Romance Movies That Aren’t Romance Movies – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann and his fiance Sam give their picks for romance movies that aren’t your typical fluffy crap.

Intro graphic by: Anthony L. Green


Captain Jakemerica says:

Blue Valentine is a great movie however I don’t ever want to watch it!!!

Dr Dead says:

Blegh. Dark Knight Rises….

HrvatskiHig says:

More cushin’ for the pushin’ means that sex is better if the girl is chubby.

Martin Wilhelmsson says:

Leaving Las Vegas – My favorite tragic romantic story on film, Nic Cage’s best movie

Shahariar Mahmud says:

OMG! You both look the same. Check your DNA. 🙂

Billy Becks says:

She’s so adorable! Love her intro, and those faces she did at the end. More Sam videos plz.

AX_Z3R0 says:

10/10 acting

Karen Shaub says:

You want romance? Go Bollywood with Shah Rukh Khan. King Khan, the Indian actor who won my heart by saying he was the Indian Tom Cruise…Two short guys with really big noses that millions of women love for no apparent reason. That’s when I fell in love with him. When I saw him in Om Shanti Om, I was gone for good. Comedy, drama, love. Death, reincarnation, singing and dancing. What more could you want from a movie?

Ben McDonald says:

A romance movie that you shouldn’t watch with your date? Gone With The Wind, if you want your relationship to last don’t watch that movie together

Richard Ramirez says:

natural born killers*

ZacIsNotFunny says:

okay, is no one else gonna say how cool Sams hair is

subterranean homesick alien says:

has she watched drive yet???

lotrgirl27 says:

OMG I love Blue Valentine so much. Movies NEVER make me cry. The last 10min of that movie just touched too close to home. Goosebumps.


Your acting is baaaaad make cringe bat i like you

Anarchist Tutor says:

You two make a great couple. You make me happy.

Wojtysław L says:

Chris You one lucky bastard.

ayy lmao says:

Liked the video but I thought the excessive shouting about how your sister is hotter than her was a tad unnecessary

Chase Cummings says:


Photo_ Filmmaking says:

Howl’s moving castle is probably the best scored music in the whole Ghibli lineup.

Chaos Reich says:

Bro, she is adorable

Amanda WingZ says:

Which movie didn’t she like???? I gotta know

Q - Man says:

Django Unchained is one of my favorites.

heretic124 says:

What is this? Got it recommended while watching Hereditary review 😀 Omg, 5 years, guys! This has to be right before I discovered your channel and subscribed!

no oneee says:

bloody hell just get on with the fucking review you cringy pieces of shits

Gabriel Marquise says:

Adjustment bureau – extremely overlooked

Richard Ramirez says:

the crow*

nickthemusicnerd27 says:

What movie was it that sam didnt like that you couldnt believe

Rahul Thakur says:


Captain Jakemerica says:

500 Days of Summer is incredible!!!!

Ituriel CF says:

hahaha, That was super funny. I laughed so hard with the face Chris makes when Sam starts talking about the makeup, you can tell men look at different things than women while watching a movie. I liked the choice of movies too. Thks.

The FirstBourne says:

So….hehehe…you guys like The Notebook? It has Ryan Gosling….

Ferb says:

Now I want to see a Hilariocity review of the X-Files by Sam.

Shadow Seeker says:

ok u got a cute girl who actually loves movies and anime if she’s also a gamer please someone kill me right now lol

Donald Sims says:

I think that ’30 Days of Night’ was a beautiful romance.

Marc Lebenic says:


Edwin Vasquez says:

You guys are adorable 🙂

cector 77 says:

I’m in the kitchen and that sandwich won’t make itself

Captain Jakemerica says:

Lol that intro was great!!!

Dat Boi says:


Nick S says:

The first part of this video feels like a porno intro

OtterDC Captain says:

One of the best songs ever from Batman Forever… “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal. Then how can you forget Top Gun for a movie that’s not a romance movie? One of the best romances Maverick and Charlie…then the ultimate Bro-mance, Maverick and Goose. Top Gun…number 1 movie that is not a romance movie.

The FirstBourne says:

Aw, Chris…why didn’t you go with Mission: Impossible II? It’s got a strangely and wildly funny sense to it, has lots of romance scenes, and it could be enjoyed by men and women. Mostly by the men. Sorry, ladies. Actually mostly by just Tom Cruise. Sorry, men. Actually mostly by Tom Cruise in the pre-2000s and before his ego toned down (I don’t know if he ever admitted ego, I thought I remember he did once) so he could focus on the really awesome stuff. Sorry, Tom Cruise of today.

Brandon of Wwe Lent says:

The. Characters molded and sculy

tyopiusable says:

Dude I have that same exact shirt

TheSaiyanPrincess89 says:


Danilego says:

The Theory of Everything is my personal favorite. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind too

AGP 187 says:

I like that you’re relationship has an understanding of sexist humor. it’s so absurd that it’s fun.

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