Call Me By Your Name Review: An”unmissable” love story

Call Me By Your Name could be the most romantic movie of the year thanks to the performances of Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet.

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mickeymatthew says:

The way that guy says “Elio” makes me want to jump off a cliff omfg it’s really not that hard to pronounce

roberto pirro says:

guys, just read the book. Best book ever, and an AMAZING , truly incredible film.


Nice film ,,, I have watch this film,,,hmm,,.nice

powerofalto says:

If it’s such a fantastic film, why not give it 5 stars? Strange.

Farshid Persia says:

I don’t know an “eeilio”

Ami Huchel says:

This is absolutely the most beautiful coming of age movie between two young men I’ve watched since Brian (Gale Harold ) and Justin ( Randy Harrison) in queer as folk (showtime series)❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kenneth Hoskins says:

Loved the movie but this reviewer needs to calm down a bit. He’s almost manic and is definitely too loud at times. Take it down a notch, girlfriend.

Niel Jumawan says:

Watched this movie 5x already..and im reading the book too! Best film of 2017 and Timmy and Armie’s acting was just amazing! Hope this film and acting performances gets an Oscars nod!

JesusSavedJoshua says:

Romans 1.26

Diego Villalobos says:

So sexy! Cant wait to see it

Joshua Fladger says:

Barf* retch*

suzycreamcheesez says:

Armie Hammer is the main attraction??

irene leong says:

Sweet Tea (nickname given by his Chinese fans) is a joy to watch and that’s not only because he’s pretty. There’s something about him (and his acting) that is magnetising … and I can’t seem to get enough of him.

perry says:

y so many dislikes wtf

hellowjp says:

This is finally out, been wanting to see it since tiff

Shania says:

Read the book!

perry says:

ellliiOOO omg hes saying hes name wrong

Maria Elena says:

Great review…It’s all that and a bag of chips…go see it…your bond to love it…I did…

Daniel Castillo says:

I think a reviewer should give you his interpretation of the film by using it’s ideas, acting and direction. This mofo just gave away almost all of the film in his description! Why not just post the damn film for crying out loud!!!

HomegrownTyrone says:

I want to watch this so bad!


fashionista444 says:

This movie rocked me in November at a film festival. It’s the most romantic movie I’ve seen this decade.

Muhammad Sadam says:

BEST MOVIE OF OUR LIFETIME, PERIOD! And that’s not hyperbolic at all.

Urian Kai says:


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