Nate Ruess: The Grand Romantic [FILM]

The Grand Romantic is a short fictional film by Anthony Mandler, starring Nate Ruess, Tessa Thompson and Jeff Bhasker. It premiered on Apple Music on August 20, 2015 and features music from Nate Ruess’ debut solo album, Grand Romantic.

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Johann Paolo says:

It’s pretty obvious that Nate is faking not hitting the notes

stanley imac says:

I really treat this a movie, better than most!

theresa murphy says:

Oh my! This sorta takes my soul to an empty spot. I have been a fool to been so in love by this human and his work. I have followed himfor well over 20 years,,;wow 20 years!! and always felt complete because it was just the right amount of wonder, sound, health, healing and love I needed from an artist. This video hurt to watch I could hardly finish it without wanting to toss everything out the window. I wanted to praise it bc I am a believer but I just couldn’t get to that level, either he has tricked me and is some unforeseen actor or the reality is that I am just an idiot :(::::: Ugh the countless hours,,,I feel stolen from my hearts content,,,;literally take it back

Kaoru류 현 says:

I love nate so bad ;-; and i just found this short flim thank you nate u made my day

Stars • says:

14:12 gives me life

cats cats says:

why doesnt this have the views it deserves :/ fricken art man

starburst says:

Dang Nate is short

JonaTon says:

0:40 – 2:01 is my favorite parts! I think they should have used this kind footage for the visualizer/music vid, the big head Nate looks kinda freaky on the little body xD

Cribster98 says:

he could be the perfect joker

Jordan says hi says:

its for the best we get our distance

Bryce Von Sálcèdo says:

I Love FUN. I wish they didn’t break

YoungiePie 's says:


Laura Griffin says:

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. This man could sing me the ingredients on the back of a fucking shampoo bottle and it would make me happy.

claysu1 says:

Waiting for Nate to write something for Broadway.  Yeah!

Gary L says:

When he said “I would kill a kid” 6:25

Name dojino says:


faders says:

y is he so underrated fuck

Nicolás Bastidas says:

Nate cayó fue en el periko, por eso no le llega a las notas, por anda perikiao

MonochromedNostalgia says:

not to be mean to nate but
there was a lot of spit at the end while he was singing

Carina Sadh says:

Gosto demais. Excelente cantor e compositor. Simplesmente show.

Johann Paolo says:

This film lacks something.


유-엽 says:

To re-state 24:47 :
Make your record, Nate.

Kris Kunz says:

Re-release Heathens (On a serious note, this video is amazing! Might consider getting that cassette.)

Nadiya Noor says:

Who here actually watched the film?

hopeselah says:

Nate Ruess is everything I want to be and more.

3rs says:

Holy shit, the one video I can find that supports Ultrawide monitors.

boyer lesbo says:


La esquina de Pato says:

La concha de tu madre Nate, quiero que FUN. Haga más canciones

Captain Bako says:

Love this Film <3

まよたな says:


AnticDuelist77 says:

Someone asked me, “What is it with you (meaning myself) and Nate Ruess?!”

I said, “What’s **not** to like? He’s an adorable little man with great hair, beautiful blue puppy dog eyes, a cute nose, exquisite lips, chiseled features and a slender-but-well-toned body. And as if all that weren’t enough, the man is blessed with an incredible voice that makes my heart soar when I hear it! He’s also a gay rights activist, and philanthropist in general that loves his fans as much as they love him, if not more so!”

His reply: “Oh. Well, okay then.”

Fuckin’ RIGHT!!!!

Natural Ascetic Revolution says:

Nate Ruess, you are awesome. Amazing art!

Jannen says:

Huge Nate fan right here

Артем Хакимов says:

guys please help me find the sunglasses that Nate’s got

theofficialwatermelon says:

Why did he ignore the lady in th elevator?

Dan Fontillas says:

Nate’s pitch.

fijit spooner nife says:


oh you thought says:

Reminds me of Brendon Urie…

Eber Jr Diaz says:

I love you Nate <3

el fafita says:

2018 🙂

chelseaaa 2000 says:

Aww I loved this

Mădălina Ilieş says:

that “what the fuck” from 3:42 gets me all the time i just can’t

Dhany 16 says:

where you go Nate ruess

Alexia says:


유-엽 says:

I’m sooooooo waiting for his next album…
But it feels like forever…

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