Crazy Rich Asians Review – Critics Love The Romantic Comedy

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John answers viewers questions about the upcoming movie, Crazy Rich Asians.

Lin Guo writes, Greeting from Asia. With the release of Crazy Rich Asians just in a couple of days (next week in Singapore), the RT score from 28 critics is 100%. Assuming the score does not drop significantly after more critics chime in, do you see this as a potential sleeper hit for the summer? Thanks and Filthy Forever.


Lukman Hakim says:

I had a celebrity crush on Michelle Yeoh when I was in the 4th grade. lol

6000mphx says:

Given that all of Jon M Chu’s previous films have been critically reviled, the early reception to Crazy Rich Asians feels like we’re about to witness a Hollywood miracle. On that subject, can anyone think of another director who was able to reverse their critical fortunes for the better? E.g. A reverse Richard Kelly.

gearmast3r says:

Wait, this isn’t a review. Why is Crazy Rich Asians review in the title? Forgot the s at the end?

Critical Movie Fan says:

From the director of Gem and the Holograms!

Delboy0 says:

I have seen several reviews from people I trust and they all say the movie is medicore. It looked crap and bland from the trailer. People are saying it is getting great reviews just because they know it is important for Asian representation in Hollywood. Black Panther did well because the movie was good enough to back up the hype. If they hype this mediocre film for other reason it is going to get a backlash in box office. From what I here in the review it is just the OC with Asian characters. That doesn’t seem worth a cinema ticket. I fell sorry for Asians. Black people had truly great movies with black leads like BP, Get Out, 12 Years A Slave, Dope, Creed, Girls Night, Moonlight, Hidden Figures that other communities loved made by some great black directors. Asians get their film and it is a bland romcom that people who are honest say is mediocre made by a bad Asian director who made one of the worst films of all time. It is like Hollywood set this movie up to fail.

Lester Lee says:

I don’t know about the film but I hate every second of its trailer. Looks like an Asian exploitation film parodying those average-girl-meets-young-exec light novels we see in 7-11s everywhere in Asia. I just can’t.

ladygiggles says:

It reminded me of watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding but with wealthy Asian people. Shockingly fun experience.

Adam Purdue says:


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