Venom – Movie Review

After the crappy Venom we got in Spider-Man 3, we have a legit attempt to bring our favorite Symbiote anti-hero to the big screen. Here’s my review of VENOM!



SCNDL3SS96 says:

the 2nd installment should be R rated

Andrew Kirkland says:

I felt like this movie was like a decent pilot for a TV show that eventually got really good.

All the pieces are there, but it didn’t quite gel.

Laxmi Narayanan KS says:

That Michelle Williams Venom was kinda hot

it's all about the distraction says:

It was ok- 4 out of 10..
Stan lee ruined the ending

Evan Shymko says:

All of you reviewers are foolish

Elmer Aguilar says:

I always enjoy his reviews

Maverick Mason Bradley says:

Venom is NOT an ‘R’ rated character. He is a 90’s teen character.

CCDawgs7 says:

I actually really enjoyed this movie, it wasn’t perfect but for me the parts I enjoyed I really enjoyed and that, to me, compensated for the lack elsewhere.

Thomas Dunne says:

It is enjoyable, for sure. But thanks to marvel, comic book movies have a new higher standard and this movie falls very short of that.

Venom symbiote was the best part of the movie but overall plot and story and just general film stuff like cinematography could have been a lot better

taylor wolfgang says:

It’s was good I like it a lot

Christian Jones says:

I’ve heard a Rumor has it that the reason Venom wasn’t Rated R is because In order to a “Crossover with Spider-Man in the future”. I hope They’ll Rated him R or M after the post credit scene with Cletus

Da BUTCHER says:

This was a fair assessment of the movie… well done.

Crimson Claw says:

Venom was the best thing in the film
The best line

Eddie goes to the Lift

I loved that movie
7.5 I went to reviews to wonder why people hated it
I agree about the villain but if there is a sequel we’re getting Woody Harrelson as Carnage

Big Dre says:

I haven’t seen it yet but it don’t look like the real Venom story. Like they just made something up. Venom need to be shown in a spiderman movie 1st, show his real origin, then he can have his own movie

gregorymjr12 says:

We are…DISSAPPOINTED!!! Stolen straight from upgrade but not good!!!

Nikola Krsmanovic says:

Venom is weak

Darwyn Palencia says:

Just saw this movie today it was good I don’t know why ppl r saying is bad

Dominic Martinico says:

Venom vs Carnage or whatever the sequel will be named better be rated r or I’m out

Todd Nicholson says:

I saw this in IMAX opening night, and the reason it was not rated R is obvious. Even though it still could have had success as a rated R movie, they would have been losing a lot of the audience that helped it achieve its $80 million opening weekend. Probably about 30% of the sold out crowd in my theater were under 17 years old including some kids that appeared to be 8 to 10 years old sitting with their parents on my row.

Malik Miah says:

That guy just fucked the movie fucked up Tom hardy can’t act or speek shit actor

MattysonDreamland says:

Blind loyalty at its finest. Why in the world are people supporting this hot mess. I believe Jeremy, his reviews are honest and spot on. I’ll spend my money on a good marvel film. That’s the next upcoming Avengers, Dark Phoenix and the animated Spider-Man movie.

Geo Fergal says:

The Movie was kick-ASS. This Movie Review can suck some Dick.

Nick Fletcher. says:

apparently they made it pg13 so they had a chance to bring it to the mcu

Scorpius Jones says:

You can tell it’s bad just based on how many breathless defenders are everywhere explaining the movie. Actually good movies never need that.

Joseph Gillespie says:

it was a fun popcorn flick…i felt it was too short. 7/10

UncleMilo says:

This was a terrible, terrible movie.

aurelio mendoza says:

Something is going on here because this movie was a blast. I swear if a superhero movie isn’t made by Marvel studios the reviewers are tearing it apart. Weather D.C. or fox marvel or Sony Marvel none of these movies can catch a break. They are not all that bad. This is starting to smell like a conspiracy for real. Venom was a super fun movie. Venom for the win.

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