Won’t You Be My Neighbor? – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Directed by Morgan Neville.


Dakota Jensen says:

Great review Chris, makes me want to go to my grandmas and flip on that old school cube TV in that faded 70s brown color in the kitchen and turn on some mr Roger’s and I’m a damn 90s kid lol great review again Chris!

Phillip Schmidt says:

I might be wrong but I always thought Eddie Murphy’s skit wasn’t funny at Mr. Rogers exspense. Murphy’s version I thought worked without attempting to lesson or attack the source material. In stead I thought Murphy’s skit was a message to white society who largely ignored the life and struggles Black People still faced.

Jurassic Boi says:

I wish Mr. Rogers was my neighbor

Aussie Eighties says:

wait a minute, what happened to all of the thumbnails?!

Matthew Lucas says:

I agree with this video but I did see his show

White Bear says:

No matter his insecurities, and fears he was always pure at heart.

BNJS says:

You should review Cobra Kai season 1!!!

Michele Craig says:

I like you just the way you are, Chris.

Justin Galaviz says:

This is one of the best movies I have seen this year, thanks for reviewing it 🙂

Alex says:

I don’t live in the US, how can I watch this?

Darrin Gabriel says:

Thank you for reviewing this. My mom and I worked at WQED Pittsburgh during my highschool years. Seeing the Tree & Castle in the lobby always gave me the “geeks.” Fred was such an iconic and positive piece of my generations upbringing.

onlycasual1 says:

Always find it strange when people propagate the notion that society/the world today has somehow gotten worse over time when all the data indicates the opposite.

Luna Lovegood says:

First time i hear about him sounds like a good guy


i like you reviews where you are yourself. i have seen lately since you got that award a few months ago (or a recognition whatever it was) you seem scripted and stiff. i like the chris with the hilariocity reviews and improvised reviews. not the ones you are emotionless reading from your own script. that was in the 80’s on tv that does not suits you anymore.

Grant McCarty says:

It amazes me how good of a person he was… he was just such a kind soul and I don’t think the world was kind enough back to him.

マクドナルドカイル says:

One of the best trailers ever too !!

Mitchell Denham says:

I wonder why we never got his show here in Australia. We got a lot of other American children’s television shows, but not his. Shame.

Matthew Lucas says:

I remember this show years ago as a kid .I did see an old clip of Mr roger neighborhood

yash chaudary says:

And I thought it would be horror thriller movie xD

Shawn Giles says:

Mr Dressup with Casey and Finnegan would be a good followup.

Jessica Anderson says:

So much love for Mr Rogers. Just thinking about how many lives he made a difference in. Along with being a moral compass I loved how he would showcase different jobs in episodes… taking you inside a glass blowing factory or something. So interesting

Sheharyar Ahmad says:

Watch Sanju

Doc Savage says:

I loved Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood when I was kid.. Fred Rogers was a one of kind, wonderful human being. I’ll miss him always

papabeanguy says:

I loved his show when I was a kid

Raphsody86 says:

I wish they had more shows like this for my kids. I loved this show growing up. Thanks for reviewing this!!:):)

Tom Cornett says:

Cant wait to see this show. Looks eye opening. Never watched the show as a kid I thought he was weird.

Johnny Calliber says:

Every video by him has the thumbnail of him smiling

Jason Gaye says:

Are you going to review Luke Cage season 2? Flawless season in my opinion.

Art Lopez says:

Not a movie but a decent documentary that best to wait for it on TV or however else u watch free stuff. Not worth $$$ for theatre viewing.

Ricky Smith says:

Bet he was a nonse like jimmy savile

Kazually Kunfuzed says:

It saddens me to think that we failed Mr. Rogers.

Matthew Lucas says:

I saw his an old episodes on PBS Kids when I was age 5-8

Erica the red head says:

He also inspired Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which today, is teaching my nieces all the similar messages he taught us. He truly left a mark on the world.

Mandy Olsen says:

I miss watching his show on the weekend

FMA Official says:

Chris please do a trailer Review to Star Wars: the return of Boba Fett

28joshg says:

The puppet’s name wasn’t Fred, it was Daniel Striped Tiger.

RMC says:

I really want to watch this film but sadly it won’t be shown here in my place or maybe even my country 🙁

Leli Dawi says:

Before your review a trailer for the new prequel Purge movie played.. I think it’s so fucking cool that movie reviewers on youtube are so big and established that movie trailers play before their videos. Almost brings a tear to my eye…

jb34304 says:

Search for his testimony on the request for additional funding to keep his show going. It shows how caring he was.: May 1, 1969: Fred Rogers testifies before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications

Chloe Medeiros says:

Mr. Rodgers was more my dad’s generation but I knew the opening song because many mornings when my dad would come in to wake me up he’d sing the theme song for the show. And my dad’s a musican, so it always sounded beautiful and with love. And that’s how I know the words “Would…you be..my neighbor?” With love. I plan to take my dad to go see this soon.
Thank you for continuing to produce great content. Saw you got some new tattoos! You’ve done tours of your collections before, can you do a tour of your sleeve? I’m a nerd for tattoos, having many of my own and would love to see the work you’ve gotten.

John Stiff says:

Your reviews give meaning to my shit life

Matthew Lucas says:

I remember this as kid .Even when he says about his theme song saying”will you be mine “

Yousef Hadi says:

Never liked your intro music.

Roy Saringo says:

Not everyone has a passion towards children and child development like Mr. Rogers, but I believe someone alive today does and will step up like he did, because “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and that message is highly needed now.

badbirdkc says:

Something I didn’t realize as a kid that I did as an adult is expressed here: The adults I liked best as a kid were the ones who spoke to me like I was an adult. No matter what the conversation was, if any adult came at me with some exaggerated, borderline baby-talk shit (Oh, wow! Uh-huh. Oh, Really!), I knew they were full of it. But if they actually talked to me like they would someone there own age, I was more engaged and encouraged to talk and ask questions etc. That’s why I never talk down to a kid. They may not like everything they hear, but they really just want adults to be honest with them.

Billy J. Sobolik says:

I was hoping you’d do a review of this one :’)

VoiceMonkey says:

Is Chris Stuckmann our Mister Rogers?

Dallas Cowboys Highlights says:

I’ve think I watched every episode of Mr Roger’s Neighborhood multiple times as a child and really never picked up on any of the controversial topics mentioned. I just remember really creepy puppets.

Bacender says:

It’s a little sad that Mr. Rogers never made it to Australia when I was growing up. I feel like i missed out on something special.

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