Winchester – Movie Review

A haunted house movie based in a real location, so it can now boast that it’s “inspired by actual events”. Here’s my review of WINCHESTER!

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EllotGaming says:


Sandy Rootz says:

Is this PG-13 or R?

Byron Horde says:

You have solidified the plan I had to NOT see this film.

Zea Moore says:

Jump scare horror = Amateur shit. I Don’t watch Amateur shit…

nrrock23 says:

How often are you high in these videos Jeremy

PinkiePool GamerBrony9 says:

this movie was a total Bore

Jackson Wernli says:

Can you please review some of these new Netflix movies coming out. Want to know if theyre worth time watching.

Knights&Darths says:

I know nothing about this movie but I don’t trust people on horror movies in general. You all seem to go for the non-stop parlor tricks, and that’s not what I look for in a horror movie.

Hall Network says:

Lmfao love those jumpscares

agentem87 says:

So, I watched the trailer for “Hereditary”…..looks pretty fucking creepy and intense. It’s a hopeful.

fabi794 says:

Reviews like this is why I started watching this dudes way back in like 2009, the jump scares lol

MrFernando3081 says:

Laughing my ass off with the jump scares effect noise

Darren Turner says:

I actually thought Winchester was about the town in England lol

Jessica Darke says:

I actually walked out on this one. In my own review for it, we were…very aligned.

Leon Bright says:

If it ain’t Sam and Dean, who gives af?

Damien Crespan says:

It’s a decent place to drink at, but there are Zombies…

Brandon San Agustin says:

can you do a review of The Greatest Showman please?

nrrock23 says:

Watching Jeremy do the jump scare while being high was amazing.

Marco Antonio Aravena says:

The kid looks like Danny from The Shining

joshua kavanaugh says:

Her husband built the house like that, she like most women did nothing but live there. He built it like that because he was scared of the ghosts of the men killed by his rifles, he was paranoid. She probably also became haunted by the things her husband (who actually built the house) fears most.

David Baptista da Silva says:

In other words: Stephen King’s made-for-TV “RoseRed” is better than this.

Such a shame. The story of the Winchester House could actually give a good film.

John Smith says:

Review Ant Man and Wasp trailer!!

Tierney O'Hearn says:

Every jumpscare in every movie should be done by Jeremy. 10/10 Awesometacular deserves Grammy, Tony, Oscar, Emmy, and Nobel Prize

Иво Костов says:

Cover is just like Woman In Black

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