Us – Movie Review

Jordan Peele brings us his next thriller, about a family being terrorized by another family which bears a stiking resembalance to themselves. Here’s my review us US!

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Ares the Pembroke Welsh Corgi says:

Funny Games is so damn boring!

Bruce Stainback says:

The Shining. That’s all I have to say!!!

lama says:

what’s the film in the cover???

bedatri basu says:


rajat jain says:

The worst part is I haven’t watched any of those movies

Pacov 1706 says:

And where the fuck is Saw I ?

Hamza Bajwa says:

the movie falls apart when the red chick spends 5 mins explaining whats going on because up to that point, nothing was explained. And omg the shot where the girl is walking nbehind her with the other shot of the girl writing on the chalk board, was layered so bad. Good movie tho, but not that great either. Get out had more WTF moments

El Angel says:

This movie was ass 1. The acting overrated
2. Laughed more than anything
3. Plot doesn’t make sense
4. Somehow captain marvel was more enjoyable somehow
5. The twist didn’t make sense neither.

Alexander Anisimov says:

You get like for keeping it under 5 min

Dillan howard says:

Unpopular opinion but I like red dragon more than silence of the lambs

Nairobi Aguilar says:

I can’t believe you enjoyed this movie it was garbage. His first film was good but this just proved he got lucky the first time around.

Danny Hustle says:

Jordan peele is overrated people call him the king of horror stupid. People call him he is better than Alfred hitchcock stupid. Jordan peele is not good at all.

Aaron Anil says:

My top 10 list

1.Fight club
4.silence of the lambs
5.sixth sense
6.shutter island
7.gone girl
8.donnie Darko

I would recommend the following movies to those who love mystery/suspense/psychological /thriller…
Mystic river
The invisible guest (Spanish)
Secret in their eyes(Spanish)
Memories of murder(Korean)
No country for older men
Girl with a dragon tattoo
Old boy(Korean)
Mulholland drive
The game
For more movies WhatsApp me 7994196415

christian miller says:

Hate to be a downer when I say this but I’m wondering if anyone else doesn’t like how it was a SPOILER

GOVT experiment and not some type of spiritual thriller that destroys family relationships by uncovering the darkest thoughts and dark pasts

Tracy Haus says:

It sucked..only brainwashed dweebs like it cuz holly weird tells them ur dumb if u don’t get it…lol..more holes then swiss cheese

Sina Tabatabai says:

The kid survives an underground area with zombies all alone? Wtf man how could anyone like this movie? If I wanted just art Ide go to a museum.

TAXI I says:

Super one…am also posting interesting thriller flims in my page see that plss

_TheLostHellBorn _ says:

You guys are braindead. This movie sucks.


Fight club should be here

Too Many Lies says:

Oh snap. Winston Duke was also in Person of Interest. I thought that was him when I was watching the movie. I never noticed he was M’ Baku tho 😀

scarecrow says:

New list
1 anna/mindscape
2 Get out
3 old boy
4 orphan
Tell me the rest please

Ethan Kerr says:

Fight club?

tallperson117 says:

The movie is rich in subtext and creative social commentary, but in the effort to add extra meaning the plot’s cohesion seriously suffered. The amount of suspension of disbelief required for the plot renders it silly and full of holes. Viewed purely as an allegory it is masterful; viewed as a thriller it’s stupid.

Don’t believe me? Watch/read any review of this movie, I bet you one whole dollar that in praising it they will basically only praise 3 things:
1. The acting.
2. The directing.
3. The meaning.
I.e. the plot makes no damn sense if you think about it for more than 30 seconds.

Anji Reddy Yekkanti says:

You missed Triangle.

Soowoo21 says:

this movie was so awful

Seyfullah Demirtaş says:

Taxi driver just an honorable mention!! You guys are kidding, right?

Eymard Denrick Solideo says:

Can you do a review of “Unplanned”

shogun ringo says:

What about fight club

Josh From Jersey says:

Us is literally tied with Mother for the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

Trevor Owens says:

The comedy in this made this movie great. So many inappropriate/intense moments of laughing

LukeToTheMovies says:

I agreed with what he said about Lupita Nyong’o, the only things I’ve seen her in since 12 Years A Slave have been Star Wars, The Jungle Book and Black Panther and she’s completely wasted in them. And why the hell do you want to hide a face like that under so much CGI! Finally in this there’s a showcase for her range of abilities as an actress.

jennifer malavasi says:

the devils advocate


WHAT is likeable about this movie? It was so damn bad but people are praising it because someone famous made it. Its a bad movie.

PiranhaDrama _ says:

I think that it’s cool that this film sets itself up for a sequel/spinoff set in the same universe.

J.M.$ says:

Fuck all those non english speaking movies nobody wanna watch that shit

Grace Cirincione says:

I love shutters island

AgeofAeon says:

The pathological liars who call themselves movie critics and the corrupt film Industry have said the movie US is #1 in the world when in reality the movie is average at best.

