Wonder – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Wonder, starring Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Mandy Patinkin, Daveed Diggs. Directed by Stephen Chbosky.


Valentine Uche says:

Wow unbelievable

Andrew Dalglish says:

Who else read the book

Eric Simon says:

I love your shirt!

Robert Tharpe says:

Hey Chris, just wondering, can you do a review of Titanic, since it’s been re-released in theaters for the 20th anniversary? Don’t think I’ve ever heard your opinion on it, and it’s prob my favorite film of all time. Just curious. Love your channel, keep it up!

Car Bus says:

Wasn’t to big on the movie myself, even though I loved “Perks of Being a Wallflower”. Both movies feel pretty (and forgive me for the charged language) emotionally manipulative, and that can work, especially with this director. It certainly worked for “Perks”. But for “Wonder”, maybe it’s because I am not in the target audience like I was for “Perks”, it just fell flat for me most of the time it swung for the fences. Not flat on it’s face, just flat. This is as subjective as it gets. Regardless, I’m thrilled this movie was made. Even though I wasn’t too big on it, this is a movie that I see a lot of value in.

Also, Jacob Tremblay is dope af.

XDeath says:

Didn’t know that about you Chris. Good for you!

Cool Bro says:

I love your intro

Katelyn kietly says:

Your shirt is amazing

khayelihle Makhoba says:

Chris, dude, Avengers Infinity War Trailer review!

Karlina Gonzalez says:

YOUR SHIRT IS AWESOME! Where did you get it?

Jackson Ward says:

I felt like there were so many deleted scenes because there were some random character moments that didn’t make any sense without context

AKAHimself says:

I saw this over Thanksgiving, I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. The way they cut to the three supporting character arcs threw me off at first, but it was ultimately a good narrative choice for the movie.

elfsong713 says:

I love your shirt, lol

edsbigsister says:

I loved the film but I felt like they needed at least one more perspective shift in the film. Maybe the bully or one of the parents. I also felt that the scene in the woods towards the end of the film was not edited well – other than that, a great film! Loved the sister’s perspective. Characters like her are not focused on in films, and I found her very relatable. It was incredibly powerful seeing a character I related to so much in a film.

Big Daddy Chocolate Donovan says:

The trailer for this movie was awful and did not sell me on it at all, in fact it seems like a cheap version of Mask.

Pat Bateman says:

It must be very difficult to grow up with a face deformity like that. Very happy to see Owen Wilson still getting roles though, despite that nose.

justin fwibber says:

I would kind of love for a movie or a show or something to have a main character with some sort of deformity, be it physical like this or mental like autism only for it to reveal the kid’s an asshole regardless. Like, not all potato people are nice, I’ve met downs people who are just straight up dipshits. I also happen to be autistic and other autistic people aggravate me when they can’t understand basic concepts. Like, you’re making the rest of us look worse!

I was being particularly assholeish to prove a point. I can be nice, sure, but like anyone else I can also be a jerk.

Bilal Yusuf says:

and get stuck in my ass that’s what i always hear

SquidSoda says:

Your shirt is giving me life

Cool Bro says:

You say this movie is good I thought it looked too melodramatic but like the saying goes don’t judge a book by its cover

legoman1566 says:

Liked the movie, I saw it with a group of friends. I agree with you that I enjoyed the sister’s story more but I liked it because I related to it the most.

Camille Rochette says:

Could you do a review of call me by your name ?

Letsgo mets says:

Does anyone know where I can find this online? I’d really appreciate it.

King Green says:

The only thing more retarded than this movie was the kid in it!!!

Brendan Coffman says:

Where’s the punisher review?

Charlie Dawson says:

The poster you showed was quite bad. The one with the solid blue background is far superior, not sure if you’ve seen them.

Steve Ramsey says:

I. Love. Your. Shirt. Where do I get one?

Katja Saanum says:

Can you make a review of “The killing of a sacred deer” by Yorgos Lanthimos?

Egg Benedict says:

I saw this movie recently. I thought that it was a very good and enjoyable film, with excellent acting, writing and all of the themes that go with it.
But it wasn’t all perfect. A lot of things go by WAY TOO FAST. When jack and auggie become friends, very, VERY quickly, it jumps to the part where jack betrays auggie, whereas in the book, they had lots of time together to make the twist truly heart-wrenching.
Also, some characters are glossed over completely. Summer, who was one of the nicest characters in the book, gets little to do. They cut out her chapter.
Julian is also glossed over. He is given little screentime, and completely vanishes after a while. There’s this one plot with him leaving Beecher prep, which was pretty big in the book.
Here’s how it’s done in the film.
“Well, you can expect us to not come back in the fall.”
“What? Mom? I like this school!”
(insrt emoshun heyer)
“I’m sorry Mr tushman”
“I know you are”
Word-for-word. He completely vanishes after this. We don’t even know if he leaves or not.
The via/Justin/Miranda plot was done very well, and it honestly could’ve made a film on its own.

Brynley Jones says:

1:19 it’s funny how it almost sounds like cynicism the way you said.

Joel Stevens says:


ThePoreproductions says:

Hey Chris! you should totally check out my review on my channel for this movie!

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