ISN’T IT ROMANTIC Trailer (2019)

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A young woman disenchanted with love mysteriously finds herself trapped inside a romantic comedy.

Isn’t It Romantic (2019) is the new comedy movie starring Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra and Liam Hemsworth.

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Learning_as_I_go_Kpop Kpop_newbie says:

What songs playing at 1.20?

Summer Tran says:

This movie was so funny!

Monica Morcous says:

Does anyone know what the song is called that starts at 1:10? I can’t remember what song intro that’s from and it’s driving me insane.

Catrine O'Leary says:

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Tanaya Amar says:

I realized, while watching the trailer, that Rebel Wilson looks like the young boy, Fire Fist, from Deadpool 2. Oh, and the accent.

Andra Vasile says:

The dance in the end of the movie must be a bollywoord inspired thing, sugested maby by Prianka haha

teamgrimmie forever says:

finally, a romantic comedy in which a woman who does not look as if she’s been starving herself for at least a couple of years gets to play the lead role!!!

Janel Mevlit says:

the trailer doesn’t portray the movie correctly AT ALL. based on what’s shown on the trailer i thought it would be a everday cliche romcom with no good plot but i was mistaken 🙂 i watched it last night and it was so so moving, loved it! and i surprising cried which is insane because i usually never do lol. this taught me not to judge a movie by it’s trailer, it truly has a good moral and i never will ever regret watching this. ❤ i recommend it 100% xxx

Kinoshita Yuuko says:

Wow she speaks english!

Rabina Limbu says:

Why not more priyanka

aldown says:

00:32 Casey Neistat’s brother

Armaan Shoan - West Credit SS (2582) says:


Uncle Nuts says:

Isn’t it gigantic? Isn’t it diabetic?

Robert Thayer says:

Wow, something original for a change!

Youssef B says:

Is that Casey neistat brother

Andrés E says:

I loved the karaoke scene but I was so desappointed that Whitney Houston’s voice on I Wanna Dance With Somebody wasn’t feature in the movie.

Kim Kim says:

OMG. What a trash

Vani Harripersaud says:

somebody break in to my apartment n take everything n replace it with much nicer things ……lmao

Uncle Nuts says:

Isn’t it diabetic

rock2418 says:

The movie was surprisingly good. For those complaining about Priyanka’s scene, should shut their mouth. Priyanka herself said that this is a cameo role, but she has way more than cameo. She was great in the movie.

Gabrielle Stewart says:

Is it bad that I look up restaraunts before going so that I can look up the menu also?!

Lauren Johnson says:

What was the name of her dog again? It’s driving me crazy and I can’t find it.

sany says:

Liam tho

Beauty Blonde1999 says:

Great movie and I might watch it at home or go to the movie threather not sure which one yet

Albin Zhitiu says:

So basically its amy schumers “i feel pretty” but with less shitty people

phoenixrising7777 says:

Now the question is, if this movies a satire…..wouldn’t picking either the best friend or the out-of-your league hot guy *both* be cliches? How will the movie maneuver this?

Figueroa Rury Laquinta says:

Jonas whore wife got pimped out she’s Fucking ugly

Be Jewel says:

I really love this movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

lycan throphys says:

what a fat girl

Chew Bacca says:

Oh, wow. Adina!

sharadowasdr says:

This is a stupid movie

Lag Swag says:

I always think shes wearing a fat suit, like that jack black movie Shallow Hal.

nitara says:

Priyanka Chopra claims that she never had a nosejob. Just look at that thumbnail.

Im Not Your Dad says:

what are the songs in this trailer?

J Br says:

Nonesense movie. It’s all sounds, visual colors but no good story or substance. Just nonsense.

swanlilly100 says:

Priyanka is gorgeous otherwise, but in the movie she didn’t look good…. Maybe bad lighting or makeup…

Feyre Nevermore says:

lmao I’m seeing the advertisement for this movie and then I’m watching the trailer

Devil Trap says:

This is not a comedy this is her hell bc lucifer ( tom ellis) is in there

BigBollocks says:

Hey Rebel, isn’t your alternate universe that you’re like fake Disney offspring? Yes! Huh? Idiot?

May Jailer says:

Lucifer, Seriously? What are you doing here?

Gary Ray Cardoso says:

An alternate universe where gluttonous excess and obesity are sought after.. I’ll pass

Nate Delgado says:

I love you

Ogosh Goldwin says:

What’s the song at 1:13?

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