NEWNESS Official Trailer (2017) Nicholas Hoult, Romance, Movie HD

NEWNESS Official Trailer
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me me says:

The movie is pretty um weird. I mean the meaning of it and what is trying to teach us about love and relationships is beautiful(I am a romantic one but nevermind) but some parts are most disturbing

Trinii Bad says:

So a remake of the movie LOVE?

Annah Niram says:

loved this movie

Savannah Nortangle says:

This movie gave me so much anxiety i had to stop halfway to just like take a breath and like tell myself its just a movie

Mira Reverend says:

When the older guy that she dates said to her “I gave you a necklace, you look at the oceans with me. I gave you a place to stay, you play house and make pancakes with my daughter, and you get to sleep on my bed. You go to Europe and you get to spend time with your family and friends, and we live like a fucking royalty. And you spare me whatever perverted bullshit you have to do in order to feel whole. You want transparency, you got transparency! This is adult relationship and its a fucking transaction.” it killed her instantly.

crazy for bl and yaoi says:

My favorite actor Nicolas hult
~ babe~

Wania Arif says:

This concept reminds me of Nico Tortorella’s and his gf

ani gharibyan says:

anyone know what song was playing?

Georgia Dida says:

Sorry but in my op this was not a worth watch movie. Great soundrack tho.

Cristina Subu says:

One of the worst movie ever

Katy G says:

Great movie! I cried so bad, I’m like a fountain sometimes. I think the worst thing in life is seeing the person you want and you say you love with another person. I couldn’t do any of this.

Ayu Arbie says:

I love “Like crazy” and I think I’m gonna love this movie too

MsDigdem says:

Open relationship? No thanks.

Liz Keen says:

Me parece una gran mierda esta peli.

Jaime Garcia says:

Fantastic movie and actors, laia costa is beautiful.

Potato Chips says:

nice movie in 3 mns


the woman will always end up cucking the beta simp in an open relationship. its a no win for a man -a man can never compete sexually with the golden vagina. she spreads her legs and there will be hundreds of cocks for her. time to bounce! unless she ffm’ing the man.. take the red pill!

Zeena Hanno says:

is it worth the watch?

MyEyes says:

Matthew Gray Gubler.

I’m Amelia says:


Abbey Johnson says:

What song is playing in this??

Parii27 says:

dude nicholas hault gets more handsome as he gets older.. how tf does this work???

Maria Montesinos Serra says:

barcelona baby

Carolina Gauto says:

Muy buen inglés tiene Laia y participación en la que hizo en esa película con Nicholas hoult

Roumaissa benchouieb says:

Where I can watch this movie ( free account ) pleasee guys !!!

SupremeXZ says:

Song at 2: 05 is Covered In Light – Diā Enjoy!

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