ISN’T IT ROMANTIC MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Reviews – Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine are back and this time, hopefully you’re stuck dancing and singing to “I Wanna’ Dance With Somebody” while laughing about Rebel Wilson falling down a few times. Aside from that however, is there more to the very obvious humor that we all expected from the trailer? Well we show clip from a trailer or 2 in this review while also discussing in full with the clips we have on hand; is there more to this film than we expected. Tell us what you thought of the movie in the comment section below!

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Big Guy617 says:

Normally I hate Rebel Wilson. I find her annoying but I actually liked her in this movie. The writing was very good with this film.

Streamer Minion says:

Thor Lite

Crurned says:

Priyanka Chopra is ridiculous, ridiculously hot!

Jevangood says:

Well I thought the mom was pretty much telling her daughter that SHE wasn’t shit, but she was talking about both of them. Not as bad as I thought but damn.

Eli DEVITT says:

This is like…the 3rd movie that was cryogenically frozen in 2005.

studioredband says:

Is that a nic cage pillow in the audience?

Manual Batt says:

This is the best ..HONEST review I’ve seen … cold blooded

serenityq26 says:

it was sooooooooooooo good! cant wait to own it! there is a reason this was on my list of most anticipated films of the year!!!!!!!!!! best film til dark phoenix!

Drew Dahlen says:

is adam devine actually with rebel..?hes in I think 3 movies with her,back to back..its like an adam sandler movie with all his buddies..hehe

Mark Johnson says:

Is Cory Goodwin still on the show?


I almost said wait Adam Levine is in this movie?!

chrisl0081234 says:

DEVINE!!! It is DEVINE!!!! Not Levine, Devine with a D!!!!

Flash Moore says:

This won’t be the last time Adam DeVine is mistaken for Maroon 5

malcolm adderley says:

Thor wouldn’t nail Missy MCCARTHY sister with any hammer from home depot! However, Raheem and dem would. #fakemovie

J says:

I saw the movie for $5
Worth the wait. It’s very very short but Rebel Wilson does wonderfully. The filmmakers don’t waste anytime pointing out the cliches romantic comedies have been known for. Funny meta jokes although it doesn’t necessarily change the genre too much.
I wanted to see Priyanka Chopra more

EnigmaDrath says:

You keep calling him Adam Levine and I thought for a moment they actually had the Maroon 5 guy in a chubby suit XD

Miles Trombley says:

She is nothing but a punching bag.

C.K. Brooke says:

Adam Levine was on the mind lol

Sjono says:

Reba Wilson needs to lose that second chin. I’ve seen better BBWs in Hollywood

SARA says:

Damn black men love the white man’s leftovers…and have some very low standards…that chick looks like she has down syndrome.

FearlessAstridHofferson says:

I have no problem at all with how Rebel Wilson looks, her attitude turns me off everytime. I hope this is different than Pitch Perfect at she just reminded me of the mean chubby girl in Glee who I couldn’t stand either. Also coked out bartender FTW!!

Baby Derek says:

Rebel Wilson got me like, oooo lawd! She’s thicc and has gorgeous face game, to boot; and let’s not overlook her all around adorable personality. She is fine af, ain’t no plausible deniability in sight.

Blatty26 says:

Did they review The Prodigy?

harrythebarry says:

uhm that “mom” is a man

Carmen Dooms says:

I’m going to pass on this. Mindless garbage to me

Vincent Red says:

Someone count how many times he said “that dog” for me 13:35

Dirg Ramsey says:

You’re not automatically funny bc ur fat

infamous420 hip hop says:

I think the only fat prat fall comedian to make me laugh was chris farley.

Daniel Penrod says:

In reference to the gay best friend character, look up Patton Oswalt’s bit about it. He talks about how he was offered that kind of role and wanted to add his own spin to it.

Rocky_Lanarz says:

Rebel Wilson looks like a penguin

Elias Ashoal says:

Not interested in fatty.

J Peart says:

Nyc looks like shit lmao

Crurned says:

I loathe Adam Devine after Game Over Man, that film had too much shock humor. I really liked his work in Workaholics and I expected that sort of humor in the film.

I also hope this film is rated Adam Devine Workaholics and not Adam Devine Game Over Man.

Just Chubbs says:

You guys confused the fuck out of me calling Adam Devine by Adam Levine lmfao. Listening to the SoundCloud audio I didn’t figure it out until Martin compared him to Jack Black

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