A STAR IS BORN MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – We’re back with another Double Toasted review and today we have a funny movie review for a new romantic drama called A STAR IS BORN. The movie stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga and is getting great reviews on the internet, but will the Double Toasted crew like it? Find out in the funny video. And, let us know your thoughts on the film down below and if you’d be interested in buying the A star is born soundtrack.

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Masuka Twenty says:

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has a cute nose.

john silcox says:

Venom made 10 million dollars this opening night but asib only made 600,000 .

dig duck says:

Gaga lady.

lipstickngore says:

It was a great movie! Their voices match very well too! She brought it! ❤

Jose Herrera says:

DT MERCH STORE link don’t work

GrayWoIf says:

now that venom is out I totally believe the reviews that movie is bad enough to put you in a coma and this movie is the only cure

Bill Kat says:

17:32 Sammy knows some shit

YoungLG2K says:

Same ol cliche type movie

See a girl with talent who can sing you fall in love.

And one of the leading cast members is a well known singer.

I might as well go watch Glitter again

RP says:

Thanks for the warning, that this isn’t a date movie though.

Streamer Minion says:

So this movie is about Rocket playing a guitar

Levi says:

Gaga one of the most talented artists we have today tbh

Webuiltthiscountry says:

The actor Alessandro di Novoli is also a great singer!

zhuala says:

So the Twitter thing with venom is true then

Art Lopez says:

Hmmm, funny. Rotten (critics) tomatoes gives it a 90% and gives Venom a 31%. Yup, critics paid off. For the past weeks repeatedly at theaters previews of this film was shown to the point of making me wanna throw up. Bradley’s directory debut, Lady Gaga…da, da, da. Went to see both, I give Venom an -A and this movie a D. Just typical rags to riches movie. Predictable. Boring and sucked as much as the original, alcoholic musician, bugged by fans, nothing new. Don’t get me wrong, It will get an Academy Award cuz it’s been groomed for it. Save ur $$$$ go see Venom. No star is born here.

Ro-Mitch says:

5:45 lmao at Sammy

Ruben Baeza says:

Fuck Lady Gaga

Elle Bryant says:

Dude it’s a star is born it’s just a Greek tragedy of course is going to end badly.!!!

cook j says:

That DT hat is the tits

malex4321 says:

I fucking love me some double toasted!!

daniel18dg26 says:

Great review!

HerosTheme says:

Dave Chapelle?

Gary Benjamin Holt Jr. says:

That was Dave Chappelle???????? Omg. How did I not see it? This was such a wonderful film. It deserves all the awards

hungryb4dinner says:

I am in tears… of amazement after wearing DT merch all over my body.

sonicjrjr14 says:

I’m surprised Martin didn’t bring up Beyonce when talking about great female pop singers. He praised her before, and she was originally up for the role before Gaga.

Bill Kat says:

Ofcourse Bradley Cooper can act, direct and sing. He has been taking those NZT-48 pills.

R3LAPZE says:

id rather tie a rope around my penis and jump from a tree than watch this

ShunJ89 says:

Didn’t make me laugh, plus Lady GaGa didn’t bring it, unlike the master piece Venom.

kaatyblue says:

I’m only gonna watch this movie because of the great reviews it’s been getting. Hope I don’t regret it.

Não é o narrador says:

So… What yall are telling me is that this movie is good
And Venom took away your unborned child?

MrGMovieReviews says:

He turned down Forrest Gump because he thought the script was awful.

Isidro Lopez says:

Sammy nooooooooooooo whyyy.

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