BLAME Official Trailer (2017) Strange Romance Movie HD

BLAME Official Trailer (2017)
Release Date: April 22nd, 2017
Chris Messina … (Jeremy Woods)
Trieste Kelly Dunn … (Jennifer)
Tate Donovan … (Robert McCarthy)
Geneva Carr … (Mrs. Howell)
Nadia Alexander … (Melissa Bowman)


Elena Gilbert says:


rhgd2000 says:

Lolita Goth vs. Wednesday Addams Goth.

Toddy says:

Eu preciso do nome dessa musica pfv

Dalal Almutari says:

This is so gross

Andi Potts says:

I live like 10 min from this high school and a teacher and student hooked up it was on my news

Meda Endriekute says:

Don’t judge, but I think this movie is actually good.

Janell Sutton says:

The teacher ain’t even cute tho…..

Elaf Saka says:

Ben bu filmin arapça altyazısını izledim ve filmin sonu çok saçma geldi bana adamla kız barışıyor ama o kötü kız rolündeki kız okula eski halinden eser kalmamış şekilde dönüyor ve film bitiyor ama ikinci sezonu kesin var devam etmeli bu film

Shotokhan says:

what’s the name of the song?

Pauline Flores says:

I wanna watch thissssss

Michelle says:

Do they have a book?

Narela Alfonso says:

Where i can see this movie?

Rizky Haksono says:

is this pedophilia film?

Lalita Lavina says:


moonlight avenue says:

This is gross. Interesting and gross and disgusting

Proxignito says:

1:02 Abigail Walking In The Hallway. Melissa And Eric Stare At Here With Shock And Surprise
Eric: Wow I Can’t Believe She’s Hot.
Melissa Stares Daggers At Her.
Melissa: God I Thought I Was The Hottest Girl In This School How Come A Psycho Is More Hotter Than Me? I Did Everything Nail Polish, Makeup, Slutty Dress I Mean WTF?

RealityAndMisconceptions says:

I’m weirded out by myself that I would rather a relationship with a teacher lol

Vivian Dougherty says:

I just watched the movie and the ending had me confused… especially Melissa. Can someone explain?

Sarada TheHolyPatata says:

Oh its the bff in midnight sun

Nadira Cheffon says:

The teacher straight up looks like a serial killer.

Bryanna Cranfill says:

Where can i watch this at? It’s not on netflix

anibal flores says:

Second song 0:32?

convallaries says:

What’s the song????

Charlotte Vanessa says:

She’s so pretty

Karolina Nowak says:

1:08 song?

Blessing Tewan says:

i don’t get this movie at all.are they in love with the teacher that’s what am confused

Moon Ice Dream says:

what…how…why…was she psycho??

Chim chim's Claysea says:

That girl is Katie’s childhood bestfriend in the Midnight Sun movie.

sh avigail says:

I feel so weird that my name is Avigail

Chephallo 05 says:

I’ve watched this but i dont understand the ending .__. Why the girl with red hair looks sad in the end (?)

(Sorry for my english .__. )

K Nguyễn says:

What’s the song in the video?

shook queen says:

Welcome to 2018, where high school students bang their teachers…

Im Still Not A Rapper says:


Can someone please explain the movie to me? Like I don’t get the part when the bully says her dad abuses her or something when she was supposed to tell them about the teacher doing things. And also I don’t get why she was in a psychiatric hospital? Pls explain someone x

Chocolate Milk says:

Are there any theories on why she was in the psych hospital? They call her Sybil like the Sybil with DID so maybe she had some kind of dissociative episode.

Vanessa Rayes says:

You know this movie is actually quite interesting. The trailer just makes it looks like what everyone thinks it is. The relationship of a student and a teacher, in the movie it’s true the teacher has feelings but he actually backs off (some minor spoilers). The ending is also quite a plot twist and sad. But what really makes me sad is that people don’t want to believe this is real, this is in fact real and can happen in real life. Also there ARE SO MANY shows out there and movies that show teacher and student relationships more intense than this.

Rafa's World says:

Eww gross!! I mean… with a teacher?

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