say he has disorder but he’s just a kid. They host controls the Tethered not the other way around.

Zach Stirk says:

I don’t know if you saw this or not but I read that the reason why all of the Tethered wore one glove could be a reference to Michael Jackson and the Thriller shirt at the beginning of the movie.

Tha Swami says:

I wasn’t really feeling this one. It was beautifully shot and I loved the characters but I just felt like there was a lull. Especially like how Yourmoviesucks put it where the actual action/scary shit happened I wasn’t moved. Though I loved it more than he liked it and thought it was above average and I loved the concepts it tackled. Not Get Out level but it’s still worth a watch. I also loved Key and Peele and his comedic chops. I definitely recommend that show and the sketches they did it’s a hilarious watch in akin to the Chapelle Show but not a rip off.

Lightningfast says:

I was watching old dehh discussions and Myke said he doesn’t like talking about things that he likes because he doesn’t like defending what he likes and I was wondering whether Myke still feels this way.

MrLando0 says:

Her being off beat doesn’t really make sense, because wasn’t she a dancer? I liked most of the movie, but I really didn’t like how they explained so much of the tethered world. They should have left that vague, the practicality of it all just doesn’t work. Other than that, was enjoyable, almost on the level of Get Out.

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