Us Movie Review & Ending Explained

Jordan Peele drops his latest with ‘Us’ and a lot of us are trying to figure out what does it mean. Lupita Nyong’o plays Adelaide Wilson a mother of two who just wants what’s best for her family. Her husband played by Winston Duke gives us corny teas.

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Carlette Maat says:

1111 is when the universe is open to hear all your thoughts… That’s why you should be doing, saying, and being positive at that time….

shannon berrien says:

I literally started watching the March madness tournament through this sorry-ass movie. I enjoy a movie that makes me think just as long as the movie makes sense and this crap made no sense. I’m still a fan of Peele, he just made a bad movie.

Lorenzo Hamilton says:

That’s why I watched movies at the last showing cuz ppl too loud omg

Second2none says:

@CatACor do what is your opinion on the rabbits? What or who they represented?

Alex Sohn says:

The rabbits were the first animals that were cloned by the government

Blonde Ambition says:

Wish I knew u personally Justin! Ur such a diamond I love ur personality n energy so much

Angeleque Bowen says:

“Get Out” gave you everything, from how the white folks did what they did to why they did it. The movie was purposely made to be ambiguous. Jordan gave you enough to figure it out yourself. Also, it was made to watch over n over again to catch some more things. It was beautifully made n I love how Jordan doesn’t assume that his audience is retarded and won’t get it.

GawdKobe says:

The rabbit were used as guniea pigs for cloning. That’s why there were so many rabbits down there.

M. says:

Justin, what theater did you go to? I did parkway pointe in Smyrna and it was fine, aside from the brother snoring two seats away from me.

Jasmine hall says:

Understanding conspiracy theories help u appreciate enjoy the movie. The ppl who don’t get it are still asleep

Hampton Blu says:

This film was brilliant in terms of the symbolism and metaphors

NaturallyDOPE0990 says:

The tethered was created to control the American people. Everybody seems to think that the real person controls the tethered which in fact Adelaide dispells that myth when she controls Red whole life! They have control over each other.

REACT wBlackShaw says:

I definitely thought about the reference to “Alice in Wonderland.” As Adelaide kept going further down, I kept remembering the rabbits and how they say “The rabbit hole is DEEPER than you think.” Like pretty much it’s so much shit hidden down under. I heard about “Cloning facilities” Allegedly underground… The sh*t was scary lol.


I’m CTFU at how your explaining it.

Dominique Mcclelland says:

Spoiler alert:

The film becomes better when you realize that the son was switched out as well. The whole movie.

Quentin601 says:

That Bible verse explains a lot. You really have to want to explain your thinking to understand as many will take it as conspiracy theory.

Brittany Lee says:

If anything, the movie left me more confused. Maybe that was his intentions tho

venus clarke says:

I dont care how “deep” people try to force this movie to be. It lacked strong performances with the exception of Lupita. It lacked a storyline that moved me to care. The twist was nice but super late. And the ending was stretched out.

Jayla Kiara says:

I think the government wanted to clone the people living above ground in order to control them, but since they couldn’t replicate the souls of the original people, the opposite happened — the tethered were controlled by those living above ground

KALEIDO jess says:

XD there’s only one time that I was with my friends we were loud but one of us made the audience laugh a little. I gotta see that movie.

Rose Charles says:

Justin, this is a dialogue heavy movie. Almost all your questions you had were answered during the speeches. You have to see it in a quiet theater. GET Out was about race and US is about Classism. Poor folks always want a savior but when they get delivered…what’s next? In the meantime, both movies are clearly in the same universe where the government is experimenting on folks right in plan sight. Jordan is creating his own Twilight Zone. Most importantly, its beyond clear that the Mom and Son were BOTH switched that’s why they had the most character development. This movie is a solid B because its setting up a timeline. The parents from Get Out clearly learned how to experiment on folks from somewhere.

Jackie V. Meadows says:

I found it to be a very good long playing Twilight Zone episode….

tyshaun39705 says:

The rabbits were the experiments for cloning that’s why before Humans

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