Julian Borges says:

Jeremy has lost his mind. Thus film was horrendous, and once again, racist towards whites. Peele even said he wants no white leads; the guy is a scumbag.

vichitrasen Kumar says:

Mulholland drive is missing

Easty277 says:

I like how you havent done the dirt yet tweakin

Cory Cash says:

and black mirror….

Nilesh Shukla says:

Okay so you just missed the best one!!!
The usual suspects!

Russ Fox says:

Yeah her star wars character first of all should be in more of it and honestly shouldnt be animated


This movie was fucking terrible, it was cringy, not scary the movie was terribly told and the story made no sense. The twist at the end ruined the ENTIRE movie, WHY did the little boys clone copy him but NONE of the others did?? This movie was absolutely trash and people are praising it for some reason.

Kayes Musthefa says:

best list ever

ahmed chemkhi says:

what about the number 23 it deserve to be in the list

Russ Fox says:

In high school i watched a lot of Nostaliga Critic because my opinion on movies was cynical like that now i watch you because well my opinion of movies has changed lol

munna munna says:

Bullshit thumbnail

Flashforty says:

wtf is wrong with his face lmao i can’t tell!

AJ BerZerK says:

As always honour able mentions r great

RobotRumble says:

I gotta say, Us was terrible.

APF Entertainer's says:

Wheres fight club 1999

Courier 12 says:

Okay this one I’m not with you Jeremy. Dialogue sucks, logic weak, narrative not engaging, only acting is good. It’s not scary enough for horror. Not funny enough either. It’s like the old Scary Movie but not funny enough either.

Jacob Lopez says:

I personally thought this movie tried too hard to be different that it became a comedy. I laughed more in this movie than I did in the Office.

Jeevan Unny says:

The invisible guest

Batman157983 says:

Going to see it tomorrow so excited!

Scott Mena says:

Um… what about IDENTITY (2003)?

Rahul gautam says:

The number 23
Fight club
Shutter island
Silence of the lambs
The butterfly effect
Must watch!

Tyron Sabatta says:

Perfect Blue was amazing, maybe not as well known as some others on this list, but still a masterpiece

SooSen binder says:

I Think Memento should be Nr.1

Tom Tracey says:

Boring hacker slasher movie, and the stupid thing was what mad scientist would make sure a clone of every person above and no gain or paycheck for doing it and dumb that they all had same scissors bought in wallmart? Predictable twist too boring acting too

Oliver Murphy Fitness says:

I don’t know what movie you were watching Jeremy, but it’s not the version I watched in the cinema. very stupid concept, first 30 minutes I nearly fell asleep. then when the tension kicks in the movie spirals out of control. doesn’t know if it a horror or slasher movie. the stupid twist at the end too, how the hell did they survive down there and how were they wearing the same clothes as their other versions .. very stupid and was expecting so much cause i loved get out

NaderX77 says:

this was a really bad movie…

Roshill K says:

Why are there sooo many bad reviews on IMDB is it cause of the recent blacklash he is facing?

dark evil says:

None of the scenes were scary and when it got serious they always decide to crack a joke. Most parts of the movie just made me laugh and I think it should have been a comedy. Get out did it so much better


But.. i watched it and it was just painful to watch. Like no kidding, when the first scene in the house happens, nothing after that was interesting. Maybe at the end when they where underground bit still. Waste of money.

ChadGlassify says:

Stupid film, dumb.

Angelus says:

I’m in strong dislike toward this film. It was a nonsencecal horrorparody with next to no real humanity.

do bi says:

I think it was under developed and undercooked. …the family, …the normal ppl in general were alot stupider than the ppl in get out, it felt much more stereotypical and obliviously perpetrate the thriller tropes that get out worked so hard to be aware of.
Ultimately interesting I guess buuuuuut pretty bad
Cool music tho for sure

John Mortimer says:

Tbh i liked the movie for what it was. But its not the best thing ever like people make it out to be

Russ Fox says:

The and black mirror thing doesnt fit for Us technically in fact it doesnt fit for a lot of things compared to twilight zone because Black Mirror is about technology

Lin McCollum says:

a review for Black Mirror please!

Mad Mady says:

am i the only one who left the cinema really disappointed and frustrated by this film?
it was tonally deaf, predictable, and all round left me confused. not because i didn’t get the “super deep interesting message” but because i didn’t understand what Peel was aiming for. nothing felt like it hit its mark. I’m so disappointed…

V. Hall says:

Can’t wait to see his remake of Candyman.

NM_DiamondEyez says:

Hella came out of the theater kinda confused and had a plot twist, but movie was pretty good I’ll give it a 10/10

Brick Wall says:

I enjoyed watching the shots and the people on screen but it was poorly written and silly like most other horror. Deserves about the same hype as most other horror movies get i.e none.

Anthony A. Perez says:

I definitely don’t feel like Lupita is wasted with Maz Kanata. She’s created a fun and interesting Star Wars character that fits within the universe. She does a great job.

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