A Christmas Prince – Cheesy romance NETFLIX movie review

With the release of a Christmas Prince a royal wedding sequel to A Christmas Prince, we decided to do a review recap on the original movie. It’s a movie based upon a character named Amber who has to do a story on the royal family of aldovia. Upon doing so, she forms a relationship with Prince Richard and her heart gets involved as she tries to juggle her feelings and her career.

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Gwynn Lux says:


panda Bear says:

It’s important to tell the kid when they’re young, cause if they find out when theiy’re older, they’ll know you lied to them. That, can have negative effects in the long run.

Sergio Alvarez says:

Lol you would be great for Cinema sins

Sinbad says:

That’s the Nigerian flag with a coat of arms in the middle, rip

Dino King 1839 says:

If you are what you eat and you eat a dead animal or plant then shouldn’t you be dead?

super Spartan games says:

Wort wort wort

Sailor Mercury says:

This review was hilarious. I’m a sucker for these cheesy Hallmark style romantic movies, so i may check this and the first one out next time i get Netflix.

SaneManiac 741 says:

Normally, i hate these romantic films, but Alteori’s commentarry is too damned funny.

Sandhiren Pillay says:

The Polar Express has always been my favourite Christmas movie

super Spartan games says:


I am sarcastic Sam says:

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Kia Silverstar says:

My favorite Christmas movie will always be the live action grinch movie.

Kia Silverstar says:

I love sappy movies, TV shows, books, events in games (1000 words from final fantasy 10-2, watch the cutscene, you may need tissues)

Mineboy Plays says:


Samantha Andrade says:

Yay another mouse lover

Greg J says:

These movies are hysterical. They manage to get just about everything completely wrong about how monarchies work – inheritance, titles of nobility, etiquette, royal protocol – they bear no resemblance to any monarchy/royal family in Europe and how they function. I watched this one and couldn’t stop laughing at how much it’s a load of nonsense – every character is a cliche, and a bad one at that.

Legendary573 says:

I seen half of this movie, I stopped watching it. Because its trying to be funny? “HA HA HA, it’s funny”
NO! ]:(

praack says:

aahhh – it was a fluff piece… run away!!!

Indoraptor Kid says:

Can you please make a POV off of the Carnotaurus from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom please?

FFJustice says:

Welp, this makes me wanna rewatch Rose McIver (Amber) as Summer in “POWER RANGERS: RPM (Racing Performance Machines)” because, buy it or not, that Power Rangers season, with all the Power Rangers goofiness (that the show is beautifully self-aware of) makes *SO* much more sense than this movie! Gahdamn!

super Spartan games says:


wings wolflover says:

Merry Christmas

Dark Side Gaming says:

Who would win
Terminator vs Kraang

super Spartan games says:


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