Venom – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Venom, starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott. Directed by Ruben Fleischer.


shahed bin-karim says:

Thanks for warning us Chris.

Ted gaming says:

Oh I loved this movie, now it may go in a diffrent direction then what the comics did but it still kept the feel of venom as an anti hero (not the villian he was we he first came to comics) and i thought the action was pretty good. Not saying it’s perfect but I still loved it. But that’s just my opinion

Happee Birthdae says:

Does Chris take off his disguise & become Jeremy Jahns inbetween videos? Or is it the other way around?



Chris Romero says:

*Hits Elevator Button*

devin George says:

I love it

King_Triple- A says:

I feel like you can’t complain about CGI in a movie about a giant symbiote that can turn into and summon whatever he wants. Like come on it’s a literal CGI character

bchildz says:

You have a new subscriber. Cool set up. Sony is definitely out of touch with comic book culture.

John Oliver Fainsan says:

I dunno, I don’t want my 10 yr old brother see Venom eat a man alive. But that’s just me.

Nate Smith says:

Drake as the villain was the primary problem for me. This suffered the same fate as Iron Man 2, a superior film, with a villain that was essentially an Iron Man clone with different weapons. The final action scenes were just meh. It’s also a shame that Williams’ talents were wasted here. Hardy put his all into it, but the script didn’t do him any favors. Very paint by the numbers. Typical for Sony with this property. Eh well.

Jerron Seeley says:

I love your opinion but I’m going to disagree, this movie was pretty good not the best but better than expected

ngray951 says:

Aw man, I was really hoping this was going to be good. Bummer, redbox here we come.

Itsau Wang says:

100% agree with everything you said, absolutely on point yet i was quite entertained by the movie. had a great time

sree latha says:

I like movie

KiNGx says:

I respect your opinion but I am content with this film. The humor was unexpected, and lifted the whole vibe. Overall I enjoyed the back and forth between Eddie and Venom too much. The second film can’t come any sooner!

Kighrus says:

Lol i enjoyed it more than deadpool 2

Wes Haynie says:

I havnt seen it yet but anything has to be better then that wimp who played venom in spiderman 3.

Console Failure says:

it was good but not amazing 7.5/10

Leah Poniatowski says:

This review is exactly how I feel about this movie. It could’ve been so much more. Not the worst comic book movie though

jesse brown says:

No1 cares or wants Wix.

R26Roman says:

I feel like Chris made good points but how was venom suppose to be created without cgi? I feel like as far as tones it felt like it was made to understand that the aliens were scary serious creatures . But eventually a more likable character I e venom. Everyone is titled to there opinion

O Rapalo says:

This movie was a lot of fun. It has 89 percent audience score at rotten tomatoes. So it’s doing something right.

buffsheeri says:

it would have tanked as an r rated film….kids was what this film was aimed at

Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino says:

Seriously the film needs a lot of improvement. A letdown…

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