Winchester – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Winchester, starring Helen Mirren, Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook, Angus Sampson, Finn Scicluna-O’Prey. Directed by Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig.


White Clout says:

The house is open for tourists to visit and I remember visiting it years back. It was honestly more weird than it was scary.

Matthew Maurice says:

I, Tonya review please!!? wtf..

Arges Hagan says:

the thumbnail confused me a little…for a moment I thought a new john wick movie came out or something.

WarriorShooter7 says:

So… Why the thumbnail for this video is of John Wick?

Alucard ReavaN says:

Carry on my wayword son..

Warpigjdb says:

atleast season 1 of supernatural, a better take on winchesters lol noooowwww

Dan Groll says:

Mfw it was actually John Browning who designed the Winchester rifle

Micah A. says:

Was so close to watching this movie but sth just stops me. I guess the movie was really boring, the trailer was boring too. I was waiting for some reliable review so thanks for this!

Gabriel Bryant says:

That house deserved better than this movie.

Sam Boylston says:

Chris will you be reviewing the Netflix erased series? I’m fairly confident it will be terrible based on their work on death note. But I know you are a huge fan of the anime as I am so I was interested in seeing what you thought.

Guide theLight says:

This movie has a bad ass concept. Too bad it doesn’t seem to have capitalized on it.

Anon Oniagent says:

It sounds like the completely non-supernatural real life version of this story where Sarah Winchester was just a crazy old lonely widow with way too much spare time and money is a lot more interesting than this movie is.

Jac D says:

Need a blade runner 2049 analyzed review. Best film in ages. This movie is a waste.

Bruce Cook says:

Chris – the months have flipped; Fifty Shades Freer premieres February 9, 2018.

dad uise says:

Chris the next classic movie should be dr Strangelove

Kryptonite says:

i never ever thought the spierig brothers made good movies

Alistair West says:

This is so obviously a bad horror film, even just from the trailer when they turn the mirror too far and the music is unnecessarily loud. Shit jump scares galore. Do not watch. Save your money.

Adrian Foreman says:

Your tearing me apart Freeza!

Kryptonite says:

also that new tattoo looks rubbish

Joseph Thomas says:

Why is the thumbnail John Wick

lfaldrummer12 says:

This would make an interesting mockumentary type of flick, maybe some sort of satire on haunted mansion movies.

Wy Sev says:

This is actually the first video that I got to see since I subscribed and since I started watching so that is pretty cool.

Destiny87 says:

I hope it’s just the angle, but the face on your Major tattoo looks derpy to me. I think the nose and the mouth are too far off to one side of her face…

Wy Sev says:

I love watching your reviews, they are always so fun to watch and I like how you are able to get in depth and make alot of good points without spoiling anything about the movies. Keep up the good work, your doing great.

Fred Behrend says:

Kinda want my money back for this movie

Akron162 says:

Whats up with the John Wick thumbnail?

Kasey Ly says:

Can you review the greatest showman

Lennie Binale says:

Jason Clarke deserve better roles .. he’s incriminating underrated

Sebastian Quintero says:

This really is a nice shirt

jdzencelowcz says:

Stuckmann is nuts! This film was great!

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