LITERALLY, RIGHT BEFORE AARON Official Trailer (2017) Justin Long, Cobie Smulders Romantic Movie HD

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Kristen Broughton says:

I thought this was going to be about a man realizing he was gay…

Orlando Cabrera says:

She is selfish .. that is a shitty thing to do.

Rhett Ye says:

that bulge in grey underwear tho

vicks goli says:

Drag me to my Ex !!!!!

BatmanFANizationReborn says:

weird pairing

dawn says:

allison breaks up finds a boyfriend immediately gets married one and a half years later boom there ya go that’s how relationships work

Aaron Booth says:

My name is Aaron and my twin brother’s name is Adam so I don’t know how I feel about this movie.


In 2018, 30 is 16 and 40 is 25.

Adrian Collins says:

Thank god someone has taken the time to write another upper middle class monochromatic (WHITE) romcom with a few people of color stuck in like cloves in a holiday ham. That’s so nice.

John Doolittle says:

Justin Long seems to be in crappy movie after crappy movie. Is it him or the scripts?

Kalle Saarinen says:

these ppl are too old for this plotline, everyone is 40

Gabriella Correa says:

Cobie Smoulders makes her ex go to her wedding. Hmmm where have I seen this before ?

Bethan Talbot says:

Blacklist’s Tom made this??

Mitch Rijkaard says:

I object

Regina Phalange says:


StarryEid says:


The rugby channel says:

Dammit its like Ted And Robbin all over again

Alexandra Magalhães says:

oh people still make movies like these okay

Arnaud Thomas says:

Justin Long rocks

Nicholas Verrelli says:

What is that freaking song at the beginning

Ana não faria says:

woah, my cousin is getting married and i almost didn’t make the cut, if she’s out there inviting exes I’m literally sueing

Michael Barnett says:

looks really good!

Chris Keo says:

Jeeepers creeeepers where did u get those peepers

Kevin C says:

He is still doing this shit.

Zainab Salah says:

you gotta love Justin Long 😀

Kenzi J says:

I only clicked on this because the title is kinda dumb. I had no expectations and still I sort of feel let down.

Akseli Pihlajamaa says:


hollyken3 says:

woah this looks good

ayushmann tiwari says:

I will definitely going to watch this

thejanusproject32 says:


arthur adamczyk says:

“are you drugs?” NO ..”do you want to be?” haha

CellarDoorPoet says:

And this, Kids, is how I met your mother.

MissyLillie says:

Is it weird that I think Justin Long aged into his looks? Lol cause I didn’t like how he looked before but this movie makes kinda hot

For december says:

He’s the same guy in every movie

James Roberts says:

Justin long is awesome. He’s a great actor. Love his movies.

wilson hill says:

this was confusing

Portal's Edge says:

Same stupid build up for this type of story line. Pass

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