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Chris Stuckmann reviews Us, starring Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop, Evan Alex, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Madison Curry, Cali Sheldon, Noelle Sheldon. Directed by Jordan Peele.

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David R says:

Why do I get the feeling like Larry Clark probably wouldn’t want anyone to look into his computer?

Jokrr Face says:

Justin pierce

looken4thachewin33 says:

great flick, i did my freshman dissertation on this film

spearPYN says:

Baggy jeans, new york hip-hop, missing the 90s… the world is so much worse now

Solomon Solomon says:

I love this movie cause it feels like it’s coming from a friend or from people I know

liquidcactus says:

Great video man

Kyle Smith says:

That movie was over-the-top and dumb. I’m laughing my ass off at all the people talking about how ACCURATE it was, like you all knew 14 year olds who beat random strangers to death or who went around giving dozens of girls AIDS. GTFO your life wasn’t that interesting and that wasn’t your experience. Lol

Stephanie G says:

Are you gonna do a spoiler review?!

Geek37 says:

I saw this movie as a teen on VHS and I had to lie about my age to rent it. I have no interest in seeing it again. It’s a great picture that documents the nihilism and pessimism of humanity quite well and I don’t think that message will ever become dated. As time has marched on, human nature hasn’t changed overall but has just adapted itself to the technological flurry. Somebody will make a new version of KIDS that will shock and offend but for the audience of 2019 onward. The people will freak out and some of us will say “this happened back in 1995 with that one movie” and the haters will look at us with disdain because we are the asshole eggheads nobody likes. I applaud your review here.

If you have a yen for Larry Clark, watch and review Marfa Girl. That just felt like a rehash if KIDS frankly.

ØrPhÄn MüRpHy says:

Over The Edge is another good movie .

7even1-8 says:

Fuck yes it is stil relivent more now then ever.

jakub rembacz says:

This film is just boring, the build up is ineffective, the characters are not particularly likeable and the atmosphere is not there, also the audio quality and it’s placement is terrible, as an example the stings in the beginning are overused to no avail which makes us become unaffected by them later on.

AJETT says:

I swear the nerdy kid in the club is secretly Finn Wolfhard doing 80s and 90s films with a time machine.

Jesse Compton says:

i thought this movie was incredibly cringy and formulaic.

F.D. says:

4 years too late but… this was a pretty good video

Frank Flores says:

One of the best films I’ve ever seen !!

Cole Lawrence says:

Dude idc what anyone says, this movie fuckinggggg sucks. Such a waste of money. God that was the worst movie I’ve seen all year. I’m actually pissed off

Shane Gallagher says:

Can you do the other Larry Clarke movie Bully?

Dexter Xparrow says:

Be honest you’re here because you liked Get Out as fuck

Tracy Haus says:

Sucked so bad it pissed me off…

Chris Tibits says:

Kids proves how the review system on rotten tomatoes is flawed and that not everyone with a brain stem can tell people what a good movie is.

woolfy101 says:

100%. Good job.

Svtfoelover 2 9 says:

To be honest, in my opinion I thought this movie was…ok. Don’t get me wrong it was a very well written and preformed movie, however I found my self board even during the action scenes. And maybe it’s because I just don’t get very scared by horror movies but I didn’t find the movie thrilling except for that twist at the end. What are your thoughts?

( this is my opinion, so please don’t get mad at me for that! Thanksss♥️

david dad says:

I totally agree, they should have left a number of explanations out and left us wondering

Brian P says:

We need a full length documentary of this film.

PhrontDoor says:

Reminded me a LOT of Carnivalesque (carnival visit to hall of mirrors where the son goes in, gets trapped in mirror world to be replaced by ‘mirror’ son that goes off to live with parents as real son (trapped in mirror world) tries to…
Like the movie, a lot

Kristian C says:

Great commentary, one of my favorite movies of all time! subbed

Emma Frost says:

Its the worst movie ever. Only Lupita was good.

Michael Just Michael says:

You suck man your hair and punchable
Face. Fuck you!

icebur91 says:

It started off good but the ending was wack , the movie had potential but it had to many filler scenes.

Doctor Spectre 9781 says:

I think your referring to the ending when you say you wanted something to be more ambiguous like the “Is Dekerd a replicant?”

