BEST FRIEND FROM HEAVEN Official Trailer (2017) Romantic Movie HD

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I really don’t want to watch this but I will for Winny Clarke.

Fredrick Holman says:

Uh. What! Is this a kids movie?

Alexadnan says:

what the fuck..that is so lame..!

theylied1776 says:

The Hallmark Channel advertises their movies now?

VerumAdPotentia says:

17 seconds in and you kill the dog, and I quit watching.

EJ Padua says:

That was a very short movie..oh well, next!

John Lincoln Hawk says:

Looks sad but nice but better than all those junk movies they have now that support homosexuality.

Ward Nightstone says:

*VOMIT* this is bad for a Hallmark original film and it’s gonna be in theaters

Rubens says:

what the actual fuck (…)

Slick Nick says:

Who’s the blond?

yntze looper says:

leuk film met honden

Maryvic Arrogante says:

Damn i watch the whole movie in 1min and 38

manfred schmalbach says:

Problem is, this seriously got written and worked on and shot and cut and pre-screened and finally distributed and not one of the pros involved did kill it. I killed the trailer 55 sec in …

Eduard Stancu says:

This is the shortest movie I ever seen. Only one minute.

AssassinateGamer says:


John Rockwell says:

This seriously has the potential to be the worst fucking movie ever. A prime example that no matter how horrible, stupid and ridiculous a movie, people will pay money to go see it.

Troll Guy says:

I legit double checked to see if it was April first

otopico says:

A movie about a dead dog that dies on the day of his wedding to a clearly insane ‘dog-lover’, and his mad-cap zombie antics to get the girl back before she marries a human?

I’d pay to see that.

Michael Bush says:

Come on Kris Kristofferson! If you needed 20 bucks that bad I would have been happy to oblige.

Dulce Loeza says:

*Best Friend from Heaven FuII Movie* [ ]

Emily Wirth says:

Wow… really! I can already see a part two Best Friend From Heaven. Dog comes back from heaven to make sure they consummate their marriage.

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