My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (OreGairu) Anime Review

Reliving my teen rom com Hachiman style in my re-review of the anime “My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.” Enjoy 🙂 Sorry for the length

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Matthew Villanueva says:


part of the problem was actually because they tried cramming around 10 Light novels in about 2 seasons. This lead to some details being left out… Also the 1st season is more of introducing their characters…. Essentially(I think)…. Its a really long introductory episode XD. The tropes that it insults are just biproducts of the introduction of these characters… At first, when I watched this anime, I found season 2 as disappointing… I thought that season 1 was better(mostly because that image of Hachiman quickly became my ideal image….)… a few months later, rewatched it but instead tried delving into it much deeper… OMFG WTH ITS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCAOSTER…. I SWEAR I PLACED MYSELF IN HACHIMANS SHOES AND IT STARTED TO HURT SO MUCH AS I REALIZED HOW WE WERE PRACTICALLY DEALING WITH THE SAME THINGS… HIS SEEMINGLY ARROGANT PERSONALITY IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MASK…. THE 1ST SEASON EMPHASIZED HIS ROTTEN NATURE, FOR THE SEASON 2….

This is not the story of how an originally rotten character gets changed over time… No… it was the story about how a guy who was betrayed, insulted, shunned…. In pain, he decided to wear a mask… He built an image of his “ideal” guy… one where he wouldnt get hurt… So he wouldnt expect much, he decided to always imagine the worst case scenario… This is exactly why he was so hurt during the 1st season when he realized that Yukino was not what he pictured her to be… This mask is also the reason why he calls himself the greatest liar of all….

Now season 2… Well… Its main theme is not actually “change”… Its actually “Being Genuine”… this is even present in the opening… Its not that they were trying to be the typical rom-com… Its about them trying to be genuine… and well… the problem with that is… well… the 2 girls like Hachiman… And if they confessed or something… It might destroy the club… And well Hachiman wanted things to be genuine since hes tired of having his expectations betrayed… And well the other clubmates didnt want him to just assume the worst since that always results to him social suiciding… Sooooooo What the frikkin hell do they do???? LOL

Hayama is also a very interesting character… In season 2 it is also shown how hes actually not the perfect, nice guy… How everyone here is human…. How he is actually burdened with the expectations of so many people and how it pains him that he cant stay true to himself….

Now theres more to this series and its a really deep one…. Personally I consider it as the best series of all time… Up till this day, I have not experienced any degree of pain and relatableness as Oregairu…. (Even a certain yellow, tentacled sensei’s death was comparable to the pain and relatableness I felt while experiencing Oregairu…. Kimi no na wa was also not able to make me feel this much pain…. I swear…. And I consider those 2 to be masterpieces) For me… if I were to try and rate this from 1-10 with 10 being best…. I would just be like “Screw this rating thing, this is some over 9k stuff right here….”

gama103 says:

I just finished this anime and i would say i enjoyed it, well kinda off. I didn’t understand some situations that were happening on some episodes and that’s probably the reason. I don’t blame the anime, i blame myself for not appreaciating the way i should’ve done it. Recently i’ve been watching anime that has a lot of funny moments and you get a good time while watching them and i thought i could do the same with Oregairu, but once i started watching it i decided to watch it till the end. Maybe i should’ve read some reviews before watching it so i could understand more about it but i didn’t. Maybe i didn’t enjoy it as i should have because the anime kept reminding me some aspects of my past that i’ve been struggling to forget and i kept thinking in those while watching it. But hey, i’ll give it another shot in a near future when i clear my mind and i’ll definetley watch it with english subs this time. Maybe then i’ll enjoy this anime the way is supposed to

pyonghwa EMERALD says:

oh my God…forgettable? until now since season 2 ended…I still can’t actually move on!

lil k'ron says:

When it comes to the development between Hachiman and Hayato, Hachiman is slowly developing into Hayato’s role vice versa. Hayato starts distancing himself more and stopped being the nice guy. On the other hand, Hachiman is slowly being seen with more and more colleagues and friends. In the end Hachiman and Hayato have flipped roles, although it may not be as drastic as you would think.

