Blue Is The Warmest Color Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Romantic Drama HD

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Blue Is The Warmest Color Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Romantic Drama HD

The story of a young lesbian couple’s beginning, middle and possible end.

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emilybrooke_x says:

Other than the sex scenes, I think the concept of this movie is beautiful <3

ms connolly says:

I don’t see what the big deal is about this movie I’ve seen way better sexual identity adverts compared to this 3 hours of boring nonsense!!

E7011 says:

I wish so much that the sex scenes in this weren’t so unrealistic I feel like I’m watching “lesbian” porn for straight men, really detracts from the film which is such a shame.

paparoni100 says:

all girls are bisexual is that right girls???

TheDauntlessGirlonFire says:

fucking hell this movie makes me so fucking emotional it’s literally one of my favorite movies ever bc it’s so much more than just “good” like holy shit the acting and the cinematography put together was fucking art . it showed the battle of internalized homophobia and self-discovery. it brought normalization in the sense that anyone who loves can see how it is like to be in love and how humanistic instinct can influence intent in a destructive way- the same things that fuck up relationships and make everyone sad . you know what I mean . but for fucking real I have loved this movie and I will always love this movie because there is so so so much to it even though it fucking smashed my heart into a million fucking pieces at the end .

and as someone who’s gay, this not only makes me beyond happy, but in a way helps me build the foundation of hope that my soon-to-be-gone internalized homophobia will be obliterated .

Lorene Inirio says:

Why was it so sad? I felt soooo bad for her


this movie was amazing…it made me cry so much. i felt that Emma was losing interest in her anyway so she was able to use Adele cheating, as a way to split, but i really don’t think Adele meant to hurt her in anyway. She could feel Emma slipping away and that was her way coping 🙁 the break up seen was so sad and intense

XLD 9618 says:

I love how Emma’s hair highlights her beautiful blue eyes. The only thing missing from this movie is music, things get incredibly awkward sometimes. Also, I found some little things and moments, during this film, unnecessary, and some exaggerated.

Lovekuah Yadav says:

Villu Villu

Annu Prajapati says:


Rakesh Soni says:


Annu Prajapati says:

bolufalam anuu975435

sairusi lalakai says:


misbah sk says:


Subeena Farooq says:


rkdew92 says:


Annu Prajapati says:

bolufalam anuu975435

TheRelph23 says:

The real tragedy is how it starts out with two beautiful women and then one ends up looking more and more like a man, and the other one like Miley Cyrus after Hillary loss

jim hogg says:

Finished watching this earlier tonight. It’s a tale of a rare, precious and desperately passionate love . . . and a lot more besides . . the sex scenes are not excessive, unnecessary or prurient despite what many arid and pontificating paid critics claim. They play an essential part in showing the viewer just who these two young people are. The two leads are exceptional . ..

bilal yaqoob says:

Where can I download this movie ??

Braza Braza says:


Phan Hoàng Vy says:

The best love movie I’ve ever seen. Can’t take it out of my mind.

Lilli Weinstein says:

This trailer just shows people kissing..

Tyrion Lannister says:

I watched this movie hoping for some hot sex scenes instead i cried at the end of the film.

200000 says:

господи как жаль!!!! зачем она изменила….

Annu Prajapati says:

bolufalam anuu975435

909rhythm says:

Epic movie

yu erah says:

What song in this movie trailer?? blue is the warmest color. Please tell

uli t says:

I remember this trailer introduced me to Beach House 4 years ago and I’ve never been more thankful.

Sgdoc7 says:

This movie has a whole porno in it

Domovoi APB says:

Good movie, after watched it i went through the internet to find Rambo 3 HD remaster, Very Nice……

Tyler Hollinger says:

Question: how did you do this

The my hobby says:

Very nice movie story

Bella Adlh says:

what is the song’s title? please

amore 02 says:

What is the song title in this trailer?

Mahendra Yadav says:


Daniela Montoya says:

I was afraid of become a lesbian after i watch this but am now i am one so im not afraid anymore

9929039:23. &3.&.&. says:

Such a good movie

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