Lady and the Tramp: Disney’s Most Romantic Movie

The deep, mature connection of two canines in Lady and the Tramp truly makes it the most romantic Disney movie. Support ScreenPrism on Patreon:

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Diego M-A says:


Kira DeA says:

i kind of want Screen Prism to cover the sequel. i know most of the time sequels aren’t liked or aren’t good quality but i think the lady and the tramp’s sequel brings in important stuff too. it talks about appreciating what you have and also resonates the important themes of the original, like exploring and self reliance but also reliance on family.

Kaelyn Pettt says:

Would princess and the frog be counted as a romantic movie?!
And Aristocats

It's all in the soup says:

One thing that I love about Tramp is how respectful he is of Lady’s judgement. After he shows her his own idea of a good time, she says that she would prefer to help ‘take care of the baby.’ Tramp immediately approves of this, ‘you win, I’ll walk you home.’ He’s not upset, he doesn’t argue, he simply decides that she knows whats best for herself.

Pill Box says:

I’d like to shove a cherry bomb up Lady and Tramp’s assholes.

Madi Martin says:

So enjoyed this analysis. Brought back the fond memories I’d had of this film as a child but now with connected with such a richer and authentic meaning! Love your channel; happily subscribed!

Brooklyn Pettus says:

Everyone knows the spaghetti scene but don’y know the ovie

Sofía Sánchez says:


jackieewhackie says:

damn yall are good at what you do. love it!

Kaida W says:

When I was cleaning out my DVDs some time ago, I was rewatching a bunch of them to solidify any final feelings and as a way to ‘say goodbye’ to some I’ve had for years. And I remember thinking ‘oh I can part with Lady and the Tramp’ but after rewatching it, I ended up keeping it (and found I was looking for a bluray replacement). I wasn’t sure why as I’ve given up more popular Disney movies but I wasn’t sure what stuck out for me.

I think this video explains a lot, and not just b/c it was articulated well. I remember saying to myself that this movie was really romantic somehow. And like you guys addressed, plenty of other Disney films have done romance and done them well, but Lady and the Tramp had /something/ that was different from the rest and yeah, I guess I found my answer.

ADerpyReality says:

I do like most of Disney’s movies. Hell sexism and racism (though most recently it seems the latter) seems to have become a habit or trend e.g. – I haven’t bought MacDonald since 2009, it started as just something I didn’t do and became a tradition. I went to school at that time near one and was sick of people always being there after school. I still eat other similar take-out like sushi, hungry jacks or KFC (well sushi is a little different). Actually even in 1940s Snow White the most ‘save me handsome prince’ of early Disney still has her actively doing something. She’s with the 7 dwarves or outside. Jasmine breaks into doing something and that’s a journey within itself. Nobody is a truly sedentary character which I think makes it easy to find models negative or positive. People.
Disney has dumbed down a lot of its movie’s though you wouldn’t notice. Shark tale compared to the black cauldron for example.

Uneti Tree says:

The most romantic movie + dogs

GEE perz says:

Let’s not forget the Aristocats XD abd Robin Hood. My most favorite Animal Disney movies ~~

Kris Sponar says:

Non Dog Owner: Dogs don’t talk!

Me: Well he’s talking to me! … He says there’s a squirrel.

Magnetin Darkwind says:

I think the two Italian chefs are two of my favorites in the whole film.

Panda25732 Williams says:

“Lady and the tramp” and “lilo and stitch” are my favorite disney movies just bc how realistic the characters are. The main characters have real flaws that i have and thats very rare in disney movies… scratch that. ANY movie

LO Angel says:

Uptown girl, she’s been living in her uptown world~

Rezzgirl101 says:

Thank you for talking about this movie. I’ve always loved Lady and the Tramp and thought it was one of the most underrated Disney movies. It wasn’t based on a fairy tale or someone else’s story. It is a Disney original movie.

Hannia Quesada says:

Binge watching your videos and I love them so much

Kait Perry says:

This movie gives me so much nostalgia. I watched it so much as a kid I just always get this feeling when I watch it now. Thank you for uploading this!

Tara Faller says:

A lot of people seem to forget that this relationship is more than just going to get easier

Ana Ljuice says:

I looove the way the dog characters are animated! They have big expressive eyes and very human facial expressions but they move very doglike. Same with the cats, every time I see them I recognize the way they move in my own cat. Does anyone know if they rotoscoped the animals?

Helene Perlas says:

When I was a kid, when I try to envision Lady and Tramp in their human form, I just only see Rose and Jack from Titanic. Hahaha

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