ISN’T IT ROMANTIC Official Trailer (2019) Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson, Comedy Movie HD

ISN’T IT ROMANTIC Official Trailer (2019) Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Comedy Movie HD
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Ranjit Fun says:

I Am coming only for my my desi girl Priyanka

prithiviraj krish says:


jimmy says:

priyanka’s fans are like “that’s it?” lol

Sultan Mahmud says:

so Priyanka just has a side role…so why she is in the thumnils

Vlaka says:

Hollywank still trying to pander to the indians?

Soham Kawade says:

No priyanka

Pravesh Chaudhary says:


Farhan Khan says:

Fucking asole.. Bitch whore prostitute randii rakhel

Poonam saroj says:


Vishal Yadav says:

Come on it have good script

p1nkn0va says:

This looks like one watch.

Rudy P Agnel says:

Waiiiittt… is that Casey’s brother?

Play Boy says:

Wow there are two of my favourite people in one movie and also 1:55 who is here for priyanka chopra ?

Eugene Kwan says:

Plot twist: She was already in a coma from hitting her head on the steel bar the whole time this trailer ran through.

shashank shekhar chaubey says:

Using priyanka as clickbait

utkarsh patel says:

2 sec priyanka


Priyanka is licking holywood feet

Ugo Boss says:

1:10 …. please what song is that? Heard it at my uncle’s over & over & over & over again a decade or more ago. Heeeeeelp!

Ulliana Veigantt says:

Isn’t it interesting that Rebel Wilson is the lead but they’ve put Priyanka Chopra’s name first in the title?

Baron Thomas says:

So….this is just like “I Feel Pretty”

boss Ambedkarite says:

I don’t know why
But that fat lady is amazing

Tulasi Ram says:

Where’s Priyanka ????

shanki singh says:

Dislike it…..another flop from hollywood in india….

gamekidg7 says:

This feels like a disney channel idea turned into a pg-13 idea

Angélica Calderón says:


Chirag Sharma says:

i’m a simple man
i see piku
i cleeeked

ZH 55 says:

0.31 Casey Neistat?

Kennie Kings says:

Omgggg why does it gotta be next year omggggg

Jay Hollow says:

Don’t get me wrong I’m gonna watch it but I hate it when they show too much of the plot in the promo

Ika Redzuan says:


Honest Bee says:

PG13, damn n luck

T A says:

Yes….just yes

Funny Cute says:

World most beautiful and Famous women is priyanka chopra

Indi Indi says:

I have to see this

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