Romantic Genocide – ‘The Promise’ Movie Review

The 2017 movie ‘The Promise’ starring Christian Bale was a masterpiece, but not for the reasons you might think. It wasn’t the cinematography, the acting, costumes, or musical scores – no, the genius of this movie was in it ulterior motive and it’s existence against all odds. This story about the Armenian genocide by the Turks between the years 1915 and 1923 during World War I, had been silenced over and over during the last 50 years despite multiple efforts of producers and directors trying to take it to the big screen. The movie only made it recently because it was privately funded, and kept quiet during its production. Also interestingly enough, the proceeds of the fil went to charity. I believe what is afoot here is quite possibly something refreshingly noble coming out of Hollywood. Could it be that in the interest of educating the world about a very politically incorrect historical atrocity, someone in Hollywood is making movies based on principle? I believe this just might have happened. Further evidence to this fact lies in a somewhat dull love triangle that the movie was alleged to be about, but quickly becomes more of a muddled side story to a grander theme. The world did not need another romantic film, the world needed a hard dose of truth. The world needed to hear about the Muslim atrocities in the killing of 1.5 million Armenian Christians and Jews.

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Bryan Wilson says:

Sounds like it is a timely film. The world needs to wake up to the atrocities of Muslims throughout history.

Addie HH says:

“Facts don’t care about your feelings.” – Ben Shapiro

Willy Pitty says:

I want to see Hollywood make a movie about Rape of Nanking… that prob will never happen

Shep Whiteshepherd says:

The German federal parliament unanimously passed a resolution in June 2016 to officially call it genocide.

luk says:

Wonder what is your take on Bitter Harvest movie.

Goat Moag says:

Probably should do a little more study on the issue of the young turks, and who and what they were. They were actually politically progressive and secular nationalist, many of who were of Jewish ancestry. Anything I have ever read about the Armenians say they were a Christian minority, and have never seen any source mention the death of jews in any large number, especially considering many of the founding members if the young truks were jewish or of jewish ancestry. A good place to get started if one really wishes to understand some truth of the events might be the wiki article on the young turks. Under the heading of prominent young turks, you can see there were a good many as such, and since we like to have multiple sources, that can be confirmed with other sources also.

Joseph Tobin says:

This is what happens when the people are unarmed. Screw the slander against us by MSM. Stand up, speak out, and prepare for where the Left is dragging us.

jenkyjenksWOW says:

hey john, when training for special forces- what requirements would you want to aim for to be able to get through it more comfortably ?
(I.e. 150 pushups, 50 pullups, 40kg pack march distance, beep test etc…)

Charles Byrne says:

And I cringe when I see the Young Turks channel pop up in my recommended videos.

Greg Wright says:

Saying anything derogatory about Muslim’s is not politically correct!

SDG 94 says:

Religion has no place in our future

Bryan M says:

what about Jews murdering Christian Europeans by-proxy WWII. That is the greatest atrocity/Lie that all other Lies today are built on.

RVM451 says:

Reluctance to discuss these things TODAY may be driven by Politikal Korrectness, but way back when it was omitted because there isn’t time to cover everything and the Armenian Atrocities—like many other Atrocities, simply didn’t make the final cut.

OverdoneAndUnderpaid says:

For your next date night you should see the documentary on the Indonesian mass killings of 1965-66. You might want two bottles of wine for that one.

The Act of Killing is the title btw. Less romantic sounding. But the companion piece’s title The Look of Silence could be construed as a cuddlefest.

Jas0ny91 says:

What about the inquisition and the crusades though. Isn’t christianity guilty of this stuff as well?

Pagansdad says:

Most religions have a checkered past at some point in history. Islam is just currently checkering their future history.

Joey Kevorkian says:

Just a heads up that the Young Turks valued Nationalism over Islam and rejected Islamic direction in terms of politics.

John Wizeman says:

Turkey keeps trying to cover this up, they always manipulate this so it won’t be labeled “genocide.”

Tony D. says:

How does no one know about 1.5 million deaths? The same way we’ve ignored over 60 million deaths in our own country by abortion. Over 3,000 murdered every single day. Two every minute. Americans are largely an apathetic people, if it doesn’t directly affect them. I’m not pointing fingers, per se, by the way; it took me nearly three decades to notice or care (past donating money or casting a vote). God help us to wake up and truly love all our neighbors as ourselves; Armenian, preborn, and born.

