Love Tyrant: A “Romantic Comedy” FAIL! (Anime Review/Rant)

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Suntanned Duck2 says:

The first two episodes just weren’t for me, the premise was ok, but the handling of it and further ways it was done just made me drop it. This review might tell me more than I need to know, also the characters really got on my nervous really quick. 🙁

crusader gamer says:

I just couldn’t get into this anime at all

The Unbrakeable Crusaders says:

12:25 He didn’t so much die more like guri’s father called him to heaven

Eugenefindit says:

Hohoho… I wish you didn’t add ‘this year’. But I can tell you what *THE ABSOLUTE WORST ROM-COM ANIME I HAVE EVER SEEN IS* … and that would be *Hajimete No Gal.* I would really love for you to tear that shit apart come Bullshit Month. Hashiba Junichi can go die in a fire for all I care. ^_^

X Scythe says:

Honesty, Akane the Yandere was the most fleshed out character in the series, even though she is, well a Yandere. Yuzu was your typical tsundere that couldn’t make up her mind whether she loves her sister or she loves Seiji. The cousin was your typical thot for the sake of being a thot. And Guri… I personally like her demon form more than her regular self. She literally is just comic relief for the most part and they try to develop her character, but they fail in doing that. There’s nothing to say about Seiji, he’s just generic

Choco Zoe says:

“Yuno wannabe/rip-off”

So accurate.

87jonito says:

Tony( or anyone), can you explain how is this any different from Is this a zombie? If I remember correctly, there is a whole of drama after the first few episodes. One could have said the same thing about Is this a zombie. FYI I love korewa zombie desuka.

hardrockmusickid says:

Damn, I forgot I watched this one.

Ben J says:

Do you think the main character of this show kind of looks like Black Star from Soul Eater?

Meroko26 says:

This sounds like a bad mash up of Future Diary, Death Note and Bludgeoning Angel-chan.

Aryan Anand says:

6:15 I would argue that Akame ga Kill suffers from Bathos more…


After ever serious moment,like character death (and since this is Everyone ga Killed, ALOT of it) someone would try to crack a forced joke to lighten the mood. Which got annoying really quickly.

yvocado says:

I actually completely forgot I watched this show when it airing until I saw this video, HEH.

Aryan Anand says:

15:49 Hol up, why’s his head through the wire fence?!

Mr Fafa says:

Angry joe?

Icy Glaceon says:

I liked Love Tyrant also review Citrus. The finale of it is saturday.

Lilian Aguero says:

Can you do videos about Overlord and Tsugumomo?

Emperor Vulpecula says:

the cupid girl need some dick

Daniel Witz says:

It’s like they wanted to create a clitche main guy that is boring drop it after incest was in this one.

Joshua Lopez says:

Also for bullshit month, review Kings Game The animation
(Only thing good is the opening song)

Blue Blaze King says:

Actually the thing about the MC dying was because God said “ he wanted to talk with him so he temporarily sent his soul to heaven “ or something like that

Emperor Vulpecula says:

main character nobody remembers needs hmmmmmm……… RECOGNITION

Saltyoven says:

I dare you to do top 10 harem anime btw, you should post rewards for patrons like voting on an anime review or top 10 list, however they would need to be in relation to whatever theme you have at the moment

Naruko uzumaki says:

I have a confession……………………..I actually really like Guri

TheOwlPrince says:

hmm where have I heard of the term Bathos before? …. oh yeah

Evowizard25 says:

I actually enjoyed the anime myself and I didn’t really think the parent arc was bad. I thought it was a good bit to get to know the character’s backstories and how they acted so I thought that was fine………. I did hate the ending though. Not hate, but felt just so frustrated. I know the series portrays Guri as an ditzy sort of character but again and again it shows that she does have a bit of wisdom and intelligence, if not muddled by her own silliness. What made me angry was that she actually listened to Shikimi and then had the gall to say that it was the MC’s fault that she gave up on love. Granted, he decided to be a real jerk (which felt odd at that moment since, as you mentioned, they did play up how much of a nice guy he could be) but it just felt so forced and the conclusion wasn’t satisfying. I also didn’t like how it tried to make me care about the pink haired psycho. At least with Akena I really grew to love and understand her, but with Shikimi, she was far too crazy and self absorbed. The whole trying to get the audience to like or at least tolerate her was forced only because she could be added to the harem and that she’s sexy. No. She was the one I hoped wouldn’t get added but they kept her…. ugh.

So I liked it up until the last two episodes. Not something to write home about but passable.

Mystery MagicSaucer says:

Let’s just say D-Frag and “Is This A Zombie?” has a WAY better definition of “romance” and “comedy”.

Carlos Morales says:

I like the review. I do agree with some of your points. I got bored with it during the later parts of the series. I wished they went with the whole matchmaker thing, like what they did with episode 2.

Emperor Vulpecula says:

yandere bitch needs a spanking

Super Prinny says:

Personally i loved Love Tyrant! Also why Seiji went to heaven was explained.

Sonic_171 000x says:

Must have been very painful to sit through. xD

Miles Trombley says:

Damn, I like the Death Note parody concept.

Razor says:

Good song choice for the intro brutha lol

Sleepy SecurityGuard says:

Hi what is your intro song

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