Widows – Movie Review

Steve McQueen (director of 12 Years a Slave) brings us a heist film in which the wives of a group of fallen thieves must pull off a heist to save their own lives. Here’s my review of WIDOWS!



Joanna B says:

Your opinion on Ocean’s Eight is exactly my complaint too! Thank you!

Necromancer4267 says:

Jeremy, I love your videos, but a lot of the time you review movies I would not see regardless of your review. But I’m still very interested, and get disappointed when there are omitted parts due to spoilers. So I would very much enjoy as many spoiler reviews as you could put out. Even the same length as the non-spoiler videos would be great. I want to know what the cool thing with the keypad was!

kemuael says:

Reproductive sex, Child bearing and Homemaking, is a woman purpose. And nothing more.

Pupax says:

Yep, you are correct. Women want to do cool shit too!

volkanhto says:

So you mean what people want out of movies is quality and not sexist pandering? Who would’ve known??? /s

Ethan Taliaferro says:

pls make a stan lee video

Alex San Lyra says:

Jeremy should rant more… hehehe… anyone else agree?

Whitney Asante says:

That took a turn real quick.

Blitz Creak says:

put black in front, and remove the s in the widows

Squalid Tuber says:

Rip stan lee.

TheReaLFrankage says:

Wait? Was that a ghost-buster mass hysteria joke in there? Well played.

jordancollins444 says:

Oceans 8 review Part 2, and I’m not even mad

Pure Pip says:

I’m so surprised by the critical acclaim, haven’t seen it yet and I’m sure it’s great, but the trailers were so fucking god awful, probably some of the worst trailers I’ve seen all year, so so so cringe, and what’s up with Liam’s fucking floppy arms hahaha. Jesus it looks so bad, pleasantly surprised that it’s getting good reviews tho.

BIGMOE375 says:

Loved the rant

FuzzyVids says:

You. Went. In.


Scattman101 says:

Outlaw King review???

Critical Movie Fan says:

If you believe Rey is a terrible character, then you can say “Rey is a bad character.” Instead, we get people saying “DISNEY IS TRYING TO FORCE POLITICS INTO THE AUDIENCE’S MOUTHS!!” If the character is shit, then the character is shit, simple as that. When we get a terrible male character, we go “that was a bad character.” I don’t understand why we can’t do the same for female characters.

nabill raj says:

Do a review of the new Pokemon movie trailer pls

Johnny Rodriguez says:

“Granted oceans 12 stole a blinged out egg but oceans 12 was also ass so there’s that” had me dying!

Kyle Willis says:

This video:

15% review

85% straight facts.

MavenCree says:

I’m glad you liked this. I couldn’t even finish Oceans 8, it bored me so much. I didn’t even get to the actual heist.

Angel Alba says:

I knew this movie was going to be good I had a feeling just from the look of it, it wasn’t trying hard like oceans 8

Jake C says:

Saw the video, thought the movie was called Windows, was expecting a horror movie about killer windows. Disappointing…

assassin guy says:

Wait hold on. I thought it was called windows

David Nguyen says:

Detective PIkachu Trailer plx.

Also a Memorium for Stan Lee too (This one first)

Thanks for all your content Jeremy, you da man.

Jeremy Jahns says:

3:33 is not a rant on Ocean’s 8, it’s a rant on the hypocrisy of Hollywood’s bullshit moral posturing

MavenCree says:

K, I don’t know why, but when you said, we wanna rob Vegas, it sounded to me like you said a gay slur… twice. I had to go back and listen again. Maybe I should stop drinking now….

LysanderNemoinis says:

The thing that always gets me about the social activists that say how awful and racist and sexist movies are…they share the exact same politics with everyone in Hollywood. Hollywood is literally on their side and pushing their agenda, and it’s still never enough. Makes me think that perhaps Hollywood should allow people with different politics to make some movies, and maybe they wouldn’t be as problematic as not everyone sees the world through intersectional lenses. Some people just treat people like people based on what they say and do, not how they look.

Jun Moreno says:

Yeah she was the best thing out of Suicide Squad.

Juanita Harris says:

Great rant, great point. Totally true. Boom. I avoided O8 all together, because I knew it was gonna be dumb AF.

Elijah Cassidy says:

After the 3 minuet mark after every cut I’d think you’d be done talking about Oceans 8 and every time you went on it got funnier and funnier

HeyItsGMan says:

Anybody gonna comment on how stan lee just died. We hope that you are in a better place making superhero comics. RIP Stan Lee

Alberto Day says:

Do a private war

Burner2K0 says:

95% on RT wow must be hella good then!

Utkarsh Bansal says:

Love you Jahns, but you’re wrong here. When we’re talking about how awful it is for little boys and little girls to be separated into their own lanes, we can’t fall into the trap of thinking boys like things that are actually cool, girls like lame stuff. Casinos being robbed is cool in a traditionally masculine way, fashion is cool in a traditionally feminine way. Best way to break out of these boxes is exactly what’s happening right now. We need Widows as much as we need Ocean’s 8, so our ideas of coolness get broadened. And yes, I do know women who were really happy not just to see women lead a heist, but to see the stuff they care about, fashion, take centre stage.

And a male-led heist movie set in the world of high fashion? Sign me the fuck up. Get Tan from Queer Eye to cameo if not play a major role.

TL;DR: you can’t fight the compartmentalization of gender by just bringing women into the men’s lane.

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