White Boy Rick – Movie Review

The true story of a teenager in 1980’s Detroit who became a hustler, dealer, kingpin, and informant. Here’s my review of WHITE BOY RICK!

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Jacob Stewart says:

Ar’s are better than any ak

Mann Holloway says:

Favorite Crime biopic is blow.

Gabbi Jackson says:

would have been better as a 1 season tv series that way they could explore all the things that happened better

Blue Collar Men Productions says:

At first I misread the title White Boy Fuck lol

owen baker says:

review ozark pleaseee , love u jeremny 😀 !!!!!!

daisx beohfox says:


malcolm adderley says:

I prefer Frailty, not interested in the Beiber chronicles Jezzy. Matthew Alright Alright has developed into a great actor, who knew but his body never recovered from his prior flix he has Grandad Bod, strange.

J H says:

White boy Rick was just a snitch. It’s a movie about a snitch. Youve seen them before.

Lord Zephyros says:

You cant say white guy anymore Jeremy (ex battlefield 5)…. SJW libtards dont like it

I am a legendary person And every woman knows me says:

I wonder what happened to Justin y he used to be everywhere on YouTube

Earth DragonXQ94 says:


Joe Congdon says:

I turned myself into a white boy Morty! Boom! big reveal I’m a white boy……. I’m white boy Rick!

tropicAces says:

Favorite crime biopic: Wolf of Wall Street

Deric Brown says:

Hey Jeremy did you get the new spider-man game for ps4? if so are you doing a review sometime in the future ? love your videos been watching since 2010 ! 🙂

Guide theLight says:

Off the top of my head, my favorite crime biopick would probably have to be War Dogs; I feel like it flew under a lot of people’s radar, but I think it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it.

MrBizteck says:

Fav crime move…. The last Jedi …. cause that piece of shit stole 2 hours of my fucking LIFE !!!!!

Badger Bode says:

If you want a fun, entertaining crime biopic, check out American Made with Tom Cruise. I was pleasantly surprised!

Asdf Zxcv says:

i’m going epic

Jonnathan Tinoco says:

Yo jeremy whats up with the spiderman game review?

Tony Bones says:


Black Mass

Jurassic Lion says:

Jeremy should do ADR specifically for Matthew McConoghey.

Tristan Seaver says:

My favorite true story of crime was the two-and-a-half long drug run on my first week as an Uber driver.


Excellent Impersonation lol

LeviathanVIII says:


Eunice Reynolds says:

making movies about snitches now huh?

Mark Hazleton says:

Killer Matthew McConaughey impression.

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