NeoLegendX says:

respect your opinion
but i love this anime
its fine you dont like it
if we can find an anime which everyone loves it would be called the greatest
the good thing is that the guys who love this anime are in the majority
also the things that are not addressed is cause there was no more material to draw from

Capital J says:

13:28 Kawasaki (I think that’s her name) was a far more important character in the light novel than in the anime. That’s why she has an episode in the anime (even though she was basically written out of the anime after that episode…)

Kerem Kürkçüoğlu says:

I think Hachiman’s character isn’t wrong in 2nd season. Can’t you see Hachiman’s change in last 3 episodes in first season and the first 2 episodes in season 2? His change’s reason is starting club give a value. The club is a place that hachiman can finally live the human relationship. But there were big problems in their characters then relationships just getting fake so they started searching the “real”. This is the summary of whole two seasons. And you can be sure hachimans character is continuing to change in every episode from this anime. Hachiman is the most realistic anime character ever that i suspect if the story insipires from real life.

Sunhu Choi says:

Just my opinion, but I think Hayato was made that way in the 2nd season to show that no matter how perfect someone may be or seem, they are still human, and humans all have negative feelings and beliefs, like how Hayato felt about Tobe and his rushed confession. He also played the villian because of his past experience with Yukino, in which he makes a poor decision and destroys it. Hayama probably doesn’t want that to happen again.

Cheroiu Robert says:

ty for reveiw im not gonna watch it ^^

Kenny Arendt says:

Hoe you didn’t even need to make a 23 minute video. All you needed to do was show a picture of 8 man and people would understand.

Issei Red Dragon says:

I think you didn’t like or connect to the mc because your nothing like him I am personally more like him i honestly can say I can relate him he was made to be relatable for people who actually has a harem or girl that blushes at his presence but you don’t understand who or what the mc is

The Anime Dude says:

Also, notice how you didn’t like the 1st season until it was complimented by the 2nd, so let’s hope the 3rd season brings out the best of 2nd one. Haha.

Sudloosh RZ says:

season 3

Dooly Simon says:

season 3?

ChrisTheWeeb says:

Tbh I loved Hachiman. One of my all time fave characters

RinsletSephiria says:

I like how you reviewed this anime honestly. [Spoiler] For every Oregairu fans, if you think Yahari is so complex, this blog will help you understand hidden feelings & thoughts of characters or even in-depth story.

ps. prepare your mind before proceed.

Jeekay Tenn says:

I kindly disagree with your statement that the second season has become subject to the tropes it was criticising, such as love triangles. I’d say that was to the better as the second season directly addresses the realistic problems of a love triangle – its instability and how it affects the members of it emotionally.

Emotionless Editz says:

Is it dub??

Ab Cd says:

I enjoyed both, but I definitely preferred the second season. I enjoyed that the characters are more realistic than normal and that the second season takes attention away from some of the more ridiculous ones. I love that Hikigaya isn’t a good guy who is misunderstood, but a realistic loner, which makes him pretty unique as a protagonist. He has pretty opinionated views that are convincing, but they are flawed and the show does point that out during the second season. People who think that Hachiman’s views are completely true and love him for it or think that his views are wrong and hate him for it don’t seem to realize that the show itself criticizes his ideology.

Joshua Tang says:

both of the season ending was crap

Gabriel Anunciação says:

O melhor anime de ” comédia romântica”

Ben2099-1 says:

I loved this series a lot but the ending of the second season just ended on the most frustrating endings because the story arc abut their relationship and how the club was going to survive was just cut off right before hachimans answer right as he was about to say it. Other than the ending i preferred the second season.

sanjid himel says:

tora dora has much comedy and romance then this anime

Hidden TableSalt says:

What hooked me about this anime was the fact that I could very entertainingly and (sometimes) painfully relate to Hikky, I used to be kind of like him and for that reason it wasn’t so much the quality got me but rather it kind of inflicted an existential crisis and made think and relate, hell it even made me a better person to some degree.

Madcircle Throughell says:

logical thinking anyone??

Midoriya Izuku says:

The one thing i don’t understand is what yukinon’s problems are. Is it her inability to speak her mind? is it that she has no back bone to stand up to her family? the yukinon from the first season would have tackled these problems head on, but suddenly in the second season she can’t even be herself. Was the yukinon from the first season really a representation of herself or her imitating her sister? Im so confused and would like someone to explain.

Madcircle Throughell says:

hmm 70% is still passable

Prajjwal Kumar says:

S2 E12 ending was so confusing..

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