Lawyer Reviews Laws Broken In Classic Love Scenes

“So many crimes.”

Special thanks to: Diana Aizman
Criminal Defense Attorney Diana Aizman of Aizman Law Firm

Twitter: @DianaAizman
YouTube Channel:
Facebook: @AizmanLawFirm


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Andi F Izdiharuddien says:

So, being a lawyer make it less fun to watch these kind of movie ?

i comment says:

lawyers must have a lot of fun watching movies

Baby Monster says:

I love how she laughs about men being sexually assaulted but doesn’t laugh when the women are.

ZachG says:

“60 percent of rapes go unreported. “ then how do you know how many?

thomas ruddy says:

Wait? Both of them in sixteen candles didn’t remember though? How is it that she was raped, if neither knew what happened.

Olivia's crazy Corner says:

Oh my gods. I watched 16 Candles last night.

Aaron Matthews says:

“men can be victims of sexual assault too” she says with a massive smile on her face

Tod360 says:

One of the better BuzzFeed Productions. Very insightful

Alicia Nyblade says:

“Today we’re going to look at scenes from classic films to see if the characters were committing sexual assault.”
(First clip is from “Goldfinger”)
THANK YOU!!!! A perfect illustration of one of the reasons why I could never get into Bond films. In scenes like that, he’s not charming or sexy. He’s an over-glorified pig.

Jake Norwood says:

I really hope people don’t think they can’t enjoy these movies because of what she brought up, like when I watched Sixteen Candles for the first time, I knew that was not okay, but it’s still one of my favorite movies, times were different in the past, don’t let these scenes destroy your opinion of these movies, just realize what happens in these scenes are wrong but enjoy the movie.

Checkavailabilit4122 says:

Yay feminists ruining movies

- says:

excellent video!

AuraMaster says:

You could say that she also commits battery in goldfinger? The self defense argument only works if assault has already been committed, and sure harrasment happened but not anything that I could think counts as assault.


In the first scene Diana does not talk about how the woman in the film also threw the guy across the room gender equality and equity guys.

John Robichaud says:

Didn’t the bond girl commit battery too?

BuzzFeedVideo says:

Special thanks to: Diana Aizman
Criminal Defense Attorney Diana Aizman of Aizman Law Firm

Twitter: @DianaAizman
YouTube Channel:
Facebook: @AizmanLawFirm

Dr. Royal says:

Lmao, wtf. Haha

Mr. Ben says:

No nut November ain’t gonna happen I see

Commander Erik says:

Conclusion: This lawyer hates men. If a guy pulled down his pants and force a girl to touch it, then i bet she will make a HUGE deal out of it, but no no no, when a woman is forcing a guy to touch her boobs then ” All i see is sexual harassment.”

Army Otaku says:

I was gagging at the romance, I only stuck for the crime

Jennifer Coleman says:

Don’t forget the horrendous gone with the wind scene!


Are Young men raped??


Gunned Down says:

how do you know that 2/3 of all rapes are unreported if 1/3 aren’t?

Jaden Jaden says:

Christ its only a movie

Jennifer Coleman says:

The 16 candles. He didn’t have sex with her. At all. They passed out drunk. Both thought they had sex. But NOTHING happened.

PeDroZa Jnr says:

It’s ok when she does it

lover of Q-tips says:

But when he gets thrown no on notices

The Virtual Zookeeper says:

If a man ripped out his dick and asked a woman to touch it… it would be a whole different story.

sana sindagi says:

8:42 if an older man was to have some girl at his place. Lock the door, pull his pants down and ask her to “touch his thing” when their is clear hesitation on the girls part the “charge” would be so much different.

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