Crazy Rich Asians Nabs Best Romcom Debut Since 2015 – Movie Talk

Today on Collider Movie Talk, Mark Ellis, Perri Nemiroff and John Rocha discuss the day’s hot topics in movie news, including:

– ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Nabs Best Romcom Debut Since 2015

– The 29 Most Rewatchable Movies Ever Made

– First ‘Outlaw King’ Trailer Reveals Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce

– ‘Freaks’ Trailer is Loaded With Bloody Eyes, Raging Fires and Bruce Dern

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Master Human Video says:

Just for once… *Could you folks at Collider decide to overtly celebrate American Culture!!?*
I’m all for equal opportunity and diversity BUT NOT at the expense of a cohesive national pride.
_”Let’s virtue signal around Crazy Rich Asians and make it the next Black Panther.”_
Before we do that, maybe let’s see how many Japanese and Chinese movies feature a predominately white cast.
How many people immigrate to Communist China yearly?
Anyone at Collider understand why there’s a Western epidemic of depression and suicide?
– Everything that’s non-white ISN’T a victory!
– And everything that’s white ISN’T oppression!!
Please stop fueling such a toxic narrative. People don’t understand how stupid we’ve become (ironically, in spite of the Flynn effect).

Stacy Dion says:

Rewatchable means something you would quote or keep getting a kick out of you…. like Ace Ventura! Allllrighty then

Jay Stone says:

Good bye Kevin Spacey.  Stay away.  Scum.

Emily Edlund says:

I still think billionaire boys club should not be judged on spacey i would see the movie and ignore him so i could see ansel and taron because they worked hard as well

Mark O'Connell says:

rewatchable movies: Goonies, Princess Bride and Labyrinth

Reba Williams says:

Most re-watchable Coming to America and Harlem Nights

Pete Rich says:

I don’t think I’ve seen this listed in the comments as a rewatchable movie… The Fifth Element
Edit: I’m an idiot… just looked at Collider’s list and it’s on there. Should have checked there first…

Joshua Herrera says:

Green Lantern wasn’t that bad…AND it gave Ryan the life he had today…Without Green Lantern, there would not be a Deadpool…#HotTake

Alexandre Gagne says:

Rocha’s favorite sudject….Race! In 3….2…..1…..

Jay Stone says:

Rocha you can’t even get to Colorado in 24hrs driving.  I mean, maybe if you pushed it hard, 20hrs tops.

zeek1487 says:

YAS!!! I would love to see you back in STL! Let’s get the Schmoedown in the LOU!

Master Human Video says:

Office Space …is insanely rewatchable!!

Jay Stone says:

I don’t really get scared in horror films, the shining yes, but The Conjuring not so much, I get a little tense, for me it’s monsters.  The Xenomorph scares the crap out of me.  First, I don’t believe in the devil I believe true evil is wrapped up in mankind himself.  I remember as a little kid in the 1970’s serial killers scared the shit out of me because they are monsters.  Hitler, or maybe WW2 Nazis, scared the shit out of me cause they’re monsters.  But supernatural stuff not so much.

Bryan Seagrave says: for reading screenplays online.

EkunA78 says:

Most rewatchable movies: well everything from Monty Python but “must see at least once a year” for me are “Boondock Saints” “From Dusk Till Down” “Constantine” “Stardust” oh and a new one will be joining this list which is “Thor Ragnarok”

sarah says:

Rewatchable films I’ve seen a lot:
The Fifth Element
Monty Python
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Harry Potter
The Lion King
Finding Nemo

Jason K says:

Where is the list of 29 Most Rewatchable Films? i was unable to find it in the Collider Videos playlist….

Lucifer PitchBlack says:

Sports Sports and More Sports !

Offensive Movie Reviews says:

Yeah, The Fung Bros on YouTube have been championing the new AZN revival in entertainment for a while. Plus, the lead actress in Crazy Rich Asians is the lead on Fresh Off The Boat, the first all Asian American sitcom.

gracefulbutterfly says:

the summer that something about mary came out; I worked at a movie theater. I probably saw that no less than 50 times just that summer. and watching it takes me back to that great summer.

Blake Maquar says:

Crazy Rich Asians did well but 45 million on a 30 million budget isn’t anywhere near as impressive as the Meg doing 321 million on a budget of 130 million.

mikeparez says:

Most re watchable movie for me Moulin Rouge and Sailor Moon R

J. Will says:

On my Most Rewatchable Movies List I’d have:
The Fighting Temptations
The Friday Trilogy
Lion King
The Other Guys
Talladega Nights
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
The Sandlot

& that’s just a few off of the top of my head

Daniel Luchies says:

Melk is pronounced right! It’s Dutch… 🙂

Alexandre Gagne says:

You like Tom Gun Rocha? Specialy that volleyball scene heh?

Dutch3k5 says:

Pulp fiction is very rewatch able

Not your average Bear says:

Rewatchable movies that immediately came to mind:
Home Alone, Hocus Pocus, Scream, Jurassic Park, A Goofy Movie, The Mask, Man of Steel, Goodfellas, Miss Congeniality, Jingle all the Way.

TEDx Speaker, Sujit K. Reddy says:

Why are you guys not throwing up the box office visual graphic any more? #NotAccessible

Factual Opinion says:

Or maybe a Serbian film with muppets?

James Stewart says:

Hands down, one of the most rewatchable movies I’ve ever seen, this would my number one pick is “Zodiac” with Robert Downey jr. And Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s so well acted. The story never comes to fruition. Even now we don’t know who did it. I love watching that movie. I probably seen it 20 times…. I get something different out of it every time I watch it may be because I’m trying to figure it out

Gabriel Leroux says:

I saw the scream trilogy close to 200 times

ABC123 ABC123 says:

Freaks looks scary as hell. Love Emile.

c rod says:

Rocha: “hey you get found out and boom you deserve it”

James Gunn “oh I think people deserve a second chance, it was a long time ago its ok”.
Man why is this dude even on this show??? What a joke!

nicky sullivan says:

That list seems like it was pulled from the most pretentious persons ass

Factual Opinion says:

Give me pineapple express with muppets

Aaron Mitchell says:

Mrs. Doubtfire, Crooklyn, Casper, The Matrix, Jurassic Park

May says:

Mark….I *have* to know whats under the desk…

Godzilla says:

Ellis is great and I love him but he has never been wrong…

It’s pronounced malk

Cody Hunt says:

Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are endlessly rewatch able!

Dutch3k5 says:

Paranormal activity scared the fuk outta me. There’s a reason it has 4 sequels

Aaron Mitchell says:

A Nightmare On Elm Street

BJH 2112 says:

They didn’t mention how the Spacey movie only opened in 8 screens. Yea it didn’t do much, but it was a bomb like movies that are releasing nationwide.

Dnice Sandoval says:

Airplane should be on the list. That comedy started it all such as that kind of humor!!

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