VENOM MOVIE REVIEW – Were The Critics Wrong?

here is my review of venom, genuinely, had a great time with this movie, which begs the question, were the critics wrong?

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Bruno Costa Costa says:

Em song fits perfectly in this movie

Marco Espartano says:

Still tho, it’s not rated R .

manansis86 says:

I been said there was an agenda to attack this movie. I’m glad to see people starting to wake up and see the BS going on now.

Sockhead says:

Im sorry mr H but you said you enjoyed the predator aswell and after i watched that crap i punched a wall and broke my hand.

Mick Jones says:

I trust your review , and yes rotten tomatoes nowadsys you have to look at the audience review and go from there. I just saw sicsrio 2 , and it was superb, but thst was panned bY critics on RT. cant help feeling venom would of been even better with the R rating. For thst reason i might wait and see if they release a directors cut, but knowing Sony they wont.

stephen says:

coo. can’t wait to watch. i still think i wouldn’t want it to connect to the MCU or anything like that.

TheDoctorsCure says:

Well they were criticizing the movie before it came out so this was expected.

Beren Young says:

Great review dude i saw it today and thought pretty much the same as you really enjoyed watching it

Jake Stick says:

I just watched it too, IT WAS GREAT in my opinion

Chris B. says:

Venom has alot of dark humor in the comics. Some lines in the movie are pulled right from the comics. Like the “now, let’s bite all their heads off and pile them up in the corner”. I can’t wait to watch it!!¡!!

Cyberfrogs Cousin Vinny says:

Usually when it doesn’t involve Disney money the movie isn’t going to get much praise..

Rashidi Shamuddin says:

It is GOOD!

Kiryuin Satsuki says:

I wouldn’t say I loved the movie but I do agree it’s a far-cry from what the critics are making of it. CGI gets railed on these days, like even the smallest amount is “too much” for some people. There can be too much but it’s not like all CGI is wrong, the only films I don’t see getting that criticism usually are MCU films or star wars.

Bronwyn SoCal Gal says:

If I have a choice between spending $20.00 on a movie ticket this weekend on “Star is Born” and “Venom”, I would spend it on Venom. That Gaga movie doesn’t appeal to me when paying money for a ticket. It may indeed be a good movie, but some movies I will just wait till they come to streaming or home video release.

Bhoke The Regicide says:

All I need to know is that MR. H enjoyed it!

Benjamin Howard says:

Seeing it tomorrow. I’m not excited and it’s not cause the critics hate it I’ve got my On my own reasons but your review has be hopeful that I might have some fun with it….However if they deleted that Turd in the wind line than the film will be a lot better.

Also I hate it when critics review certain films like they’re completely serious even though they’re not

John the Average Gamer says:

IGN give it a 4!!! that is shit. i am hoping to see it this friday to check it out Myself

Mohamed Imam says:

Titans Netflix series trailer review/opinion?

Komlit says:

New it! Thats why i never follow critics. Also much respect for calling that out. Great video!

Roberto Robles says:

Crazy times we live in with Lady Gaga fans creating bots to trash Venom and Russians creating bots trashing The Last Jedi.

Agent Donut007 says:

Well, I guess I will eat shit. I guess I was wrong about this film.

Bass says:

Thank u sir. I was gonna see it regardless but I do think the critic’s were heavy on it

Sam Chang says:

Critics don’t Know comics. Some of the critics don’t even know venom has his own comic.

Ken Lopez says:

no they were right. it sucked

rohit kumar says:

For a superhero movie if any stupid complains about CGI I find it amusing.

ABcd says:

Vs The Predator..This scores better..Critics are as good as nothing now cause its all about the money for them, whoever pays more gets a good review..For me its, if I am interested from what I see I’ll go see it otherwise wont bother..

DaveyCrockett5000 says:

That’s why I ignore the big critics and wait for reviews like this. At the end of the day I’ll still make my own opinion anyway, but it’s nice to hear from other people that are fans of the characters.

Bvddh Bdhdhd says:

Garbage movie

Gadiel Gonzalez says:

Hey screw Lady Gaga. I’d rather hang with venom any day. Yeah he’d eat my brain but at least he’s not gonna sing god awful music making my ears bleed.

emeldahay says:

How poor is the CGI fight at the end? Is it Black Panther bad?

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