Adam Gardiner says:

Nice quadrophenia t-shirt, I geddit.

SwissFrench Films says:

Good stuff, man. I love this movie so much. Check out my similar review for Harmony Korine’s “Gummo”

Sly Villainy says:

I honestly thought telly knew he had aids and just kept spreading it cause he didnt give a fuck.

Bob Garrett says:

CANT BELEIVE YOU EVEN GOT THRU THIS ONCE! One of the years ten worst !


yo do you have dizdig

Travis says:

can you do a spoiler review!

Salvador Johnson says:

Fantastic video. I loved it

7even1-8 says:

Shit harvey Weinstein picked this up? That says alot now.

Emma Lee says:

I know exactly what you’re talking about and I agree they should’ve left that part out and made us figure it out ourselves

Aaron Sproul says:

I thought the plot of “Get Out” just didn’t mesh and had elements that made no sense. It was worth one watch but never left an impression. “Us” is superior in every way, the hints and overall plot flowed very well, even the trailer and music were incredible. This is a far superior film by comparison.

Veronika Alcoba says:

Tell me Im not the only one who noticed the movie “The Right Stuff” easter egg in both Us and Captain Marvel???

Joe Schmoe says:

Save your money and go see Hotel Mumbai instead. That movie was tens times better than this crappy movie.

Blake Wedding says:

Chris’s Mind: Hey, Chris, so people are gonna think you’re full of shit if you talk about Get Out and Us without mentioning whether you even have any black friends. You know that’s a thing right?

Chris: I got five on it.

Ilikereddead2 Ya says:

wait chris is writing a horror movie?

Fritz Idler says:

The scariest thing about “Us” is people thinking it is scary, or good.


(THIS IS JUST A BRUTALLY HONEST UN BIASED OPINION) The acting was fine in this movie, even good at points but the movie itself was fucking TERRIBLE, the movie wasn’t scary, it was cringy as fuck when the clones started talking, WHY DID THE LITTLE BOYS CLONE COPY HIM BUT NO ONE ELSES DID??? literally never explained, the twist at the end was garbage and ruined the actual entire movie and was NOT segwayed into at all therefore making it awkward and completely pointless because the person she is explaining the twist to is literally the only person that already knows the twist making it ABSOLUTELY pointless and not needing explanation because she ALREADY KNEW IT.. WHAT THE FUCK!? This movie was absolutely trash and I have no idea why people are praising it (I’m pretty sure its because Jordan peele wrote it) final verdict: 4/10 the acting saved it at points but the story was terrible, the ending was bad, it was very inconsistent and downright cringy at points.

Gitch Fitness says:

Movie was trash 5/10. Only redeeming quality was the phenomenal acting and musical score. Other than that, wasn’t thrilling, wasn’t even scary, plot twist wasn’t that intriguing either.

Marcellus 0423 says:

This film will make you think so hard that you have to pay attention to every clue to understand how truly great this movie is. This is for people with a very high IQ who understand the concept of great storytelling. US and Hereditary are going to be so underrated in the future because of how everyone aren’t paying attention to all the twists and theories those two movies provided. Honestly some of the best work I’ve seen for horror movies. It’s a psychological burn that stays in your mind and leaves you wondering what did I just watch because you didn’t expect it to turn out that way. Great film.

Osmar Velasquez says:

Very well directed film, average story, great acting.

Greg Truong says:

I love ambiguity as well. During the exposition scene I started to feel a little disappointed, but I realized it was because everything up to that point was so great already.

oscar wiklander says:

Good review as always!!

Now do SUSPIRIA already !!!

Chaotic Cinema says:

People are acting like the Academy ignored Get Out. I’m pretty sure Lupita has a good chance at a Oscar n considering Daniel Kaluuya was nominated for Get Out.

Nick Maestas says:

For me it was pretty ehhhhhhhhh. There’s certainly a lot to love about it. Lupita was fantatic. The film was well shot and edited and the references were well placed. But after the doppelgänger family begins to attack the family members, it becomes a pretty average horror flick. Not to mention the pretty big plot holes that emerge towards the end that really hinder the overall impact. I agree there should have been more ambiguity, especially in regard to the origin of the doubles because what was given came off as rather silly and convoluted. This film had so much potential to be truly great and yet the film ended up being rather bland in the end…even with that unnecessary twist.

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