LADY LIKE Official Trailer (2018) Teen Romantic Comedy Movie HD

LADY LIKE Official Trailer (2018) Teen Romantic Comedy Movie HD
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Michael232 says:

teen movie? they all look over 30. wheres the plot? from this trailer it looks like it was a waste of film and a waste of time to make.

asa8494 says:

This was written by men

H3adphonez says:

black women?

Ashley Marie says:

Sexual harassment

REMF says:

Maybe our lives are a result of predictive text.

Or was that “more hives are salted predicted next…?”

Eiligh Orff says:

such a white feminism movie

Tabs T says:

The most boring trailer ive ever watched.

Cooter Robinson says:

Mellinials are officially fucked

Najum Hussain says:

No white people in this not gonna watch it.

Conneri Athenais says:

I disn’t understand a thing …

غرائب الحياه says:

Am a person who’s watch a many movies arwnd the centres and to be real in my opinion in american movies there is sex and this is a big trablem it’s not normal for us I mean there’s kinds can see these and the picture will stack in there head for ever

lorna alvarado says:

Everything about this movie is sooo wrong.

Frankincensed says:

If you’re NOT under 20 and a girl, no way would you see this mess of a movie. Good lord! the dialogue and acting is full on cringe worthy. Director and writer have no shame

Jackie Moreno says:

the ending ain’t it

Lasse Henriksen says:

Oh look its buzzfeed the movie

Nonamé San says:

am I the only one who enjoyed it ? i found it refreshing. even though it’s clearly not a teen movie but more like a young adult movie. I found it relatable, for once.

Xander X says:

This looks stupid….

2718aj says:

I was so confused

Madeline Harper says:


Ashley Kutcher says:

This movie looks painful to watch

cookiesncream789 says:

The acting looks awful.

Rosy Valentine says:

buzzfeed gonna sue

fourplay says:

They forgot this tagline “Everything’s gonna be all white”

libbjubi816 MDS says:

Lol did anyone else hear the roblox drinking sound when she drank the wine or whatever near the end

Rennie says:

What are they even saying? They keep slurring their words

MK Amantedelibros says:

The “Girls will be girls” line is just as wrong as saying “boys will be boys”. People are people; individual, unique people. Stop making assumptions based on gender NOW, please.

spill the meme says:

Can’t they get teens or young adults that look like teens cause everyone in this looks 25+

Justa says:

This is so lame that I hoped the trailer was a parody.

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