Isn’t It Romantic? – Midnight Screenings Review

Movie Review: Isn’t It Romantic?


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Sarah Twitter: @boxcar_sarah


Gabriel Schleifer says:

It’s funny Sarah mentions humanoid Pokemon because I’ve been showing “Select Your Partner” to all my friends for the past week. XD

ChronoShenron says:

Dirty Rotten Scoundrals is actually a remake of a 60s movie called Bedtime Story.

Thomas Frichek says:

I love all of you, but Sarah is the best.

savannah says:

Rebel Wilson trying to revive her 5 second career

James Hutchins says:

YES! Brad and Sarah together again! My favorite team.

Mathieu Leader says:

good seeing Sarah well that red eye she had was very disconcerting its amazing to think that Sarah’s child in is utero is reacting to these movies and is tasting soda and snacks

Josh Patterson says:

sup pus

A.C. M. says:

I really love when Sarah and Brad do reviews together. Like, NGL, I love Brian and Dave being so DAMN MAD about the shit Brad sends them to, and ranting, but I love how Sarah and Brad just cackle over the absurdities and seem to just genuinely enjoy mocking these movies to hell and back while still liking the movie in general, or even if they don’t, just enjoying tearing them apart.

Friar Zero says:

“there are some pokemon who look like they could throw some dick” That’s sure a thing I just heard.

Bep Kororoti says:

Congrats to 150k!

Cara Miles says:

36:45 “Yeah, cause halfway through they switch costumes!” Brad seemed so genuinely indignant, LMFAO!

vernicegirl8987 says:

The best friend is in the Netflix show GLOW and she’s great in it.

TheDodoshwedo says:

I wached the You pilot and I had so many issues with it, I couldn’t continue watching!

Comedy Power Fuchs says:

Cinema Snob : Review Wood Rockets The Laygo Movie.

Elizabeth Power says:

Sarah, Great Comet of 1812 is the best!
(That’s the musical she was talking about)

Panayiota Kutsukos says:

I’m not sure which movie you guys saw, but the one I saw was boring as sin. I laughed only a few times, and the acting was so unappealing to watch. It looks like it was cheaply made and worst of all the plot wasn’t given a second thought. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Mathieu Leader says:

Spongebob Squarenuts I have a better title for that Bikini Bottom Top or Bottom?
Its a good thing Brad never saw that Simpsons porno that was disturbing also how about an Everybody Loves Raymond porno where everyone just has an orgy and Robert gets kinky with the handcuffs

Troy Thomas says:

34:03 Watch Sarah’s reaction.

Bruce Parker says:

You know, the premise of this movie sounds like the rom-com equivalent to the John Candy film Delirious. Not saying that’s bad, but that’s kind of how it sounds.

Jacob Ellison says:

Was it romantic?

Otaking Mikohani says:

I Feel Pretty was supposed to be a parody? Wow, I guess that movie was worse than I thought…

Caidalee says:

Hey, a Great Comet of 1812 reference! I had to perform Sonya and Natasha for one of my finals!

Just Beyond The Corner Productions says:

Crazy Ex Girlfriend recently did a great episode that had a very similar plot to this

Disney65Fan says:

This movie comes out on Netflix soon

Jfm Meyers says:

that moment when sarah describes a better pokemon porn idea then strokemon

John Smith says:

I am surprised you did not see this with Laura.

Martin Šriber says:

Porn talk with Brad and Sarah should be your next show.

Mack Debruin says:

Rocket Man can only end with Elton John being in Kingsman 2 and asking Taron Edgerton to play him in a movie.

Kikidy523 says:

“Its like seeing Back To The Future 2 without seeing the first one.” Yeah or like going to see Pitch Perfect 3 without seeing the first two.

The Dire Tarrasque says:

It’s Sarah <3

ShojoBakunyu says:

This is the 3rd Midnight Screenings I’ve caught without the wife in it! I’m so happy!!!

futuremovieactor says:

Brad, the first Happy Death Day came out TWO years ago, not one.

Tobias Kuhn says:

The LOST years cracked me up, Sarah is so funny she needs her own sitcom

LupineShadowOmega says:

So she hit her head and became Deadpool. XD

Radiohead97 says:

If this did have Amy Schumer in it the internet would hate it without seeing it

Kevin Strom says:

Rebel Wilson is still a thing??


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