CRUISE Official Trailer (2018) Emily Ratajkowski, Romance Movie HD

CRUISE Official Trailer (2018) Emily Ratajkowski, Emrata, Romance Movie HD
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Linda Mango says:

It’s Grease w/o the annoying singing.

Ian Miles says:

Oh dear.

marie R says:

Ah dollar store Robert Pattinson and discount Kendall Jenner star in a movie with a plot cheaper than a plastic prize in a box of cracker jacks.


The only good thing about this…. is the song I’m hearing.

Trollasaur says:

This looks GARBAGE. Like two models making a perfume commercial.

ilichuu says:

they are trying to make it aesthetic but nah

Pingpongplaya Gaming says:

The song is “beat beat heart”

Will Bargmann says:

Lil Pump acts now?

Razerhasgame says:

The casting agent better get fucking fired for this shit lol

tish M says:

wow this looks so bad

me0on0utube says:

Whats the song at 1:01 ?

Md Rafiqu Rahman says:

Dog shit

customer care says:

Aspiring Artists, hit me for #beats #instrumentals.
#OUTRAGECULTURE (Instrumental Playlist)

LHAA1234 says:

The writer of The Wrestler wrote this?

Ezekiel Amaterasu says:


Dina Juzbayeva says:

traaack, pleeeeease

Mad1Lee says:

Emily is obviously hot, but isn’t she old for this role?

puddlemini says:


Jack Fruth says:

I thought it was a retitle of disneys jungle cruise

dianawapooh says:

emily ratakajkowski sucks as an actress

Aries Thezodiac says:

So… A sequel to Grease?

monntell says:

The song is beat beat heart by Andrew Britton and Jesse o’Mahoney Guys

Sonia Yorker says:

The actress looks way too older, no hate though.

Joe jellyfish says:

This belongs to the “style over substance” letterboxd list

Pandas are cool says:

Twilight meets Fast and Furious. Obviously going straight to DVD.

wacko User"s DEN says:

Drive + Fast Furious + Mid 90’s = Cruise

ツDERA says:

No Tom?

Tiger Lily says:

This does not look good.

Buzzkill 78 says:

Shows the entire movie of course

- anne says:

stop casting Emily in movies. She can’t act

That Guy You Know says:

I’ll pass.

Vega Thawne says:

I just saw it

JONES says:


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