DESTINATION WEDDING Official Trailer (2018) Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Romance Movie HD

The story of two miserable and unpleasant wedding guests, Lindsay and Frank, who develop a mutual affection despite themselves.

DESTINATION WEDDING Official Trailer (2018) Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Romance Comedy Movie HD
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Doctor Sketchmed says:

i will watch it for keanu.

ojface says:

A Walk in the Clouds: part deux

Issie wizzie says:

good stuff Winona Ryder,


Jajajajajajaja dating in your 40’s

Turpal Batman says:

Film about how John Wick meet his wife

Dip Bar says:

it’s so lovely to see an original movie like this!

D'shawn Powell says:

Brace your selfs the John wick jokes are among us.

JJXP says:

Ron Swanson, anybody?

Egon Farkas says:

Utoljára mikor is együtt? Igen, talán a Drakulában, még fiatalok voltak..

digiinuyasha says:

Nice to a see a simple movie again. Looking forward to this!

Mike Hal says:

The prequel story before John Wick becomes John Wick. There better be no puppy in the movie!!

Acong Saja says:

damn it i was hoping john wick 3! gimme back my 2 minutes back

James Halleluyah says:

Keanu WTF you doing!? You should be making John Wick 3, 4, 5 not a stupid wedding movie!

Roxanne Hanson says:

Keanu. Come up to Washington and meet me. We have so many things in common. PLEASE. Look for me on Facebook….

Pat Lee says:

Actually guys. This is a john wick prequel

Marcus Grant says:

I wonder if his (role) character is INTP…………………

Tom Chang says:

Italian Style, 2 buttons, tapered trousers and tactical lining.

Anchit Jassal says:

he should have changed his look for this movie

CBDM777 says:

WOW Thanks for the trailer. the movie looks terrible.


Have to say it’s nice seeing keanu playing different characters this comedy drama looks enjoyable with lots of laughter.

Srijit Ghosh says:

Keanu in this movie is the future Gilfoyle from Silicon Valley

DirectorG says:

“Keanu is-”

ashrielle Fjorn says:

Just watched Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) last night. And saw this trailer with em both today. OMGGGGG huhu they look so good together.

Dead Man says:

This is so awesome, only a fool will hate this.

Michael Jiang Zhu says:

So this is why John retired at the first place…. Awesome prequel, definitely gonna watch.

TigerRW86 says:

This looks like the sort of dry, dark humor type of comedy! Just my jam. Cannot wait to see this movie!

Abe Lesser says:

I hope the ending is that they adopt a new dog…Then someone kills it and then John Wick Unleashes pain in destination wedding 2 the saga continues!

AFMountaineer2000 says:

Looks funny

Aramaki Phuong says:

Wynoraaaaa. The woman whose name Johnny Depp used to tatooed in his body. Look at her now. Wowwww

Walter's Heart says:

He seems like such a nice guy, it’s a shame he can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

Nai see says:

the first second i thought that girl wil be death HAHA it not john wick

Judge Pandaman says:

the only thing that would make this movie great is if they don’t hook up at the end and just remain really good friends.

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