VELVET BUZZSAW MOVIE REVIEW 2019 – At Double Toasted we do movie reviews and today we have a new movie review 2019 for you for a new Netflix movie called VELVET BUZZSAW starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie is about pieces of art that come to life and kill people…yes, you read that right. In this funny video, we take a brief look at the Velvet Buzzsaw trailer before going in-depth into our Velvet Buzzsaw review. Let us know your thoughts on this movie down below in the comments.

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areynolds38116 says:


mmmmSmegma says:

Another aspect of the movie I really hated was the amount of time spent on “researching” who the painter was. Unsurprisingly we find out he had a horrible past blah blah blah. It pissed me off because it wasn’t just a bunch of scenes with Morph trying to find out about the painter, but there was the other art curator who hired a detective to find out more about the painter. There was a considerable number of scenes spent on “researching” who Dease was. We learned nothing that was interesting, or different…. Just your typical dude had a bad upbringing. Okay…Why not try to explain how Dease was able to imbue the art with his spirit? No? That too much to ask? Okay…

Keiji Johnson says:

After seeing this a few hours after its release, I ended up finding it really meh. I mean Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting is as good as usual and the concept of literal killer art can be intriguing, but this takes too long to get to the more interesting stuff that it becomes more of a slog to get through.

The only things I liked in that film were the some of the kills and the aftermath of a couple of them, those GORGEOUS aerial shots, and that Coco girl. Who I actually found to be not only the most likable out of all these characters, but really dang cute as well. Maybe it’s the glasses, but I just found her to be very cute.

Other than that, this just wasn’t as good as the trailer made it out to be. If Jeremy Jahns watched this, he would be giving this a “Wouldn’t remember this in T-minus 1 day” rating.

rockelscorcho says:

It’s a matinee. I liked it.

Adrian Goodman says:

Was that Tommy sitting in the audience? He get out of jail?

gallyun1 says:

Can y’all do a trailer reaction to “The Beach Bum”?

Nah Man says:

Are y’all going to review the Greta trailer?

Max Barrow says:

I might’ve enjoyed it more if the trailer didn’t already show me all of the cool visuals already!

Ms Rana says:

Any one tries to destroy or hide the painting ends up dead, Even the artist himself died after he burned some of the paintings.cus art should be seen, basically this was the movie.

WarlordRising says:

I was entertained by it. It was purposefully campy satire. Best way to go into this is expecting it to be like a Tales from the Crypt or Twilight Zone episode played for feature length.

Nick Ciccone says:

There’s an interesting Swedish movie called The Square that’s similar in the pretentious satire of the art world, but without the horror. A lot of potential with this one, but needed a lot of work.

Yu-Lung Man says:

17:09 Tommy Mcgrew is that you?

Taylor Love says:

Korey: “I aint trying to talk bad about how he looks” Dude stfu u always talk shit about how people look then say shit like that to play it off and absove yourself, look in the mirror you’re no prize man.

Mark Ruffalo is a splendid actor says:

As always, Gyllenhaal did not disappoint. But that’s all this movie had to offer.

Hard Knocks says:

TOMMY!.. TOMMY!! – (In my pink power rangers voice)

malcolm adderley says:

This makes me miss Bubble Boy! Those were the Dayyyyyyyyz.

Peace Stonehand says:

Think positive! Back in the day we didn’t even have Netflix for that kinda shit.

Michael Cross says:

“Holy spoilers Batman!” You’d think I would’ve learned by now. Oh well, I’m still watching this movie later.

Jesse Shade says:

Damn, between this and BIRD BOX and ABC MURDERS on Prime Video, John Malkovich is getting plenty of employment these days from the streaming companies, and I am happy about that. Hell, I thought for a minute that Malkovich was also playing that hobo robot in the trailer, but the cast listing says that robot’s played by someone else.

I really loved the hell out of NIGHTCRAWLER; sad to hear this new movie’s not all that good. They should have just made a movie about that hobo robot, because that shit looks like a waking nightmare. And HOLY SHIT, YOU MADE A REFERENCE TO “THE MANGLER”–AMAZING!!!

davrosdaleks1 says:

Parts are too slow and there are too many characters. But, I would still recommend this. When it works it really works.

SlimJim says:

Are these guys complaining again?

Phil 4 Real says:

The R rated version of GOOSEBUMPS

lwandile dube says:

2:50 Idris Elba stole his mojo…
And his black women fanbase

Neophenom says:

My lady described it best for me. It’s Zoolander type characters in a Final Destination like movie.

Max 117 says:

Agreed. It was pretty bad. This movie had an amazing trailer and that’s about it.

Rylade475 says:

Damn, Madarame should’ve used these paintings in Persona 5

Wise Guy4U says:

Jake Gyllenhaal is todays Nicolas Cage & Natalia Dyes is like Emmy Rossum.

Athena Jaxon says:

I’m not surprised most Netflix movies aren’t very good

The Larry Project says:

Thank you for talking about his character being bi! Love the visibility thx guys.

IrishCat04 says:

the robot was scary!

Chris W. says:

You still proud of affiliating yourself with rotten tomatoes Korey?

Marco A says:

This movie was a bit of a mixed bag. Some pacing issues. However the cast was great you really loathed most of the characters and that’s quite by design. It’s a darkly comedic self parody on the industry and its lack of humanity and values monetary gain over everything else. Some of the interactions were so over the top I couldn’t help laughing and remained compelled through its high pretentious dialogue sequences, add a scary fucking robot and some decent kills. Honestly the whole concept is B rate horror but the director and actors elevated the source material beyond what it could’ve been with another director.

MrFlipperInvader792 says:

14:20 same with daveed diggs
16:35 it’s a 68 percent now

Nathan Zed says:

probably the most boring movie i’ve seen in so long and i was pretty excited for it

krusnik94 says:

This movie has the plot of a B Movie but it takes itself SOOO seriously

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