Thomas Wilson Crumpacker says:

I’m 21 and a college student, tons of people I know don’t know anything about the Armenian Genocide. I learned about it at my high school which was in a very liberal city, my history teacher was a Marine which is probably the only reason I learned about it. Good video!

surfer soldier for Christ says:

Dosnt offend me there a violent non tolerant people with a clear as day agenda to slaughter all that do not conform!

Mr. 2cents. says:

Why? Allow me to enlighten you. Mainstream Media. There, you’re welcome. It is controlled by the CIA. Actually by the Illuminati. And they hate christians and everything God And God worship. Because they are controlled by Satan. I also learned recently that one of the bombs that were thrown on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, there was a huge christian population. I’m also convinced that the Illuminati funds all those monstrosities and the wars. For them it’s good money.

MrBleaveitornot says:

I have had thrown in my face .. Christians start wars and kill blah blah.. Usually referring to the crusades, inquisition, and Catholics church dark past in the middle ages.

Trips My Trigger says:

The biggest lie in modern societies – “Islam is a peaceful religion.” There is nothing peaceful about this death cult!

Levon Gevorgyan says:

Armenian Christians and Jews? The hell did Jews have to do with Armenia? Has Hollywood saturated your brains so much that you can’t think of Genocide without thinking of Jews? But you are right, it wasn’t just Armenians, Christian Greeks and Assyrians were also massacred.

zoodhye says:

Thank you for a fair presentation and promotion to the Armenian cause. Much appreciated.

Felix The Cat says:

Anytime you have a minority population existing in a majority society, you’re going to get genocidal sentiments. The Holocaust, which inspired Hitler, target a very small minority in Europe. Think about it! Jewish populations in Germany amounted to 500,000 Jewish people…and it’s the same for other western European countries. Not even 1%!!

Most Jewish people actually lived in Eastern Europe and Russia. Almost half had fled Europe for countries elsewhere, mostly the United States. Mainly due to Russia’s genocidal pogroms throughout the Russian Empire.

Think about this in comparison to the Armenians. They were only 1.5 million people in the massive Ottoman empire….

You can apply this to Muslims as well. Just look at the Batlic, it’s ridden with these tribal, genocidal attitudes after the break up of Yugoslavia. What can be done?? I wish I had the answer.

Today, I look at certain key regions of the world and I see situations which are ripe for future genocide. The Baltic region, the Middle East, Europe and its Roma populations, and let’s not forget about Africa. Israel is a minority nation in a majority Arab world and there is already genocidal fervor growing around a nation that hasn’t existed for 70 years. One nuclear bomb and they’re done for.

Again, I wish I had an answer, but I believe it’s a sick and twisted aspect of human nature. One person can’t stop a tidal wave. It’s great that a director was able to make people have a discussion though.

MrEpeeFencer says:

I wonder what the young turks think of this movie

Felix The Cat says:

You brought up a good point about the film being something else entirely. I took two people to see this film. One of them was non political and had never heard of the Armenian genocide. After the film she was amazed and horrified and wanted to learn and discuss the event.

In the second viewing with my friend, he actually tried to justify the actions in the film. He was an apologist because he did not understand the event was actually a genocide. He was convinced that the Turkish government didn’t intend to kill the Armenians, but that they died inadvertently from their brutal captors along the way to exile. I immediately sat him down, had him watch a documentary on the event, and showed him the facts. He was also horrified and admitted he was wrong. I have never seen him do this in all my years of knowing him. We had a terrific discussion about it and I felt a sense of pride that I opened someone’s eyes that day.

This film has the power to create discussion and this alone makes it a good film. How many films can do this to its audience? It seems to me that the film had the same effect on you and your wife.

cavscout888 says:

How could 1.5m Armenians be killed by Muslims and no one knows… ?  “Who are the Armenians?”

That’s what Islam is all about. The First Crusade is the most justified conflict I’ve ever researched.

Tom F. says:

The Armenian Genocide is generally ignored in the states because the government has refused to acknowledge that it was a genocide. This is because the Turks claim it wasn’t a genocide and we don’t want to piss off one of our few allies in the region.

KK Prepper says:

Maybe it’s time to start killing Muslims

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