Isn’t It Romantic – Movie Review

Here is my review for Isn’t it Romantic – That just hit theaters!
My Alita & Happy Death Day 2U reviews are both on the channel now!

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Jasper Sihoe says:

Can you please do a review on Await Further Instructions, kind sir? It’s on Netflix.

Bonafidevixen10032 says:

Ooh, I really wanna watch this….getting the hubby to though…
I love your intros. I love your humor. I LOVE watching your videos even though sometimes I have nooooo interest in watching what you’re reviewing. Haha.

Jayden Binkley says:

Awesome video! I love your new intros.

Golden Light Pictures says:

Love the intro
And I love LEGO and the LEGO movies and I enjoyed this one thought it was a pretty good sequel;)

Morpho Comics says:

So here’s my question:
Was it romantic?

Lisa Loves says:

Great concise review. This is the kind of movie I’d watch when I want to see something where I can switch my brain off and watch something ‘easy’. Thanks for the review.

Ben McDonald says:

This movie seemed like it was gonna suffer from the same problem as the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Last Action Hero, where pretty much all the humor revolves around making fun of the fact that this is a movie

George Noyes says:

You gotta do Hale County This Morning, This Evening.

LaMar Finesse says:


Brady Bast says:

I would love to see you colab with Stuckmann or Jahns

Geo Wiz says:

I can’t wait to see this! The trailer looks absolutely hilarious to me. A romcom about a woman who wakes up in a romantic comedy is a brilliant idea! Seeing it tomorrow right after Cold Pursuit, so that’s an interesting double feature. lol

Vegas_E36 says:

Love the intro bro! I love Rebel Wilson can’t wait to see it!

NBR says:

Like the new set

Lola Diaz says:

Love your humor and short videos

Devon Munn says:

If anyone assumes you don’t have a love life, tell them to look at your Instagram that proves otherwise.

body on frame says:

Another great review. Rebel I’m not a fan of so I won’t be seeing this though.

Josh says:

That thumbnail face! Lol

The Weirdo says:

How about ‘Ken Jeong: You Complete Me’.

Rhino D'MovieBuff says:

Man i insanely love your intros! But i hate this movie sooo much and easily the worst movie of 2019

Seoung Lee says:

Saw this movie on an advanced screening last week. It was one of the worst movies I have seen in years.

Amauri Poyntz says:

Awesome intro dude and I’m still eager to see the movie rebel Wilson is funny lol

Angie Startin says:

It was a SUPER great movie to see with a bunch of my girlfriends. We laughed our butts off.

whiteboiz28 Productions says:


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