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When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego “Venom” to save his life.

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Writers: Scott Rosenberg (screenplay by), Jeff Pinkner (screenplay by)

Stars: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed

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KillaMaNilla Anderson says:

Stupid video was not a review

Fractorification says:

Wait, so you just called out these people for being shrills without any sort of evidence or reasoning simply because they didn’t like the movie? What exactly did you prove here?

People just dislike bad movies. I can’t believe how arrogant and petty you all are labelling the blame at Marvel and the MCU for making good movies? The fuck?

There is no such thing as the MCU tainting people’s perception about comic book movies. Didn’t Wonder Woman prove that DC can make good films if they actually TRIED with a better script?

We’ve had unique films such as Logan and Deadpool distancing from the standard formula and taking their own crack at making unique comic book films. Into the Spiderverse even looks amazing despite being a 3D animated superhero film focused on various alternate versions of one hero. A far cry of something you’d see in the MCU, yet it still looks amazing! In fact, that’s what was giving me hope for Venom with a villain as the protagonist. But, it looks that wasn’t the case after all.

Whatever, this petty finger pointing is stupid. Ya’ll need to get over yourselves.

Von Clownstick says:

people will shit on it cause its a marvel movie not made by disney

Dr Uze says:

Brill as always bruv

professorM says:

Looks like Lady Gaga fans are the bots. They want A Star is Born to win the weekend.

Mista Anonymous says:

Do you just randomly slow down clips of people who you disagree with and think that proves them wrong or something?

Ahimsa says:

The Return of the King Shorty.

David Alexis says:

Damn, I was going to subscribe to your channel but I couldn’t understand 90% of what you said, dude.

Cringey Videos says:


Hero Zero says:

But bvs was garbage
This movie actually looks good

Michael Brown says:

Dude I’m subscribing just because he said to fking smash it like a maniac.

Dreadjaws says:

I haven’t watched the movie, and I know Sony can fuck things up real bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the negative reviews are there not because the movie is bad, but because it’s different from the MCU, which to them means it’s bad.

I mean, some guy said this movie is like Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, Hale Berry’s Catwoman, Eric Bana’s Hulk and Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider, and Jesus, those movies are painfully different. Even if the only truly bad one is Catwoman, the other ones being mediocre, this comparison makes no sense.

Athraj Vibhishan says:

I agree with you, but let’s face it, Amy pascal is poor man’s Kathleen Kennedy….

HisManyBadHorses says:

This movie was awful.

Sahil Sharma says:

they had so much to work with and so many examples of what not to do, given the plethora of superhero movies done in the past. the spiderman 3 venom was a huge flop and i had hoped they had alot to prove this time around. most reviews have given bad feedback which sucks. i expected atleast 6/10 but it sounds like 3 or 4

archfiendbaramos says:

Finally, a movie that is funny intentional!

Eric Meador says:

Why would critics like this movie. They didn’t grow up on his comics. This movie is for venom fans. Let’s support !We are Venom!

Claudius Henry says:

I love how you call out the BS.

black lantern 2014 says:

So the gimps couldn’t even be subtle…..take the phrase “everyone is saying the same thing”…add the Gimp logic of the marvel fanboys….and bingo…what’s REALLY dumb is that the gimps seem to think people with eyes and common sense won’t notice…..

Cryptics Clan says:

Rip Armin from ComicBookCast2

Bruce Wayne says:

So do all of these scum bags shill for Disney or what? Disney must pay them really well to constantly ruin their credibility. So pathetic…

Jesse says:

Great video!

Jea Melancholy says:

OMG a company other than the Monoply Disney has made a movie lets scream from the rooftops about how bad it sucks!
Then they wonder why Hollywood has no orginality other than life action reboots, sqeuals spin offs because the sheep don’t give anything else a chance. Nice to see someone with an orignal thought about Venom and calling out these Disney paid critics on their lies and BS. Subbed.

Hrag Farra says:

Slap a MCU logo on Venom.. “OH MY GOD! It’s the best Marvel movie ever!!!”

Mike says:

I’m gonna smash the like and sub button because of that hat boiiiii

Iwonttellmy nametoamachine says:

That damn movie was great!

Robin R says:

this is y i keep saying these movie studios should stop having exclusives for critics. all they do is shit on a project if they dont like the actor or the particular studio. let everyone watch the movie the same damn time.

long John Beef says:

I talked to a lot of people yesterday and they told me that the Venom movie was no good

HABIAT says:

I saw it and it was great don’t listen to critic’s. Venom was something fresh and new ! The story was overall great ! And the chemistry between eddi and venom was so on point. Great action scenes and really funny moments ! I dont know what the “critics” watched but definitely not venom ha ! Cheers

thegooseman says:

The usual fanboy suspects; Collider, Jeremy Conrand Armin, and even Mundanematt crawled out of the hole that he’s been hiding in.

Nathan Nadeau says:

Funny video, but the fact remains, Venom has no business being a solo anti hero without first bonding with Peter Parker. Regardless of the, “MCU formula” or whatever, Parker is essential to both Eddie and Venom.

Peace and Love says:

Ah, thanks for highlighting the crap, vile and fake news from the self appointed useless so called critics from ign, collider and screen junkies… Wankers


I…did not see that coming

Nick Jindra says:

Lady Gaga fans are doing this on purpose to help her movie that also comes out this weekend. I mean comparing it to catwomen really?

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