Isn’t It Romantic Trailer REACTION

Isn’t It Romantic Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer’s reaction & review of the official trailer for 2019! Rebel Wilson!

Isn’t It Romantic Trailer REACTION today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph’s reaction & review of the official trailer for Isn’t It Romantic for Valentine’s Day 2019 starring Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth and Adam Devine! Share your own reaction to the official trailer for Isn’t It Romantic before you see the full movie in 2019! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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Jessethegoodwitch says:

I did not enjoy I Feel Pretty, this looks similar except funny.

elfsong713 says:

I didn’t see I Feel Pretty, but I thought this looked like it. But it is 4th wall breaking which is a funny twist.

Introvertsan says:

I liked I Feel Pretty and will like this as well

charalambos says:

I’m sick and tired of the stereotypical gay characters. Not all gay people act or are like that.why can’t hemsworth be the gay sidekick. That needs to change!!

Honest Opinions says:

I was the same with Betty!!! Lol I was like who is that??!??
Then when u showed her face I was like okay

RedLightMax says:

4:58 “I Feel Pretty actually had a really wonderful message…”

I prefer my comedies to have jokes, not messages.

Ryan Davies says:

Rebel Wilson over Amy Schumer anyday!

Connie Kucani says:

I watched I Feel Pretty (actually following your recommendation haha) and it was SO BAD. I think it had a lot of potential and it was completely wasted – such a shallow film. Can only hope this one’s better – it seems meta, which I like.

A. Mikey B. says:

i never saw I Feel Pretty, but this seems like a much better premise. I wouldnt mind seeing this in theaters.

Ashley Chapman says:

This makes me feel like it’s the romantic comedy version of Not Another Teen Movie, or Scary movie, lol… like a satire on them.

patricia Bermudez says:

Hahaha look funny, maybe she end up with hemsworth

ReddNSlymm Productions says:

Totally down for this movie!

Joshie Mike says:

yeah but amy schumer is a terrible person

Nelson Silva says:

Sorry, not movie related, but I have to say, Grace, I Love the hairdo!

MICK3Yup says:

It was announced in May 2016 that Rebel Wilson would be starring in this film and Amy Schumer was cast in April 2017, so if it were a rip-off, I’m not sure which one would be the rip-off… Though, I have to say that I love both Rebel Wilson and Amy Schumer and I definetly will be watching both, “I feel Pretty” will shortly be on Netflix in Canada and I will be watching “Isn’t it romantic?” in February when it hits the theater.

PoeticSonic says:

Did anybody thought that the editor of the trailer did a meme at 1:50

Timestranger90 says:

Grace, when you say who’s that in the back. I thought you’re talking about the one behind the desk, only her back is shown. I was like how are you going to find out who is that. lol

SB0780 says:

They used the Whitney Houston song used for the dance sequence in Love Simon and they do central park group dance just like Enchanted.

antmagor says:

Actually Grace this movie has more in common with a 1991 movie called delirious with John candy, in that movie John candy played the writer of the daytime soap opera. Then he gets hit in the head and wakes up in a daytime soap opera universe. So I disagree that this is a rip off of I feel pretty. And I’m not prepared to call this a rip off of delirious, because the jokes seem to be inspired if not completely original. So I wouldn’t write it off as a copycat just yet.

TheGirlLikesMovies says:

This is actually very clever. It looks fun.

Ian Lack says:

Ughhhhh… I’m really tired of the gay best friend stereotype. No, no… we’re not here to play friends and tell you what to wear. I get it’s supposed to be a riff on the stereotypes in rom-coms, but I don’t know…

Michael Osborne says:

It looks like a cross of “I Feel Pretty” and John Candy’s 1991 “Delirious,” which was goofy funny like this seems to be. Not hating it.

Sean I says:

I don’t feel like the movies are very similar beyond having their inciting incident in common

Ismail M. says:

I feel pretty was terrible. I don’t know what movie she saw, but it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen all time.

Emaratilicious - says:

I loved I feel Pretty. Pretty sure I’m gonna like this one too. I’m surprised romantic comedies aren’t popular these days! Now seems to be the right time for them to make a comeback. Studios have to be realistic though and lower their budgets if they want profit.

Pug says:

I feel like they took I feel Pretty’s idea but made it better in a way where people wouldn’t get offended, like changed out actresses and switched the focus of the plot.

ToriTv says:

This is I feel pretty but 100x BETTER

Kenny Velazquez says:

No, I totally think you could watch this and I Feel Pretty. I really liked the latter. They’re very similar, but different in their own ways. This looks funny, but I feel like the concept of being trapped in a romantic comedy would be jarring after awhile.

Malachi Johnson says:

Grace you type fast as hell

Kylie Senpai says:

I feel like this movie isn’t actually that similar to “I feel pretty” ya they both have the “wake up with a new life” plot but in I feel pretty she just felt different this movie looks like Rebel stays the same she just wakes up in an AU

Jan Stankiewicz says:

Message can sell a movie to some people. I don’t like Amy Shumer nor rom coms, but I went for “I feel pretty” because I wanted to support the message (which was pretty much slef-evident from the trailers).
“Isn’t it romantic” seems funnier, seems meta. It piqued my interest – but I guess I am a sucker for meta-movies, since I liked “Last Action Hero”.

The Shy Lion says:

I saw I Feel Pretty and thought it was fantastic; I laughed so hard I think people thought I was a bit unhinged. This looks so similar, but I can’t stand Rebel Wilson, she’s awful, and she just plays the same character over and over again. But, the supporting cast seems fantastic – Jennifer Saunders! Omg! – so, I dunno, maybe streaming?

Willow Devereaux says:

It’s not I feel pretty it’s an 80s movie starring John Candy movie called delirious.

A Stafford says:

They even took the yellow dress motif! I’m willing to forgive the borrowing simply because it looks they will do a much better job.

Brian Gallardo says:


MB 0610 says:

I really liked I Feel Pretty! I think this looks just different enough to see in the theater.

aussieskates says:

When Grace is happy, I am happy. I had as much fun watching her react to this trailer, as I did seeing it play out.

Given Rebel’s recent legal woes, I am also pleased to see Ms Wilson’s professional reputation being restored with what appears to be a delightful new vehicle for her.

LE Harvard says:

This movie looks better than i feel pretty

sanyrub says:

Whitney Houston made the trailer basically.

Neill Reid says:

You free on Valentine’s day Grace? …..

Liam Brant says:

This movie looks amazing!

mjamitche5 says:

I can’t believe that you gave away that she’s going to fall in love with Adam Devine. I didn’t see that the first time I watched this trailer.

Hieronymus Bossk says:

This looks great. Looking forward to seeing it.

MuddleEarth says:

i feel pretty was about her having a different view on the world and having confidence in her self this isn’t the same

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